Give local dormice a better home today

Urgent appeal on behalf of dormice in your local area

You may be surprised to know that the number of dormice has declined by more than a third since 2000 across many places in Britain. The damage to or complete loss of woodland and hedgerows and the decline of coppicing are all responsible for the decreasing populations of dormice.

We need to raise £40,000 by 23 November 2018 to cover the costs of all the activities we want to do this year and next, to improve woodland habitats in our three counties, for dormice and other woodland wildlife.

They need us!
We are asking you to give dormice a fighting chance of survival. A donation will help cover the costs of improving woodlands on our reserves to provide a suitable habitat for dormice and other woodland species to feed, breed, hibernate, and so survive.

How will your money help us?
Whatever you can give will help to give more protection to endangered dormice and other woodland species. Here are some examples of what your money could do:

  • restore important hedgerow habitats and connect fragments of woodland.
  • enable a volunteer group to undertake important coppicing work.
  • help us survey sites on our reserves to monitor the local population of dormice.

Watch a dormouse in action
Because dormice are so rare, shy and nocturnal you’re unlikely to see one in the wild and because they are a protected species they must only be touched by licensed handlers. Click on the video below to watch a dormouse in action.

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