Recent Sightings 2019

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January 2019

20th Goldeneye : 9 – Willen Lake South (BuBC)
20th Goldeneye: (2m, 1f or imm) -Foxcote Res (BuBC)
20th Snipe : 3 possibly the same bird moving around – Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
20th Goosander : (3m 2f) -Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
20th Sparrowhawk: (f) – Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
20th Bittern: Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
20th Goosander : Gayhurst Quarry (BuBC)
20th Grey Wagtail: River Ouse near weir Stony Stratford (Joe Clinch)
20th Goosander: 5  – Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
20th Great White Egret : 2 – Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
19th Goosander : (4m 4f) – Tongwell (BuBC)
19th Great White Egret : Linford Lakes NR (Peter Hassett)
19th Goosander : (4m 3f) – Stowe (BuBC)
18th Goldeneye : 2 – Willen Lake South (BuBC)
18th Goosander : (7m 5f) – Emberton (BuBC)
18th Stonechat : (pair) Bury Field Common -Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
18th Goosander : (2f 9m)  –  Tongwell (BuBC)
18th Common Crossbill : at large grassy area near Woburn golf club turning – Back Wood (BuBC)
17th Goosander: (2m 2f) – Tongwell  (BuBC)
17th Cattle Egret: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
17th Great White Egret: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
17th Goosander: 2 – Stony Stratford (BuBC)
17th Tree Sparrow : Stony Stratford (BuBC)
17th Bittern: R/H channel between Reed beds – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
17th Goosander: 6 – Emberton (BuBC)
17th Goosander: Floodplain Forest NR  (BuBC)
16th Woodcock: Little Linford Wood BuBC
16th Goldeneye : (4m, 1f) – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
16th Stonechat : Perched on the felled tree pile – Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
16th Bittern:  Far right reed bed – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
16th Goosander: 6 – Tongwell  (BuBC)
15th Goosander: (pair) – Floodplain Forest NR  (BuBC)
13th Otter: ‘porpoising’ in the NW corner off reservoir, just off spit. – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
13th Goldeneye : (2m, 2f, 1juv) – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
13th Goosander: (m f) – Emberton (BuBC)
13th Goosander: (m) – Willen Lake South (BuBC)
13th Goldeneye: (18) – Willen Lake South (BuBC)
13th Winter Aconite (Eranthis hyemalis) – Calverton (Mary Sarre)
12th Bittern:  Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
12th Great White Egret: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
12th Goosander: 6 – Stowe (BuBC)
11th Bittern : Walked across channel into RH reedbed.  – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
10th Goosander: (3m 3f) Tongwell (BuBC)
9th Woodcock: 4 – Little Linford Wood BuBC
9th Goosander: (m f) – Stony Stratford (BuBC)
8th Stonechat: (m) – Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
8th Goosander : Flew up the river. – Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
8th Brambling: (m f) on feeder – Stowe (BuBC)
8th Great White Egret: 2 Linford Lakes NR (Mike LeRoy)
8th Mealy Redpoll: 2 SP830454 – Little Linford Wood (BuBC)
7th Caspian Gull: Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
7th Great White Egret: 3 Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
7th Bittern: Flew from central reedbeds, to  far LH reedbed – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
6th Goosander : (4m 4f) Near car park at end of Yeomans Drive – Tongwell (BuBC)
6th Bittern: Hide 1, Left hand channel. – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
6th Brambling: (m) on feeder – Stowe (BuBC)
6th Great White Egret: 3 seen from M1 – Gayhurst Quarry (BuBC)
5th Goosander : (5m 7f ) – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
5th Goldeneye : (3m 7f) – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
4th Bittern : Left hand cut in the reed bed by Top Hide – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
4th Goldeneye : (2f) – Tongwell (BuBC)
4th Goosander : (2m) – Tongwell (BuBC)
3rd Caspian Gull : A first-winter at the Waste Lagoon – Bletchley (BuBC)
3rd Great White Egret: 3 wading in deep water on the Motorway Pit – Gayhurst Quarry (BuBC)
3rd Goosander: 2 – Stowe (BuBC)
3rd Goldeneye : Willen Lake North (BuBC)
2nd Goosander : On southern side of lake. – Tongwell (BuBC)
2nd Stonechat: (2m + pair) – Bury Field, Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
2nd Merlin: Milton Keynes bowl SP848366 (BuBC)
2nd Goosander : (2m 1f) – Stony Stratford NR (BuBC)
1st Goldeneye : (3m, 3f/imm) – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
1st Water Pipit : To left of iron trunk hide.  – Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
1st Goldeneye : Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
1st Goosander : 6 – Emberton (BuBC)
1st Stonechat: (pair) Far end of Fishing Pit – Gayhurst Quarry (BuBC)
1st Goosander: (m) – Gayhurst Quarry (BuBC)
1st Great White Egret: 3 Together on Motorway Pit.  – Gayhurst Quarry (BuBC)