Sightings 2023

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If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to submit your sightings to become a record. Guidance on how to do this, and who to submit it to, can be found in the Recording section. (

MKNHS does not generally check the reliability of a sighting but for particularly rare or uncommon species, we may ask for additional information. We reserve the right to make the final decision on what sightings are posted.


30th Little Egret: Stream at centre of roundabout near IKEA, Bletchley (Steven Cousins)
30th Mandarin Duck (f), Goldcrest: Emerson Valley Park (Bob Phillips)

Mandarin Duck (f), Goldcrest (photo©Bob Phillips)

30th Goosander (10), Goldcrest (2), Long-tailed tit (30), Siskin (6): Emberton Country Park (BuBC)
30th Lesser Redpoll (circa 200), Siskin (6), Mistle Thrush (2): Rammamere Heath (BuBC)
29th Redpoll (12), Goosander (2m, 2f): Tongwell Lake (Bob Phillips)

Redpoll, Goosander (m), Goosander(f) (photo©Bob Phillips)

28th Siskin (2), Great White Egret, Little Grebe: Stoney Stratford NR (BuBC)
28th Goldeneye (3m, 4f): Willen Lake (BuBC)
27th Lesser Redpoll (2), Siskin (15): Rushmere Park (BuBC)
26th Green Sandpiper (2): Willen Lake North (BuBC)
26th Raven, Sparrowhawk: Great Brickhill (BuBC)
25th Redpoll (15): Tongwell Lake (Alan Nelson)
24th Treecreeper, Goldcrest, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Green Woodpecker, Siskin, Bullfinch: Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard)
23rd Little Egret: In stream at the centre of a large roundabout between IKEA and TKMax Bletchley (Steven Cousins)
22nd Goldeneye, Snipe, Mediterranean Gull, Goosander, Little Grebe (25), Cetti’s Warbler, Black Swan: Willen Lake North (BuBC)
22nd Ring-necked Parakeet: Mount Farm (BuBC)
21st Goosander (2), Goldeneye (2), Wigeon (60): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
21st Fieldfare (circa 100):Old Wolverton, Stony Stratford (BuBC)
20th Great Spotted Woodpecker, Green Woodpecker (3), Goldcrest (2): Tattenhoe Milton Keynes (Harry Appleyard)
20th Mandarin Duck, Goldcrest, Siskin (6), Chiffchaff: Emerson Valley (Harry Appleyard)
20th Goosander (f), Siskin (10): Caldecotte Lake (BuBC)
19th Goosander (16), Chiffchaff: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
17th Lapwing ( circa 150), Goosander (1 f), Snipe, Great White Egret, Redwings (circa 20): Floodplain Forest NR (Bob Phillips)
16th Starlings (circa 3000): Flew into the reeds to roost (BuBC)
15th Pintail , Goosander (2), Snipe (13): Floodplain Forest NR (Julian Lambley)
14th Goldeneye (6), Wigeon (34): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
12th White Wagtail, Pied Wagtail, Grey Wagtail: On the dam at Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
10th Goldeneye (10): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
8th Tawny Owl: Calling in Shenley Wood (BuBC)
7th Cattle Egret: On the Pavilion field, Newton Leys (BuBC)
6th Water Rail, Chiffchaff (2): Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
6th Snipe (3), Teal (112), Green Sandpiper (5), Goldeneye (1): Willen Lake North (BuBC)
6th Goosander (2), Snipe: Passenham Quarry (BuBC)
5th Goldeneye (5): Foxcote reservoir (BuBC)
4th Raven, Siskin (50), Woodcock: Rushmere Park (BuBC)
3rd Sparrowhawk, Goldeneye (2): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
2nd Goosander (pr): River Ouse, New Bradwell (Charles Vaton)
1st Goldeneye (4), Pochard (3): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)


29th Goldeneye (6), Fieldfare (50), Teal (25), Wigeon (142): Foxcote reservoir (BuBC)
28th Lesser Redpoll (2), Siskin (28), Shoveler (8), Great white Egret: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
28th Goosander (1m, 2f): River Ouzel by Churchyard (St Peter and St Paul) Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
27th Goldeneye (4), Ring-necked Parakeet (30), Wigeon (est 120): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
26th Little Grebe (5), Gadwall (4), Wigeon (18): Caldecotte Lake (BuBC)
26th Gadwall (32), wigeon (5), Teal (32): Willen Lake North (BuBC)
25th Goosander, Teal (2), Little Grebe: Stony Stratford NR (BuBC)
24th Little Owl, Goosander (5), Mistle Thrush (3), Meadow Pipit, Kingfisher, Grey Wagtail: Stowe (BuBC)
23rd Golden Plover (40), Wigeon (107): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
22nd Ring-necked Parakeet: Flying over Simpson ( Peter Barnes)
19th Pintail (m): Seen from the boundary walk Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
17th Woodcock: Found dead just outside the main shopping centre MK and is presumed to have flown into one of the tall buildings there overnight. (BuBC)
16th Lapwing (142), Snipe (14): Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
16th Meadow Pipit (6), Wigeon (60), Otter (3): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
15th Gadwall (57), Teal (5), Shoveler (8): Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
14th Goosander (6), Snipe, Pochard: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
13th Water Rail, Egyptian Goose: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
13th Ring-necked Parakeet: Linford Wood (BuBC)
12th Redwing (15) and Fieldfare (7): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
11th Great White Egret: Floodplain Forest NR ( Steve and Susie Cousins)
11th Little Crake: Linford Lake NR (Bob Phillips)
10th Black Nightshade: Stony Stratford (Joe Clinch)

 Black Nightshade (photo© Joe Clinch

9th Little Crake: Still showing at Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
8th Goosander (m +2f): Tongwell Lake (Bob Phillips)

Goosander (m) (photo©Bob Phillips)

8th Arctic Tern: Willen Lake North (BuBC)
7th Little Crake: A Bucks first. Entry to the site is being controlled. Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
7th Goosander (1m, 2f): Tongwell Lake (Bob Phillips)
6th Fieldfare (30+): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
5th Arctic Tern: Willen Lake North (BuBC)
5th Cetti’s Warbler, Gadwall (8), Atctic Tern: Willen Lake North (BuBC)
5th Great Spotted Woodpecker, Long Tailed Tit, Redwing, Water Rail: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
4th Little Grebe, Green Sandpiper, Arctic Tern: Willen Lake North (BuBC)
3rd Goosander, Golden Eye: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
3rd Siskin (20+) In Alder trees round the car park Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
3rd Lesser Redpoll, Siskin (2): Willen Lake North (BuBC)
2nd Redwing (30): Foxcote reservoir (BuBC)


31st Cetti’s Warbler: Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
29th Hawfinch: Flying over Great Brickhill (BuBC)
27th Common Crossbill: Several heard calling while flying over Milton Keynes Discovery Centre, Bradwell (BuBC)
26th Osprey: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
25th Mallard, Gadwall, Teal, Wigeon, Shoveler, Tufted Duck, Pochard, Great White Egret, Little Egret, Great Crested Grebe, Lesser Black Backed Gull, Herring Gull, Common Gull, Black Headed Gull, Lapwing, Buzzard (2), Grey Wagtail: Floodplain Forest NR (Joe Clinch)
24th Goldeneye, Mink: Seen from the Warbler Hide at Linford Lakes NR. (BuBC)
24th Goosander, Little Owl: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
23rd Fieldfare (25): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
23rd Kingfisher, Goosander: Tongwell Lake (Alan Nelson)
23rd Common Darters, Migrant Hawkers, Willow Emerald Damselflies: Emberton Country Park (Alan Nelson)
23rd Kingfisher (4), Goosander, Otter (pr): From the hide at Emberton Country Park (Alan Nelson)
22nd Jay: Next to Milton Keynes Museum, Wolverton (Adam Alston)
22nd Hawfinch: Flew overhead towards the south east from Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard)
22nd Lesser Redpoll, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Cetti’s Warbler, Jay, Meadow Pipit: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
22nd Skylarks: Singing on Bury Fields Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
21st Goldcrest, Jay, Bullfinch, Green Woodpecker, Meadow Pipit, Sparrowhawk, Yellow Hammer: Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard)
20th Goosander (3): Tongwell Lake (Alan Nelson)
19th Black-necked Grebe: Right at the back of  Foxcote Reservoir. Scope essential (BuBC)
18th Redwing (21), Fieldfare (4): Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
18th Grey Wagtail, Teal, Shoveler, Wigeon: Willen Lake North (BuBC)
16th Raven, Fieldfare, Mistle Thrush: Little Linford Wood (BuBC)
15th Hummingbird Hawkmoth: Seen feeding in Bancroft Garden (Paul Lund)
14th Common Crossbill (3):Rushmere Park (BuBC)
14th Snipe, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Grey Wagtail, Peregrine Falcon: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
12th Water Rail: Willen Lake North (BuBC)
11th Goosander: Tongwell Lake (BuBC)
10th Raven, Swallow, Black-necked Grebe: Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
10th Snipe: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
10th Merlin: Flying high over Great Brickhill (BuBC)
9th Fieldfare (40-50): Newport Pagnell ( Alan Nelson)
8th Pintail (3): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
7th Meadow Cranesbill, Shoveler, Teal, Great Crested Grebe (juv) Linford Lakes NR ( Bob Phillips)
5th Earth Star Fungus: Garden in Stony Stratford ( Julian Lambley)

Earth Star Fungus (photo© Julian Lambley)

5th Egyptian Goose, Kingfisher, Green Sandpiper, Teal, Gadwall, Shoveler: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
4th Hobby, Shoveler, Little Grebe: Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
4th Great White egret (4), Little Egret (4), Grey Heron, Cormorant (7): On island in lake nearest M1, Gayhurst Quarry Lakes, Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
4th Common Scoter: Willow Lake, Newton Leys (Bob Phillips)

Common Scoter (photo© Bob Phillips)

4th Lesser Redpoll: Rushmere Park (BuBC)
2nd Snipe, Green Sandpiper: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
2nd Black-necked Grebe, Stonechat, Mandarin Duck: Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
2nd Great White Egret (2): Tongwell Lake (BuBC)
1st Marsh Harrier: Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)


28th Siskin: Great Brickhill (BuBC)
28th Snipe, Cetti’s Warbler: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
28th Water Rail: Willen Lake North (BuBC)
27th Pintail (fem and eclipse male): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
26th Stonechat (m): North end of the island working it’s way along the margins of Willen Lake North (Alan Nelson)
26th Small Copper Butterfly: Rough grassland near Fairfield Development (Joe Clinch)
26th Red Admiral Butterfly (10-12):On an Ivy bush, by Warren Farm, Lathbury (Martin Ferns)
26th Kingfisher: In flight alongside R. Ouse, nr Gayhurst Quarry Lakes, Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
24th Snipe, Common Sandpiper, Green Sandpiper: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
24th Marsh Harrier: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
21st Greenshank (4): Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
21st Black Tern (juv): Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
18th Small Copper Butterfly (male): Stonepit Fields (Mike LeRoy)
18th Ruff,  Wigeon (2): Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
16th Devil’s Coach-horse: On footbridge between Hadley Place and North Row, Bradwell Common (Mike LeRoy)
16th Lapwing (30), Little Egret (4), Mallard (250+) most males in eclipse plumage : Gayhurst Quarry Lakes, Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
15th Tree Pipit: Heard over Great Brickhill (BuBC)
15th Blackcap, Snipe, Great White Egret, Green Sandpiper, Common Sandpiper: (BuBC)
14th Muntjac Deer (buck): Road-kill on Portway (H5) (Mike LeRoy)
12th Great White Egret: Emberton Country Park (Alan Nelson)
10th Mandarin Duck, Shoveler: Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
9th Blue Underwing Moth: Shenley Church End ( Julia Canham)

Blue Underwing Moth (Photo © Julia Canham)

9th Lesser Whitethroat, Marsh Harrier: Great Brickhill (BuBC)
9th Hobby: Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
8th Willow Warbler, Common Sandpiper: Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
5th Common Sandpiper (2), Wigeon, Gadwall, Kingfisher: Tongwell Lake (Alan Nelson)
5th Goosander, Kingfisher, Common Sandpiper, Green Sandpiper: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
4th Osprey:  Emberton Country Park (Alan Nelson)
4th Chiffchaff, Sedge Warbler, Green Sandpiper, Great White Egret: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
3rd Little Grebe (2 adults+2 juv), Tufted Duck, Cetti’s Warbler: Willen Lake North (Alan Nelson)
3rd Small Blue Butterfly: Floodplain Forest NR (Bob Phillips)
rd Meadow Pipit, Yellow Wagtail, Blackcap, Lesser Whitethroat, Whitethroat, Redstart: Great Brickhill (BuBC)
2nd Noctule Bats: Flying overhead in daylight at Emberton Country Park (Alan Nelson)2nd Snipe, Peregrine Falcon, Common Sandpiper, Green Sandpiper, Garganey, Great White Egret: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
1st Emperor Dragonfly, Brown Hawker, Southern Hawker, Migrant Hawker, Common Blue Damselfly, Small Red-eyed Damselfly, Willow Emerald Damselfly, Banded Demoiselle, Common Sandpiper, Reed Warbler, Grey Wagtail, Kingfisher: Tongwell Lake (Alan Nelson)

1st Siskin , Blackcap, Whitethroat, Redstart: Great Brickhill (BuBC)


31st Great White Egret, Green Sandpiper, Snipe, Green Woodpecker: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
29th Common Sandpiper, Shoveler, Teal: Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
26th Whitethroat, Blackcap, Redstart, Siskin: Great Brickhill (BuBC)
25th Sparrowhawk, Stock Dove, Spotted Flycatcher, Treecreeper: Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard)
25th Garden Warbler, Willow Warbler, Ring-necked Parakeet, Bullfinch: Tattenhoe (Harry Appleyard)
24th Tree Pipit: Nocturnal record Tattenhoe (Harry Appleyard)
23rd Ringed Plover: Nocturnal record Tattenhoe (Harry Appleyard)
22ndWater Rail (heard), Jay, Common Tern, Migrant Hawkers, Common Reed, Roesel’s Bush-cricket, Green Grasshopper: MKNHS walk around Willen Lake North (Martine Harvey)
22nd Tree Pipit: Seen flying low between tree lines. Tattenhoe Valley Park (Harry Appleyard)
22nd Common Crossbill: Clearfell area of Rushmere Park (BuBC)
21st Hornet eating a bee: Little Linford Wood (Julian Lambley)

Hornet eating a bee (Photo© Julian Lambley)

20th Tree Pipit: Several calls heard from an unseen bird. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard)
20th Pied Flycatcher (f): Linford Lakes NR. Please note that a permit is required to access this site (BuBC)
19th Common Crossbill: Great Brickhill (BuBC)
19th Redstart (2): Stowe (BuBC)
19th Yellow Wagtail: Flying west over Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard)
19th Lesser Whitethroat: Tattenhoe (Harry Appleyard)
19th Lesser Emperor Dragonfly: Patrolling reed-beds at Caldecotte Lake south (Harry Appleyard)
19th Small Red-eyed Damselfly (11), Willow Emerald Damselfly, Brown Hawker Dragonfly: Mount Farm Lake (Harry Appleyard)

Small Red-eyed Damselfly (m) and Willow Emerald Damselfly (m) (Photo©Harry Appleyard)

18th Reed warbler (4), Sedge warbler: Reeds in front of the hide at Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
18th Yellow Wagtail: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
17th Common Sandpiper: Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
17th Snipe, Garganey, Common Sandpiper, Dunlin, Green Sandpiper: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
16th Green Sandpiper: Willen Lake North (BuBC)
16th Dunlin, Green Woodpecker, Great Spotted Woodpecker: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
16th Whinchat: Very active in front of the farm hide at Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
15th Redstart: Meadow east of Olney church (BuBC)
15thKingfisher: On the river east of Olney church (Bob Phillips)
15th Goosander, Redstart: On the river east of Olney church (Julie Cuthbert)

Goosander (Photo©Julie Cuthbert)

14th Musk (Nodding) Thistle: East of Olney Church (Jenny Mercer)

Musk (Nodding) Thistle. (Photo©Jenny Mercer)

14th Ring-necked Parakeet: Woolstone (Alex Moody)
13th Green Sandpiper, Great White Egret, Garganey, Dunlin: Floodplain Forest NR (Bob Phillips)

Garganey, Green Sandpiper and Great White Egret with Little Egret (Photos©Bob Phillips)

12th Reed Bunting, Whitethroat, Garganey, Teal, Green Sandpiper: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
12th Musk Mallow, Small Scabious, Greater Knapweed, Harebell, Wild Basil, Wild Marjoram: Stonepit Fields (Bob Phillips)

Harebell and Musk Mallow (Photos©Bob Phillips)

12th Common Carpet Moth, Brown Argus: Stonepit Fields (Bob Phillips)

Brown Argus and Common Carpet Moth (Photos©Bob Phillips)

11th Wood White butterfly (3): Wicken Woods ( Julian Lambley)
10th Marsh Harrier (f): New Bradwell (BuBC)
9th Yellow Wagtail: Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
8th Hobby, Common Tern, Sand Martin, Little Grebe: Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
7th Yellow Wagtail, Common Sandpiper, Garden Warbler, Willow Warbler, Raven: Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
7th Raven, Hobby: Over Bury Field Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
7th Blackcap, Reed Warbler, Wren, Sand Martin, Common Tern, Green Sandpiper: Stony Stratford NR (BuBC)
6th Silver-washed Fritillary (slightly tatty): Linford Wood (Mike LeRoy)

Silver-washed Fritillary (Photo©Mike LeRoy)

3rd Rosemary Beetle (Chrysolina americana ) on Lavender in planter at Bradwell Common local centre (Mike LeRoy)
3rd Wood Warbler, Coal Tit, Blue Tit, Robin and many wasps seen simultaneously in a small damson tree in Kents Hill garden (Steve Cousins)
1st Sedge Warbler, Green Sandpiper: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)


31st Willow Warbler, Whitethroat, Buzzard: Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard)
31st Sand Martin, Kingfisher: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
30th Oak Bush Cricket (3): Oldbrook (Martin Kincaid)
30th Willoughby’s leaf-cutter bee: Several feeding on sweet peas in a garden in Oldbrook (Martin Kincaid)

Willoughby’s leaf-cutter bee (Photo©Martin Kincaid)

29th Latticed Heath Moth: Linford Lakes NR (Martin Kincaid)
29th Hummingbird Hawk-moth (2):Shenley Wood (Martin Kincaid)
29th Common Crossbill (7): Flying NW over Great Brickhill (BuBC)
28th Clouded Yellow Butterfly, Small Copper Butterfly (2): Stonepit Fields (Martin Kincaid)
28th Great Spotted Woodpecker, Green Woodpecker, Sedge Warbler, Whitethroat, Common Sandpiper, Green Sandpiper: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
28th Willow Emerald Damselfly (18), Emerald Damselfly (10), Beautiful Demoiselle (f), Banded Demoiselle (m) and Brown Hawker (2): Tattenhoe Valley Park (Harry Appleyard)

Beautiful Demoiselle (f) and Willow Emerald Damselfly (m) (Photos©Harry Appleyard)

27th Lesser Emperor Dragonfly: Willen Lake North (Alan Nelson)
25th Agrimony, Yellow Loosestrife, Royal Fern, Treecreeper, Nuthatch, Spotted Flycatcher, Kingfisher: Near the lake at Stockgrove Park (Bob Phillips)
25th Sand Martin, Hobby: Tattenhoe (Harry Appleyard)
24th Great Spotted Woodpecker, Sparrowhawk: Tattenhoe (Harry Appleyard)
23rd Hobby, Common Sandpiper, Green Sandpiper: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
23rd Bullfinch, Sand Martin, Reed Bunting, Linnet: Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard)
23rd Hobby: Seen circling the Kingsmead Estate (Harry Appleyard)
21st Bar-tailed Godwit, Green Sandpiper: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
20th Common Sandpiper: Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
20th Kingfisher, Green Sandpiper, Lapwing: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
20th Great Spotted Woodpecker, Goldcrest, Reed Bunting, Sparrowhawk: Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard)
18th Bullfinch, Tree Creeper, Goldcrest, Sparrowhawk, Skylark: Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard)
17th Green Sandpiper: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
16th Goldcrest, Treecreeper: Emerson Valley (Harry Appleyard)
16th Common Sandpiper: Furzton Lake (BuBC)
15th Hobby: River Ouse Bradwell (BuBC)
15th Ringed-necked Parakeet (2): Willen Lake (BuBC)
15th Common Sandpiper: Willen Lake North (BuBC)
14th Marsh Harrier: Foxcote reservoir (BuBC)
12th Common Sandpiper: Tongwell Lake (Alan Nelson)
12th Oyster Catcher: Seen on the cricket pitch at Great Linford (Ian Hillman)
11th Black-tailed Godwit: In the channel next to Tongwell Lake (BuBC)
10th Peregrine Falcon (imm): Harassing other birds at Furzton Lake (Alan Nelson)
10th Redstart (heard): Stowe (BuBC)
9th Ruddy Darter: Gayhurst Weir, River Ouse (Martin Ferns)
9th Little Egret (4), Oystercatcher (2) and Great Crested Grebe (nesting): Gayhurst Quarry Lakes (Martin Ferns)
8th Whitethroat, Lesser Whitethroat, Linnet, Bullfinch and Sparrowhawk: Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard)
6th Red-tipped Clearwing Moth: Tattenhoe Valley (Harry Appleyard)

Red-tipped Clearwing Moth (Photo©Harry Appleyard)

5th Common Sandpiper: Willen Lake North (Ann Strutton)
5th Lapwing, Blackcap, Sand Martin, Reed Warbler: Linford Lakes NR. Please note that a permit is required to visit this site (BuBC)
5th Weld, Wild Carrot and Common Yarrow: Flower Park. Enigma Place Bletchley (Bob Phillips)
5th Blackcap, Nuthatch, Goldcrest, Green Woodpecker and Treecreeper: Howe Park Woods (Harry Appleyard)
4th Stock Dove: Tattenhoe Milton Keynes (Harry Appleyard)
4th Reed Warbler, Wigeon, Common Sandpiper and Lapwing: Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
3rd Jay, Goldcrest and Sand Martin: Furzton Lake (Harry Appleyard)


29th  Whitethroat family: Being fed on box moth caterpillars. Willen Lake North (Ann Strutton)
28th Water figwort Scrophularia auriculata: River Ouse Mill Farm Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
28th Common Sandpiper and Grey Wagtail: Tongwell Lake (Bob Phillips)
27th Leveret and Ermine Moth Web with Caterpillars: Gayhurst (Martin Ferns)

Leveret and Ermine Moth web with caterpillars (Photos©Martin Ferns)

27th Great Spotted Woodpecker (juv): Seen on the back of a TV in the lounge of a home in Stony Stratford. Flown in through an open Patio door frightened by a Magpie. Released with no problems (Joe Clinch)
27th Green Sandpiper: Willen Lake North (BuBC)
25th Common Crossbill: Heard calling from the tops of Pines at Rushmere Park (BuBC)
25th Box-Tree Moth: Walton Milton Keynes. (David Middleton)

Box-Tree Moth (Photo©David Middleton)

24th Cetti’s Warbler, Whitethroat (3), Little Egret (fledged young): Willen Lake North (BuBC)
24th Sand Martin (2): Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
23rd Whitethroat, Buzzard, Greenfinch, Garden Warbler: Westbury Arts Centre Bio-blitz. Shenley Wood (Harry Appleyard)
23rd Lesser Whitethroat: Heard Singing at Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard)
23rd Green Sandpiper: Willen Lake North (BuBC)
21st Greenshank (3): Willen Lake North (BuBC)
20th Scarlet Tiger Moth  (circa 10): Heelands (Marina Granger)
19th Thick Legged Flower Beetle: Great Linford (Geir Nielsen)

Thick Legged Flower Beetle (Photo©Geir Nielsen)

18th Red Tipped Clearwing Moth: Great Linford (Geir Nielsen)

Red Tipped Clearwing Moth (Photo©Geir Nielsen)

17th Scarlet Tiger Moth: Garden Meadow Stony Stratford (Joe Clinch)

Scarlet Tiger Moth (Photo©Joe Clinch)

13th Pyramidal Orchid (2): Roadside Grassland Bradwell  Common (Mike LeRoy)
12th Bee Orchid (70+): in a patch of grid-road grassland close to a Redway, Bradwell Common SP 84435 38901. Also another 10 alongside Hampstead Gate SP 84471 38959 (Mike LeRoy)
11th Cuckoo (f) and Fox Cub: In the woodland at Linford Lakes NR ( Martin Ferns)
8th Curlew: Flew over Cranfield Airfield towards Willen (Alan Nelson)
5th Raven (5): Calverton (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
5th Cetti’s Warbler (m), Goldcrest (m), Sedge warbler (m) and Grey Wagtail: Stony Stratford NR (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
5th Cockchafer: Riverside meadow Bury Fields Newport Pagnell ( Martin Ferns)

Cockchafer (Photo©Martin Ferns)

4th Duke of Burgundy Butterfly: Ivinghoe Beacon (Julian Lambley)

Duke of Burgundy Butterfly (Photo©Julian Lambley)

2nd Beautiful Demoiselle and Little Ringed Plover: Floodplain Forest NR (Bob Phillips)

 Little Ringed Plover and Beautiful Demoiselle (Photos©Bob Phillips

nd Black Tern: Single bird in the late afternoon. Foxcote Reservoir (Bob Phillips)

Black Tern (Photo © Bob Phillips)

2nd Merlin (m): Flew over the hide. Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
2nd Black Tern (4): During the morning. Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
1st Soprano Pipistrelle Bats (800+): Simpson (Peter Barns)


31st Common Sandpiper (2): By the dam wall at the waters edge. Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
31st Black Tern: Seen mainly to the left of the hide. Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
30th Cuckoo (calling): Woods near the ruins of the church. Stanton Low Park (Natalie Ward)
28th Herb Paris, Red Headed Cardinal Beetle and Grass Vetching: Linford Wood (Bob Phillips)

Herb Paris, Red Headed Cardinal Beetle and Grass Vetching (Photos©Bob Phillips)

28th Greenshank: Feeding on the dam wall. Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
28th Quail: Nocturnal Record. Several calls caught over Tatterhoe estate on a sound recording (Harry Appleyard)
25th Spotted Flycatcher (4): Octagonal Lake and Shell Bridge. Stowe Gardens (BuBC)
24th Immature Beautiful Demoiselle and Small Blue Butterfly: Howe Park Wood (Harry Appleyard)

Immature Beautiful Damoiselle (m) and Small Blue Butterfly (Photos©Harry Appleyard)

22nd Four Spot Chaser, Hairy  Dragonfly, Emperor Dragonfly, Blue tailed damselfly, azure damselfly, Common blue damselfly, Banded Demoiselle and Red Eyed damselfly: Emberton Park (Alan Nelson)
22nd Cuckoo (calling) and Osprey: Emberton Park (Alan Nelson)
21st Osprey: Sherington (BuBC)
20th Common Sandpiper (2), Oyster Catcher (2) Blackcap (several heard) and Green Woodpecker. Also many Brimstone Butterflies and a couple of Red Admirals: Floodplain Forest NR (Clive Chapman)
18th Four Spot Chaser Dragonfly: Stony Stratford NR (Graham Lynham)
18th Meadow Saxifrage: Increased number on last year. Stony Stratford Reserve (Jenny Mercer)
17th Hobby (4): Stanton Low Park (Ann Strutton)
16th Muntjac Deer: Lakes Lane Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)

 Muntjac Deer (Photo © Martin Ferns)

16th Spotted Flycatcher: Still at School House Hardmead Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
14th Common Crossbill (5): Rushmere Park flying WNW (BuBC)
13th Egyptian Goose (2) Barnacle Goose: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
12th Hobby (North Lake) and Mistle Thrush (South Lake): Willen Lake (Ann Strutton)
11th Ringed Plover: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
9th Common (!) Eyelash fungus Scutellinia scutellata: College Wood (Julian Lambley)

Eyelash fungus (Photo © Julian Lambley)
8th Swifts: 20+ wheeling and skimming close to the surface, Willen Lake South, mid-morning (Martin Ferns)
8th Swifts: 10 around Ashland Lakes, morning (Peter Barnes)
7th Common Spotted Orchid, Bugle, Celandine, Woodpecker, Nuthatch and Treecreeper: Shenley Wood (Clive Chapman)
7th Swifts:  First six Swifts returned to Bradwell Common colony area. Same first arrival date as 2022 and two days earlier than 2021. By the evening they were low-flying over roofs and circling past known nest-sites. Watched one entering nest-site. Bradwell Common (Mike LeRoy)
7th Mistle Thrush, Red Admiral: among the sightings on the MKNHS walk around the OU campus, Walton Hall (reported by Peter Barnes)
7th Hairy Dragonfly (several emerging and exuvia), Red-eyed damselflies (many exuvia), Common Blue damselflies (good numbers), Azure damselflies (few) Banded demoiselle (few); butterflies – Orange-tip, Green-veined white, Speckled wood, Brimstone, Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Holly Blue: Emberton Country Park (Alan Nelson)
7th Common Tern (4+), Cuckoo (several), Cetti’s Warblers, Whitethroats, Garden Warbler, Reed Warbler, Sedge Warbler, Blackcap: dawn chorus walk, Emberton Country Park (Alan Nelson)
4th Spotted Flycatcher: Back Wood, Brickhill Woods (BuBC)
4th Swifts: at least 3 over Stantonbury; 1 this evening nr Ashfield (Kathleen Wyatt)
4th Swifts: a minimum of 10, screaming around the town in the evening, Newport Pagnell (Alan Nelson)
4th Star of Bethlehem Ornithogalum umbellatum: Lathbury (Martin Ferns)

Star of Bethlehem (Photo © Martin Ferns)
3rd  Grey Wagtail and Cuckoo (calling): Willen Lake North (Ann Strutton)
2nd Green Winged Orchids: Pilch Field (Bob Phillips)
2nd Green Parakeet (4): Near Bury Field. Newport Pagnell (Alan Nelson)
1st Greater Celandine: Bradwell Abbey (Bob Phillips)

Greater Celandine (Photo © Bob Phillips)


30th Common Blue Damselfly (imm. male) and Speckled Wood Butterfly: Tongwell Lake (Alan Nelson)
30th Common Sandpiper (2), Oyster Catcher (2), Common Tern, Lapwing and Meadow Saxifrage: Stony Stratford NR (Joe Clinch)
30th Weasel: Scrub area at the bottom of the canal embankment near the Aqueduct. Old Wolverton (Joe Clinch)
30th Swift: Westbury Lane. Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
29th Linnets (pr): Between the Fairfield Estate and Middle Weald. Calverton (Joe Clinch)
29th Holly Blue Butterfly: Near Portfields School. Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
28th Greenshank: Still present at Passenham Quarry (BuBC)
28th Pied Flycatcher (m): Still present at Howe Park Wood (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
28th Blackcap (m): Little Linford Wood (BuBC)
27th Sedge Warbler: In riverside bushes Stony Stratford NR (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
27th Cetti’s Warbler (m): The Mill Field, Stony Stratford (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
27th Osprey: Flew over Bradville heading towards Haversham (BuBC)
27th Greenshank: Passenham Quarry (BuBC)
27th Common Sandpiper: Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
26th Pied Flycatcher (m): Catching flies around one of the outer ponds at Howe Park Wood (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
26th Garden Warbler: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
26th Greenshank: Passenham Quarry (BuBC)
26th Common Sandpiper: Foxcote reservoir (BuBC)
25th Herb Paris: Linford Wood (Bob Phillips)

Herb Paris (Photo©Bob Phillips)

25th Black Swan: Willen Lake South (Cheryl Fellows)
25th Common Sandpipers, Sedge and Reed warblers and good numbers of Willow Warblers: Newport Pagnell (Alan Nelson)
25th Common Sandpiper: Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
24th Fox Cub: Taken in a field at Stoke Hammond (Charles Kessler)

Fox Cub (Photo©Charles Kessler)

24th Redstart (m): Furzton Estate (Harry Appleyard)
24th Common Sandpiper: Furzton Lake (Harry Appleyard)
24th Common Sandpiper (2) and Green Sandpiper (1): On the spit Willen Lake North (BuBC)
24th Greenshank: Passenham Quarry (BuBC)
23rd Early Purple Orchid (single flower half-emerged) and Dog’s Mercury (Female Flower): Linford Wood (Mike LeRoy)
23rd Little Gull (2): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
23rd Tree Pipit: Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
23rd Redstart: Foxcote Reservoir(BuBC)
22nd Grasshopper Warbler: Goosey Meadow Emberton Park Olney (BuBC)
22nd Cuckoo: Heard calling from a belt of trees just east of Haversham Road. Ouse Valley Park (John Pettit)
22nd Cuckoo: Seen and heard at Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
22nd Common Sandpiper: Stony Stratford NR (BuBC)
21st White Wagtail (F): Passenham Quarry (BuBC)
20th Fritillary and Springbeauty: Bradwell Abbey (Bob Phillips)

Fritillary and Springbeauty(Photo©Bob Phillips)

20th Goldilocks Buttercup: Howe Park Wood (Janice Robertson)

Goldilocks Buttercup(Photo©Janice Robertson)

19th Whimbrel: Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
18th Western Conifer Seed Bug: Found on inside of a window (over-wintered). Placed on a Corsican Pine Tree Bradwell Common (Mike LeRoy)
18th Tawny Owl: A male calling for much of the night. Heelands housing estate (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
17th Green Sandpiper: On the island Willen Lake North (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
16th 24-Spot Ladybird (pair): Edge of the wood on Red Campion. Howe Park  Wood (Janice Robertson)

 24-Spot Ladybirds (pair) (Photo©Janice Robertson)

16th Reed Warblers: Tongwell Lake (Alan Nelson)
15th Cuckoo: Heard at around 14:35 hrs at Floodplain Forest NR (Jane Grisdale)
15th Sedge Warbler and Orange Tip Butterfly: Tongwell Lake (Alan Nelson)
15th Cuckoo: Seen flying over Tongwell Lake (Alan Nelson)
14th Cattle Egret: Floodplain Forest NR (Andrew Chambers)

Cattle Egret(Photo©Andrew Chambers)

11th Common Sandpiper: Furzton Lake. (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
10th Swallow (12), Sand Martin (5): Foxcote Reservoir (Chris Coppock/Bu BC)
10th Littlle Gull: Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
10th Ringed Plover (5): Passenham Quarry, Deanshanger (BuBC)
9th Holly Blue, Comma, Peacock, Tortoiseshell, Brimstone Butterflies: Newport Pagnell (Alan Nelson)
9th Greenshank, Oystercatcher (2), Great White Egret (2): Linford Lake Nature Reserve. Please note that a permit is required for access to this site. (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
9th Sedge Warbler: Singing from the bushes near the lake. Furzton Lake (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
9th Yellow Wagtail (m): Tattenhoe Park. (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
8th Reed Warbler and Sedge Warbler: North lake, singing from the south west reedbed. Willen Lake (BuBC)
8th Yellow Wagtail: Passenham Quarry. Deanshanger (BuBC)
6th Scaup (m) and Mandarin Duck (pair): Caldecotte Lake (Peter Barnes)

Mandarin Ducks (pair) and Scaup with Tufted Duck(Photos©Peter Barnes)

5th Whitethroat: On the way to the hide. Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
5th Mandarin Duck (m): South Lake East side. Caldecotte Lake (Peter Barnes)

Male Mandarin Duck (Photo©Peter Barnes)

3rd Whimbrel: Flight Calls after dark . One at 21.45 and a second bird at 23.20. Stowe (BuBC)
3rd Bee flies (many) and Peacock Butterfly (few): Tongwell (Alan Nelson)
3rd Shelducks (pair): Emberton Country Park (Alan Nelson)
3rd Peacock Butterfly: Simpson (Peter Barnes)
2nd Green Veined White Butterfly, Tortoiseshells and Blackcaps singing. Newport Pagnell (Alan Nelson)
2nd Shelduck (2): Foxcote Reservoir (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
2nd Wood Anemones (many) and Bluebells (few flowers): Howe Park Wood (Janice Robertson)

Wood Anemone (Photo©Janice Robertson)

2nd Scaup (m): Still showing well in a small bay at the north east side of the south lake. Caldecotte Lake (BuBC)
2nd White Wagtail: Passenham Quarry Deanshanger (BuBC)
1st Swallow: Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard)


31st Firecrest: Singing and foraging near one of the paths. Howe Park Wood (Harry Appleyard)

Firecrest (Photo©Harry Appleyard)

31st Little Ringed Plover: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
31st Common Tern and Mediterranean Gull (2): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
30th Cowslip: Caldecotte Lake (Janice Robertson)

Cowslip (Photo©Janice Robertson)

30th Marsh Marigold, Wild Strawberry: Stockgove Country Park (Martin Kincaid)
30th Common Toads: Many spawning pairs in Stockgrove Lake (Martin Kincaid)
30th Adder (2 m), Common Lizard (2): Rammamere Heath ( Martin Kincaid)

Marsh Marigold and Male Adder (Photo©Martin Kincaid)

30th House Martin (4): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
30th Mediterranean Gull (2): Sitting on the dam wall. Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
30th Sand Martin (13): Heading from Cranfield University towards North Crawley. (Alan Nelson/BuBC)
29th Mediterranean Gull: Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
29th Wheatear: Seen from a garden in Great Brickhill (BuBC)
28th Sand Martin (5) Swallows (3) Cetti’s Warbler (2 singing males) Grey Wagtail (2): Foxcote Reservoir (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
28th Goldeneye (1m+1f): Foxcote Reservoir (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
28th Shelduck (m): Foxcote Reservoir (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
27th Little Ringed Plover: Passenham Quarry (BuBC)
27th Scaup (m): Still present at the south of the lake. Seen from the first screen. Caldecotte Lake (BuBC)
26th Scaup (m): Still in the small bay in the south of the lake. Caldecotte Lake (BuBC)
26th Toad (30-40): Mating and Spawning at Thornborough and Coombs woodland pond (Julian Lambley)

Toads (Photo©Julian Lambley)

26th Mediterranean Gull. Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
25th Mealy Redpoll: Single bird seen at the north of the site. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
25th Marsh Harrier: Seen from Great Brickhill, flying from SW towards Rushmere (BuBC)
25th  Sand Martin: Furzton Lake (Harry Appleyard)
24th Ruddy Shelduck : With several Canada Geese. Seen on the River Great Ouse near to Linford Lakes NR (Jenny Brown)

Ruddy Shelduck (Photo©Jenny Brown)

24th Scaup: Still present at the South East corner of the lake. Caldecote Lake (BuBC)
23rd Woodcock: Flushed from a ditch near the hide. Stony Stratford NR (BuBC)
22nd Scaup: Far end of the South Lake with Tufted Ducks. Caldecote Lake (Bob Phillips)

Scaup (Photos©Bob Phillips)

22nd Blackcap (m): Occasionally singing. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard)
22nd Dark Edged Bee Flies (2): Tattenhoe. (Harry Appleyard)
22nd Adder: Large female basking in the sun. Stockgrove Country Park. (Martin Kincaid)
22nd Common Lizard (2): Stockgrove Country Park. (Martin Kincaid)
nd Scarlet Elf-cup Fungus Sarcoscypha austriaca: Bakers Wood. Stockgrove Park (Martin Kincaid)
22nd Comma Butterfly: Stony Stratford. ( Joe Clinch)
22nd Brimstone Butterfly (m): Simpson. (Peter Barnes)
22nd Pair of Mandarin Ducks: Caldecote Lake ( Peter Barnes)

Pair of Mandarin Ducks (Photo©Peter Barnes)

22nd Redwings (100+): Heading west towards Milton Keynes. Cranfield (Alan Nelson/BuBC)
22nd Wheatear: Buckingham. (BuBC)
22nd Mediterranean Gull: Adult sitting on the dam wall. Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
21st Scaup: Spending time with the Tufted Ducks at the south end of the lake. Caldecotte Lake ( Harry Appleyard)
21st Hairy-footed Flower Bee, Buff-Tailed Bumblebee and Tree Bumblebee: Garden. Oldbrook (Martin Kincaid)
21st Brimstone, Comma and Peacock butterflies: Little Linford Wood (Julian Lambley)
20th Whooper Swan (3): Still showing well off Harold Rd at Snelson Farm Cold Brayfield (BuBC)
19th Golden Plover: Several calls caught on a nocturnal migration recording around 8.00pm. Tattenhoe (Harry Appleyard)
19th Siskin (28-30): Grand Junction Canal near Brick Kilns Great Linford (Alan Nelson/(BuBC)
19th Sand Martin (4): Willen Lake South (BuBC)
19th Sand Martin (2): Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
18th Whooper Swan(3): The long staying adults in fields by Snelson Farm. Cold Brayfield (BuBC)
18th Chiffchaff (2): Howe Park Wood (Harry Appleyard)
17th Chiffchaff(5) and Stonechat(5): Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard)
17th Woodcock, Chiffchaff (2), Oystercatcher, Redwing (2): Floodplain Forest NR (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
15th Waxwings continue to appear in the Tree at Cranfield (Julian Lambley)

Waxwing(Photo©Julian Lambley)

14th Cetti’s Warbler (m): Heard singing in reed fringes at the head of the lake (nr Loxbeare Drive).  Furzton Lake (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
11th Primroses and Lesser Celandine: Little Linford Wood (Bob Phillips)

Primroses and Lesser Celandine (Photos©Bob Phillips)

5th Great Crested Grebes. Actually seen on 12th Feb at Willen Lake during an MKNHS Sunday walk. (Julian Lambley)

Great Crested Grebes displaying (Photo©Julian Lambley)

5th Gadwall (2 pairs), Wigeon (circa 50), Egyptian Goose (2), Tufted Duck (8m+4f), Oystercatcher (2) and Little Egret: Lakes Lane (Gayhurst Quarry) Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
3rd Waxwings (2): Lincroft Cranfield (Alan Nelson)
2nd Goldeneye (2): Linford Lakes NR (Bob Phillips)
2nd Lapwing (circa 20): Floodplain Forest NR (Bob Phillips)


26th Snipe (4): Floodplain Forest NR (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
26th Peregrine Falcon: On incinerator stack at Floodplain Forest NR (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
26th Green Sandpiper: Bradwell New Workings (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
26th Pochard (42 mostly males): Randall Lake Haversham (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
25th Pintail (f): On the east side of the island. Willen Lake North (BuBC)
25th Woodcock (5): At least 5 birds seen within Little Linford Wood (BuBC)
24th Pintail (pair): Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
24th Woodcock: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
22nd Good Numbers of Teal, Gadwall and Tufted Duck, a single Green Woodpecker, Snipe and Little Egret. Also a number of Black Headed Gulls, Common Gulls, Lesser and Greater Black Backed Gulls: Floodplain Forest NR (Clive Chapman)
22nd Green Sandpiper and Goosander (f): Bradwell New Workings (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
22nd Goosander (f):Floodplain Forest NR (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
22nd Snipe (6+): Floodplain Forest NR (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
22nd Oystercatchers (2): On island east of Farm Hide at Floodplain Forest NR (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
22nd Pintail (1m + 1f): Seen from the Viaduct Hide at Floodplain Forest NR (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
22nd Reed Bunting (4m + 1f): Feeding on scattered seeds in Stony Stratford (Joe Clinch)
22nd Cherry Plum (prunus cerasifera ): Now just coming into flower in many locations along grid roads and elsewhere in Milton Keynes (Joe Clinch)
20th Gadwall (12+), Tufted Ducks (10+), Green Woodpecker, Buff Tailed Bumblebee, Kestrel and Peregrine Falcon: Magna Park and Broughton Brook (Graham Lynham)

Peregrine Falcon and Buff Tailed Bumblebee(Photo©Graham Lynham)

20th Cetti’s Warbler (m): Singing male near Bilbrook Lane, Furzton Lake (Chris Coppock/ BuBC)
19th Snipe (4): Linford Lakes Nature Reserve (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
19th Barnacle Goose (33):Flying around for some time then landed in a field just outside the Linford Lakes Nature Reserve (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
15th Brimstone Butterfly (m): Stoney Stratford (Joe Clinch)
14th Crane (2): Cranes heading in a North/North Easterly direction flying over Tattenhoe Milton Keynes ( Harry Appleyard)

Cranes flying over Tattenhoe (Photo©Harry Appleyard)

14th Great White Egret (2), Teal, Wigeon, Goosander (1m 4f), Oystercatcher, Cormorants, Peregrine Falcon and Noctule Bat: Floodplain Forest (Graham Lynham)

Noctule Bat and Oystercatcher (Photos©Graham Lynham)

13th Great Crested Grebe, Red Kite (2), Buzzard (2), Cormorant (6) and Greylag Goose (4): Lodge Lake (Graham Lynham)

Cormorant and Buzzard (Photos©Graham Lynham

13th Magpies: 20 gathered together in a tree in Tattenhoe (BuBC)
12th Whooper Swan (3): Cold Brayfield (BuBC)
10th Great White Egret, Little Owl (poss.2), Oystercatcher (min.2), Goosander (1m,6f): Floodplain Forest NR (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
10th Green Sandpiper: Passenham Quarry SP782390 (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
10th Goosander: m/f pair on Ouse between paddocks and Lathbury Manor park, Bury Field, Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
7th Common Snipe (9+), Goosander (8+), Cormorant (10+), Peregrine Falcon, Little Owl, Great White Egret, Little Egret, and 2 Muntjac deer: Floodplain Forest NR (Graham Lynham)

Common Snipe (Photo©Graham Lynham)

Female Goosander with Perch: The goosander caught the fish and struggled to swallow it for at least five minutes, gave up in the end and let it go (Photo©Graham Lynham)

7th Raven: Two, one close by on the ground before flying off to the treetops, fields by drive to Lathbury  Manor (Martin Ferns)
7th Water Rail: 1 seen and several others heard at Walton Lake (Martin Kincaid)
7th Grey Wagtail, Kingfisher: Ouzel Valley Park, close to Walton Lake (Martin Kincaid)
7th Mediterranean Gull: Colour ringed. My 2nd Mediterranean Gull for the Tattenhoe area, spotted stood among a small flock of Black-headed Gulls at the brook. Yellow ring with black code: AY.ZY, confirming it to be same individual seen recently at Mount Farm Lake and several other North Bucks sites since it was ringed in Saxony, Germany in June 2018. Seen with M Scott as it flew north of its own accord with the Black-headed Gulls staying behind. (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
6th Marsh Tits: a minimum of 5 very vocal and active birds. Little Linford Wood (BuBC)
5th Common Frog: in shallow pond, Howe Park Wood (Martin Kincaid)
3rd Woodcock: Flew over field behind garden and dropped down towards meadows, Great Brickhill (BuBC)
2nd Iceland Gull (2w): Brilliant white immature showed well on the grass fields by the pavilion, then flew off towards the landfill  with hundreds of other gulls, Newton Leys (BuBC)
1st Bank Vole: Howe Park Wood (Janice Robertson)
1st Caspian Gull: with Black-headed Gull, Aqueduct Hide, Floodplain Forest NR. (BuBC)


30th Gadwall (10+), Teal (2 prs), Green Woodpecker, Kestrel (f), Peregrine Falcon and Chinese Water Deer (5): Magna Park (Graham Lynham)

Female Kestrel, Magna Park (Photo © Graham Lynham)

Peregrine Falcon, Magna Park (Photo © Graham Lynham) 

30th Mediterranean Gull: Winter-plumaged adult in small Black-headed Gull flock on the lake until flushed by a rowing boat. Mount Farm (BuBC)
28th/29th ‘Leaf rosettes’ of Bee Orchids Ophrys apifera: emerged last weekend at several locations on Bradwell Common. Some but not all may flower, but not until June (Mike LeRoy)
28th 4 Woodcock: flushed while out walking the dog. Ravenstone. (BuBC)
27th Pintail (m): Floodplain Forest NR. (BuBC)
26th Caspian Gull (2): Present amongst a large mixed flock of gulls. Furzton Lake, Milton Keynes. (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
26th Caspian Gull (2): Blue Lagoon, Bletchley. (BuBC)
26th Garganey (m): Floodplain Forest NR. (BuBC)
25th Pintail: With several Teal. Willen Lake North. Milton Keynes. (Peter Barnes/BuBC)
24th Woodcock: Willen Lake North. (BuBC)
24th Brent Goose: Long staying immature dark-bellied on the east bank. Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
23rd Otter: Caught 4 fish in 30 mins. Wolverton Mill (Julian Lambley)

Otter (Photo©Julian Lambley)

23rd Goosander(3m, 3f, 2juv), Wigeon(pair), Shoveler(2m, 1f), Redwing and numerous Teal: Floodplain Forest NR (Clive Chapman)

Male Goosander  (Photo©Clive Chapman)

22nd Goosander (5m, 1f): On the river just below the weir near the Mill. Northampton Rd, Newport Pagnell. (Martin Ferns)
22nd Brent Goose: Stood on a largely frozen reservoir. Foxcote Reservoir. (BuBC)
20th Pintail (m): Calvert Jubilee NR (BuBC)
19th Snipe (6+), Goosander (3), Great White Egret, Shoveler, Teal: Floodplain Forest NR (Julian Lambley)

Teal (Photo©Julian Lambley)

19th Goldeneye (2m 1f) Foxcote Reservoir (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
19th Cetti’s Warbler: Heard west of the hide at Foxcote Reservoir (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
19th Water Rail: Heard at Foxcote Reservoir. (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
19th Brent Goose (juv): Between the Lake and the Wood. Foxcote Reservoir (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
19th Peregrine: Hyde Lane , Foscote Manor Park. (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
18th Stock Dove (4): Seen in Simpson, Milton Keynes. (Peter Barnes)
17th Pintail (m): Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
17th Brent Goose: Usual field opposite the hide. Foxcote reservoir. (BuBC)
17th Pintail: with Wigeon just off the dam. Foxcote reservoir. (BuBC)
16th Otter (2): Seen swimming together along the edge on the lake on the reserve. Seen catching a fish and playing on the bank. Stony Stratford NR. (Laurence Kidd)
16th Brent Goose: Still present feeding on the grass opposite the hide. Foxcote Reservoir. (BuBC)
13th Brent Goose (juv.): Feeding on the grass opposite the hide, Foxcote Reservoir. (BuBC)
12th Badger: Seen in the front garden of a house in Bolbeck Park Milton Keynes. (Susan Waters)
10th Pintail: A male from Viaduct Hide and 2 females from the Farm Hide at Floodplain Forest NR. (BuBC)
10th Mistle Thrush: On the grass of the dam at Foxcote Reservoir (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
10th Goosander (2m 1f): Foxcote Manor lake (private, viewed from the road) (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
10th Brent Goose: Still present at Foxcote Reservoir. (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
8th Snipe (17) with Pintail(1): Floodplain Forest NR ( Julian Lambley/ BuBC)
8th Little Grebe (3): Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
8th Pintail (m): Floodplain Forest NR. (BuBC)
6th Little Owl (2), Lapwing (circa 400), Goosander (6), Great White Egret, Snipe, Pintail (m): Floodplain Forest NR. (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
6th Brent Goose (juv): Flew past hide to dam wall. Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
5th Goosander (6): Tongwell Lake Milton Keynes (Peter Barnes)
5th Goldeneye (8) Wigeon (5): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
5th Whooper Swan (3): Still showing well in the field next to the A428. Cold Brayfield (BuBC)
4th Sparrowhawk (f): Stony Stratford ( Joe Clinch )
4th Brent Goose: Still present at the back of the field to NW of the reserve. Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
2nd Teal (2m 1f), Tufted Duck (5m 2f), Cormorant, Grey Heron, Little Egret, Black Headed Gulls, Herring Gulls, Gadwall (6m 2f), Chinese Water Deer (7+) and a Kestrel. Magna Park Milton Keynes. (Graham Lynham)

Chinese Water Deer with Grey Heron ,Kestrel (Photos© Graham Lynham) 

2nd Pintail (m): Viewed from elevated position near Manor Farm Court – all hides and footpaths inaccessible due to extensive flooding. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
2nd Pintail (f), also Mediterranean Gull (ad) – a nice surprise among the Black-headed and a few Common Gulls: in front of pagoda. Willen Lake North (BuBC)
2nd Merlin (f): over low west, going towards Beachampton. Flushed all the Lapwings. Passenham Quarry (BuBC)

2nd Kestrel: Bury Meadow (Martin Ferns)
1st Whooper Swan: 3 adults (2 metal-ringed in Iceland) still showing in the cereal crop east of Lavendon, north of the Bedford Road and often out of view from the road. Cold Brayfield (BuBC)
1st Shoveler (5-6), Gadwall, Wigeon: Ashland Lakes (Peter Barnes)
1st Otter, Little Grebe (5): At southern end of the south lake, Caldecotte, on RSPB New Year’s Day walk (Peter Barnes)
1st Pintail: in front of Farm Hide, Floodplain Forest NR (Martin Kincaid/BuBC)