Sightings 2020

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December 2020

31st Tawny Owl: Male, heard calling in Bradwell Village (Kerry Garratt)
30th Snipe: Floodplain Forest NR (Joe Clinch)
30th Short-eared Owl: a lone bird seen 2pm and again at 4.30pm in flight. Hazeley Wood (Beth Winkfield)
30th Otter: Swimming up the Ouzel, by the wooden bridge in Woolstone. ‘Fantastic’  (Allan Carr)
30th Great Northern Diver. Caldecotte Lake (Bob Phillips)
29th Great Northern Diver: showing very well in 1st winter plumage, in NE arm, in front of flats. Plumage suggests this is the same bird first seen in November. Caldecotte Lake (BuBC)
29th Cattle Egret: 2, again in field with Mute Swans and 2 Little Egrets, north of Sherington Bridge. (BuBC)
28th Goosander: Wolverton Mill balancing lakes (Julian Lambley)
‘One of only 10 today’ at Wolverton Mill (Photo © Julian Lambley)
27th Common Crossbill: Single bird seen flying between trees over the golf course. Given away by calls but sounded like may have been part of a small flock. Back Wood, Brickhills. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
27th Golden Plover: est. 400 with est. min. 500 lapwing on Tove floods. River Tove is Bucks Northants border ion this stretch. Upper Tove Valley (SP74S) SP766470 (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
27th Song Thrush: celebrating the sunshine in full and wondrous song. “That’s the wise thrush; he sings each song twice over, Lest you should think he never could recapture The first fine careless rapture!” Robert Browning). High in poplar tree on bank of the Millrace, Wolverton Mill (Joe Clinch)
27th Goosander: 12 inc. 5 males. Balancing Lakes, Wolverton Mill (Joe Clinch)
27th Great Northern Diver: still around, by the island close to the reed bed, diving constantly (BuBC)
27th Goldeneye: 14 – 7m, 4f, 3 juv  Willen Lake South (BuBC)
25th Black Redstart (m): Whitehouse, Milton Keynes SP811374 (BuBC)
22nd Cattle Egret: In field with sheep, Sherington Road (BuBC)
22nd Mistle Thrush: 2, in the horse field first time this year for what was a regular sighting (BuBC)
21st Cattle Egret: 2 in field with 8 Mute Swans, seen from Sherington Bridge (BuBC)
21st Otter: seen with food in mouth in R. Ouzel, nr Mill Road, Bletchley (Charlie Grego)
20th Short-eared Owl: 2 adult. Also male Stonechat. Hazeley SP811366 (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
19th Black Redstart: Very mobile but beautiful male. Whitehouse SP811374 (BuBC)
17th Brambling: At least 1 male with small Chaffinch flock at Pheasant-feeding area. Keeper reports Woodcock are now in, but says these are still shot later in the winter. Back Wood, Brickhills SP909329 (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
17th Short-eared Owl: 3, on rough ground on western side of North Bucks Way. Oakhill Wood (BuBC)
17th White Fronted Goose: 8 dropped in, but only on lake for 15 mins before a helicopter scared them off. Farm Hide. Floodplain Forest NR. (Martin Kincaid / Ashley Beolens)

White-fronted Geese over Floodplain Forest (Photo © Ashley Boelens)
16th Roe Deer (1) / Chinese Water Deer (10+): Magna Park, MK (Martin Kincaid)
16th Black Restart: male, visiting backgarden and neighbouring gardens for 10 mins before flying off. Whitehouse Milton Keynes. SP811374 (BuBC))
15th Tawny Owl: male heard calling, from house in Heelands. Stanton Wood SP840398 (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
15th Bittern: Linfor Lakes NR (BuBC)
15th Common Crossbill: 7. Calls heard on several occasions over the course of around 2 hours. A female lingered close to ground level but out of view for a few minutes after landing atop of a larch overlooking the glof course. Shortly after it flew away, a flock of 7 landed in one of the other larches in the same spot (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
14th Short-eared Owl: Oakhill Wood (BuBC)
14th Great White Egret: New Bradwell Quarry, Ouse Valley Park (BuBC)
14th Woodcock: My first for Howe Park since 31st Oct 2018, flushed from a ditch next to one of the footpaths, and flying deeper into the wood. Howe Park Wood (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
14th White-fronted Goose: 8 Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
13th Bewick’s Swan (possible): Amongst group of Canada and Greylag geese all feeding, stayed for about 10 mins then flew off over railway. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
13th: Goldeneye: 5 (1 adult male, 2 adult females, 2 juv) Willen Lake South (BuBC)
13th Great White Egret: On motorway pit. Gayhurst Quarry (BuBC)
12th Short-eared Owl (possible): Owl seen hawking over scrub farmland. Oakhill Wood SP810367 (BuBC)
9th Goosander: 8 (6 m, 2f). Tongwell Lake (BuBC)
9th White-fronted Goose: 8 (3 adults, 3 juv)  seen near the weir on Swans Way, Haversham Mill (BuBC)
8th Great White Egret: taking off in westerly direction from Dovecote Lake, Linford (Martin Ferns)
8th Shoveler: 2m, 2f Gayhurst Quarry (Martin Ferns)
7th Siberian Chiffchaff: 1st winter bird, the second to be ringed recently. Linford Lakes NR (Kenny Cramer / BuBC)
6th 16-spot Ladybirds: Colony of about 68 on a fence post near Wolverton Mill. ‘I counted 91 others on a photo of a fissure 3 inches away. Total number in colony photographed 159, but overall it exceeds that comfortably. That’s 2544 spots altogether, perhaps. I nailed it’ Wolverton Mill. (Julian Lambley)

16-spot Ladybirds (Photo nailed by Julian Lambley)
6th Whooper Swan: 2 calling, heading NW. Wolverton (BuBC)
6th Red Crested Pochard: Male, with other usual birds hoping to be fed, in lake in front of the pub, Willen Lake South. (Martin Ferns)
6th Bearded Tit: Heard calling early morning in the NW reedbed twice, 5 minutes apart during an hour of listening, but not seen. This followed possible sighting of a juv/female in the same area on 18 Nov. Willen Lake North (BuBC)
5th Greylag Geese: 150+ in the ‘arm’ at Caldecotte Lake North (Peter Barnes)
Greylags – cluster of c. 110 (Photo © Peter Barnes)
5th Wigeon: 27 seen at Ashland Lakes (Peter Barnes)
(L) Ducks in a row: Shoveler and Wigeon (R) Female Wigeon (Photos © Peter Barnes)
5th Shoveler: 1m  Still at Ashland Lakes (Peter Barnes)
5th White-fronted Goose: Seen from perimeter walk. Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
5th Great White Egret: New Bradwell Quarry lake (BuBC)
4th Shoveler: 1 m. First seen at Ashland Lakes (Peter Barnes)
4th Goosander: 1 m. Caldecotte Lake North (Peter Barnes)
4th Great White Egret:: On motorway pit, Gayhurst Quarry (BuBC)
4th Red Crested Pochard: 11am Willen Lake North (Phill Crowe)
Red-crested Pochard (Photo © Phill Crowe)
2nd Great White Egret: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
1st Great White Egret: 2 Linford lakes NR (BuBC)
1st Goosander: 9 (8 male) Tongwell Lake (BuBC)
1st Woodcock: Stoke Goldington (BuBC)
1st Stonechat: pair, possibly 2 pairs. Bury Field, Newport Pagnell (BuBC)

November 2020

30th Great White Egret: Fishing in front of Farm Hide, as normal. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
30th Goosander: 2f Floodplain Forest Reserve. (BuBC)
30th Great White Egret: with 4 or more Little Egrets around the site. New Bradwell Quarry (BuBC)
30th Goldeneye: 2 females or immatures. New Bradwell Quarry (BuBC)
30th Great White Egret: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
30th Goldeneye.Foxcote Reservoir (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
30th Grey Wagtail: In outfall. Foxcote Reservoir (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
30th Pintail: 2 (1 imm/ecl. male, 1 f). Well hidden in willow scrub under Cormorant roost. Different male from full-plumaged bird reported on 26th. Foxcote Reservoir (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
29th Pintail (2 – m/f), Goldeneye (f).  Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
29th Goldeneye: 5 – 2 m, 1 f, 2 juvs, Willen Lake South (BuBC)
28th Great White Egret: Far bank opposite Manor Farm entrance. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
28th Woodcock: Seen for a few seconds, flying towards a small thicket on the estate, not much higher than the nearest street lights. Tattenhoe. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
28th Woodcock: disturbed from under trees alongside H8 Standing Way between Emerson Valley and west Bletchley. Headed off eastwards. (BuBC)
27th Goosander: female Mount Farm (BuBC)
27th Goldeneye: male. Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
26th Goldeneye: 4. Willen Lake South (BuBC)
26th Lesser Spotted Woodpecker: Male seen in Linford Wood high up in oak canopy, halfway along horse trail at 15.40. The first time I have seen this species in 40 years of visiting Linford Wood! (Martin Kincaid)
26th Peregrine: On pylon by Ouse between Maid’s Moreton Mill and Hyde Lane – regular in this area. Maid’s Moreton SP721345 (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
26th Stonechat: male and female, usual spot, despite gathering night and fog. Hyde Lane SP727351 (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
26th Pintail (adult male), Cetti’s warbler (male), Green Sandpiper (2 adults), Yellow-legged Gull (adult): Foxcote Reservoir (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
26th Great Northern Diver:  around 2pm at Caldecotte Lake South (Phill Crowe)
(Photos (left with crayfish) © Phill Crowe)
26th Goosander: 3 (2 male) flew along the river. Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
25th Weasel, Great White Egret, Bullfinches (lots), big flocks of Lapwing, amongst all the usual wildlife you see there. It’s a lovely spot – worth a visit! : Summer Leys NR – just S of Wellingborough. (Julie Lane)
25th Brambling: Adult male feeding on beech mast with tits and Chaffinches. Bow Brickhill Wood (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
25th Goosander: 2 (m + f) On S river, rear of Mill Street (BuBC)
25th Woodcock: In flight, low over the feeder stream. Furzton Lake (BuBC)
24th Goosander: 4 m 5 f Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
24th Great White Egret, also 2 Little Egrets and a Grey Heron. New Bradwell Quarry (BuBC)
24th Goosander: female. On S side of lake, near Cormorant roost. Caldecotte Lake (Harry Appelyard/BuBC)
24th Great Northern Diver: Caldecotte Lake South (Julian Lambley)
Great Northern Diver (Julian Lambley)
23rd Siberian Chiffchaff (juv): Ringed during a ringing session at Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
23rd Great White Egret: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
22nd Goldeneye: 2 Willen Lake South (BuBC)
22nd Great White Egret: 14.00 Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
22nd Great White Egret; 2, headed off NE towards Tyringham 08.30. Gayhurst Quarry (BuBC)
22nd Great Northern Diver: still present 11.30, at N end of southern lake, just S of H10 road bridge. Caldecotte (Peter Barnes)
Great Northern Diver, with crayfish catch Photo © Peter Barnes
21st Great White Egret: New Bradwell Quarry. (BuBC)
21st Ross’s Goose: an escapee, with Greylags and Canada Geese. Caldecotte Lake. (Peter Barnes)

Ross’s Goose with Greylag. Photo © Peter Barnes
21st Goldeneye: 2 adult male. Willen Lake South (BuBC)
20th Bittern: Hide 1 – emerged midway along LH channel fro LH central reedbed. After 10 mins flew across channel and walked into far LH reedbed. BBOWT Lake, Calvert (BuBC)
20th Goosander: 6 (2 male) . Tongwell Lake. (BuBC)
20th Parakeet: 2 resting in large sycamore just outside back garden. MK11 1PW (Jenny Mercer)
2 Parakeets and a pigeon below (Photo © Jenny Mercer)
20th Great Northern Diver: resting at the surface and feeding on crayfish around the south side of the lake. Caldecotte Lake. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
20th Goosander: male. My first for this site – Caldecotte Lake (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
19th Chaffinch: c.200 chaffinch arriving late with a sprinkling of Brambling in lovely low sun. SP908329 Back Wood, Brickhills (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
19th Great Northern Diver: juv. Still present at north end of south lake munching on crayfish, Caldecotte Lake (BuBC)
19th Great White Egret: fihsing in water opposite Famr Hide. c.50 Lapwing flew over, wheeling in theafternoon sunshine. Floodplain Forest Reserve (Martin Ferns)
19th Shoveler (4), Little Egret: At the eastern (allotments) end of New Bradwell Quarry pit. 3 more Little Egrets at the other end of the lake, nr Haversham Road. (Martin Ferns)
18th Goosander: Caldecotte South Lake (BuBC)
18th Great Northern Diver: photographed at 12.41pm, Caldecotte South Lake (Endo Chef)

Great Northern Diver (Photo © Endo Chef)
18th Chiffchaff; Called and sang once briefly. Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
18th Common Scoter: adult male with group of 20+ Tufted Ducks. Very unusual species for MK. Blackhorse Lake, passed a.m. on way into Linford Lakes NR (Martin Kincaid)
18th Great Northern Diver. 11 a.m. Caldecotte South Lake (Joe CLinch)
18th Common Crossbill: up to c30 birds, with flocks of 11, 8 6 and 5 seen well feeding at top of pine near golfcourse. Back Wood, Brickhills. (BuBC)
17th Goosander: ad/male. Willen Lake North (BuBC)
17th Common Crossbill: Flock of 8 seen flying over from the direction of Buttermilk Wood and 4 filmed feeding in a pine a short while later. Lots of calls heard throughout the visit. Back Wood, Brickhills. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
17th Pied Wagtails: For the 2nd time, a birdless dam was suddenly enlivened by 30+ Pied Wagtails; Presumably they roost in the reeds. With them, one pipit, rather dark but probably Meadow Pipit. 2 late-arriving Goosander, either juvs or eclipse males. Foxcote Reservoir. (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
16th Great White Egret: 4, all on the same pit. Linford Lakes NR (Andy Harding / BuBC)
15th Brambling: min. 3 adult m+f in the (sadly much-reduced) chaffinch flock near the Pheasant feeders. Viewable from the footpath in you can stand the din from the A5. Back Wood. Bow / Little Brickhill (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
15th Goldeneye: female, Willen Lake North (from the hide). (BuBC)
15th Raven: 2 seen flying over garden. Newport Pagnell. (BuBC)
13th Grey Wagtail, Goosander (3), Little Grebe (3): Tongwell (BuBC)
12b Ring-necked Parakeets: 2 seen flying over the allotments, Stony Stratford (Jenny Mercer)
12th Peregrine: on incinerator chimney stack nearby Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
12th Jack Snipe: Still, with Snipe in west side reeds, viewed from east side. (BuBC)
11th Woodcock: My first for this year, briefly seen flying between a couple of thickets between Howe Park Wood and Tattenhoe Park. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
11th Yellow-Legged Gull: 2 adults. Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
11th Great White Egret: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
10b Grey Wagtail: 2 at Furzton Lake (Martin Kincaid)
10th Goosander: 1 male, 2 female. Floodplain Forest NR (Martin Kincaid)
9th Jack Snipe: New Bradwell Quarry. (BuBC)
8th Blackcap: Eating Hawthorn berries. Maids Moreton Mill at start of footpath to Hyde Lane (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
8th Green Sandpiper: on NE shore. Foxcote Reservoir (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
8th Tawny Owl: seen in headlights as driving out of car park, Linford Lakes NR (Martin Kincaid)
8th Great White Egret: 2 at Linford Lakes NR (Martin Kincaid)
8th Great White Egret: New Bradwell Quarry. (BuBC)
8th Merlin: Femalle/immature seen chasing Meadow Pipits between Ousedale School and Pheasants Nest Farm, two fields north of Weston Road, Olney (BuBC)
8th Pintail: A male in top west corner of Willen Lake North. (BuBC)
7th Mistletoe: Many large clumps in poplars. Teardrop Lakes (Martin Kincaid)
7th Goosander: female on RIver Ouse, north channel, east of weir. (BuBC)
5th Fungi – Trooping Funnel Clitocybe geotropa and Bonnet mycena Mycena galericulata: Salcey Forest.  (Julie Lane; with acknowledgement to Bucks Fungus Group for guidance with identification)
Trooping Funnel Clitocybe geotropa and Bonnet mycena Mycena galericulata (Photos © Julie Lane)
5th Buzzards: 3 heard first, then seen soaring high over the Linear Park at Simpson (probably nearer the OU campus) at 14.25. Drifting eastwards. (Peter Barnes)
4th Long-eared Owl: one caught by Kenny Cramer while ringing at Linford Lakes NR  (Amy Jerome/The Parks Trust)

Long-eared Owl (Photo © Amy Jerome / The Parks Trust)
4th Common Crossbill: An early afternoon fyover, calling as it flew along the edge of the linear park to the W. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
4th Brambling: 2 separate individuals seen flying W on a morning migration watch, the 1st being among a probable small flock of chaffinches, and the 2nd passing over the linear park along 45 mins later. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
3rd Black-Tailed Godwit. 2 seen left of Farm Hide/right of the screen. (BuBC)
3rd Common Crossbill: Heard calling several times during the visit, and a flock of 13 seen heading east over the golf course. Back Wood, Bow Brickhill. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
3rd Goosander: 4 – looks like 1 male comping out of eclipse plumage, 1 juv male and 2 juv females. Tongwell (BuBC)
1st Goosander: 3 (1 male and 2 female). Tongwell (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)

October 2020

31st Brambling: On my garden birdtable. I usually only offer fat pellets but had put some broken sunflower hearts out and was astonished to see the brambling (a first). Gawcott (Sue Hetherington)
31st Shoveler: 3 male and at least 1 female. Plus numerous Wigeon and a Little Egret. Gayhurst Quarry. (Martin Ferns)
31st Great White Egret: Bradwell New Workings. (BuBC)
30th Jack Snipe: 2. First one showing very well, then scvanning along the reeds a second bird about 20ft away. Willen Lake North. (BuBC)
30th Jack Snipe: Struggling in the wind to count the Snipe, one started to ‘bob’ characteristically but within 30 seconds had disappeared back into the reeds. A Jack Snipe! Willen Lake North.(BuBC)
28th Yellow-browed Warbler: Very vocal and clearly visible in trees along S side of the brook about 100m west of Emerson Valley car park (BuBC)
27th Yellow-browed Warbler: My first, given away by several calls as it foraged around densely-covered willows over the brook, briefly showing in some gaps between the branches. Tattenhoe. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
27th Wood Blewit and Parasol mushrooms:  Fairy ring of wood blewits in Churchyard; Parasols in nearby meadow, Newton Blossomville (Julie Lane)
(l) Wood Blewit (r) Parasol (Photos © Julie Lane)
27th Sparrowhawk: photographed on kill (wood pigeon?) in garden. Water Eaton (Neil and Pat Hodges)
Sparrowhawk (Photo © Pat Hodges)
26th Little Grebe: 5 together on western ‘arm’ of Caldecotte North Lake. (Peter Barnes)
26th Pied Wagtails: During heavy showers tonight, the usual 3 or 4 Pied Wagtails briefly become about 40. About 400 starlings in the murmuration. Foxcote Reservoir. (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
25th Ring-necked Parakeet: 2 seen at back of house – mini-garden, but big trees just beyond. Stony Stratford. (Jenny Mercer)
25th Common Crossbill: An afternoon flyover, calling as it passed low over the fie;ds to the west. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
25th Common Crossbill (male): Vocal bird around the radio mast area. Seen in flight a couple of times. Bow Brickhill Wood. (BuBC)
24th Coprinus micaceous: in garden, Stony Stratford. Confirmation welcome. (Mary Sarre)

Coprinus micaceous (Photo © Mary Sarre)
24th Great White Egret: Floodplain Forest Reserve (BuBC)
24th Goosander: 2 – male still in sclipse plumage (BuBC)
23rd Feathered Thorn (male): Home window frame. Stony Stratford. Confirmation welcome! (Joe Clinch)

Feathered Thorn (Photo © Joe Clinch)
23rd Pintail: Stunning male in NW Corner asleep on island, Willen Lake North (BuBC)
23rd Jack Snipe: Showing brilliantly on edge of reed on W side, Willen Lake North (BuBC)
19th Goldeneye: Caldecotte Lake (BuBC)
19th Fieldfare: 1 (only) flew low over Newport Pagnell (Alan Nelson/BuBC)
18th Short-eared Owl: watched for 20 mins soaring over N part of site, reaching considerable height before drifting off W. Linford Lakes NR (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
17th Great White Egret: Linford Lakes NR (Sue Hetherington/BuBC)
17th Glossy Ibis: College Lake (BuBC)

17th Scarlet Waxcap Hygrocybe coccinea: in the scrape, Stonepit Field (Martin Ferns)

Scarlet Waxcap Hygrocybe coccinea (Photo©Martin Ferns)

16th Great White Egret (3), Snipe (in flight), Stonechat (f): Floodplain Forest NR (Joe Clinch)
16th Brambling: A first for my garden records, photographed as it called in flight to the west. Tattenhoe. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
15th Brambling: Calling in flight to the north among chaffinches, quite low down. Tattenhoe Park. Another sighting nr Newton Longville, given away by calls as it flew past, landing on deadwood, overlooking one of the fields of Salden Chase.  (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
15th Great White Egret: Far right of farm bird hide. Floodplain Forest Reserve. (BuBC)
15th Great White Egret: Flew over Lathbury towards Gayhurst Quarry.  (BuBC)
14th Pink-footed Goose. Lone bird photographed heading north over my garden. A new species for my Tattenhoe records. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)

14th Common Crossbill: calls heard, seemingly coming from a flock heading to the NW. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
14th Hawfinch: calling in flight to the west near the linear park. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
13th Cattle Egret: feeding with Little Egrets (5), Green Sandpipers (2), Snipe (1) and Stonechats (2 pairs plus another N of river). Great close-up views from the timber ramp linking Haversham Road bridge to the riverside walk. New Bradwell Quarry (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
13th Little Owl: in the usual place, Floodplain Forest NR (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
13th Great White Egret: adult. Back of 2nd pool after viaduct hide, Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
12th Yellow-browed Warbler: in garden, Chesterholm, Bancroft (Carol Hughes)

Yellow-browed Warbler (Photo: © CarolsPhotography)

11th Brown Birch Bolete fungus Leccinum scabrum, and Fly agaric Amanita muscaria (plentiful) : Stockgrove Country Park (Martin Kincaid)
11th Adder (male): Stockgrove Country Park (Martin Kincaid)
11th Ravens: 2 calling. Stockgrove Country Park (Martin Kincaid)
11th Redwings: 51 ringed by Kenny Cramer. Linford Lakes NR (Martin Kincaid)
11th Mandarin Duck: a drake. Linford Lakes NR (Martin Kincaid)
11th Great White Egret: 2. Linford Lakes NR (Martin Kincaid)
10th Roe Deer buck: Elfield Park (Martin Kincaid)
10th Cattle Egret: New Bradwell Quarry. (Alan Horsley)
10th Ruddy Shelduck (2) and Black Swan (2): Floodplain Forest NR (Alan Horsley)
10th Little Egret (2): resting in trees. Foxcote Reservoir. (BuBC)
Note that BBOWT’s Foxcote Reservoir and Hide has re-opened.
10th Great White Egret: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
10th Black Swan (2): Floodplain Forest NR (Zoe Mitchell)
10th Brambling: my first for this year, calling in flight among a low-flying flock of chaffinches. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
10th Hawfinch (3): seen in a morning migration watch. 1 flew low to W over linear park, soon followed by a pair which made a loop over one of the ponds, seemingly in a chase, and flying off to NW. All given away by calls. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
10th Grey Plover: 2 as before, nr. R Tove just NW of Pindon End, Castlethorpe (BuBC)
9th Cattle Egret plus 7 Little Egrets, 5 Grey Herons: “Looked like the Camargue on the recently flooded field near the allotments” New Bradwell Quarry (BuBC)
8th Grey Plover (2) and Spotted Redshank (4): reported in Upper Tove Valley (SP74S) (BuBC)
7th Pale Tussock Moth Caterpillar (Calliteara pudibunda): photographed in garden in Stony Stratford (Julian Lambley)

Pale Tussock Moth Caterpillar 07/10/2020

Pale Tussock Moth Caterpillar (Photo: Julian Lambley)

7th Brimstone, Peacock, Red Admiral and Small White – Little Linford Wood (Julian Lambley)
7th Hawfinch: Flew low to the west over the linear park, given away by flight calls – Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
6th House Martin: approx 15 – Wolverton Mill (Julian Lambley)
6th Bittern: Seen from Hide 1 foraging in RH channel – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
6th Common Puffball (Lycoperdon perlatum): seen at Salcey Forest (Julie Lane)

Common puffball (Lycoperdon perlatum) (Photo: Julie Lane)

5th Otter: Saw our first otter this morning in the canal on the aqueduct over the V6 in New Bradwell. It swam past us underwater then got out and headed towards the balancing lake (Blue Bridge) (Gavin Capel)
5th Otter: 2 seen from hide at Willen Lake North (Phil Crowe)

Otter – Willen Lake North 05 Oct 2020 (Photo: Phill Crowe)

Otter - Willen Lake North

Otter – Willen Lake North 05 Oct 2020 (Photo: Phill Crowe)

4th Goldcrest: seen in garden – Stony Stratford (Joe Clinch)

1st Lesser Spotted Woodpecker – male: My first for the Tattenhoe area, photographed and watched for c. 3 minutes pecking on deadwood near Howe Park Wood. Continued to other trees obscured by leaves nearby. Tattenhoe. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
1st  Cattle Egret: On cattle crossing in front of weir by North Bucks bridges, Newport Pagnell (BuBC)

September 2020

30th Conical Brittlestem mushroom Parasola conopilus: photographed in Olney on bark chippings (Julie Lane)
Conical Brittlestem mushroom – note the brittle stems! (Photo: Julie Lane)
30th Common Crossbill: Calling in flight to the west. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
30th Golden Plover: My first of the winter, with 15 Lapwing just over Northants border in Yardley Gobion (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
27th Cattle Egret: non-breeding adult plumage, or possibly juv in 1w plumage with yellow bill. Seen in the lagoons nearest the southeern path just to E of Farm Hide c. 19.00. Within 10 minutes took flight to E (maybe landed in Viaduct Hide lagoons, seen off and followed by a Little Egret.Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
27th Otter: fishing in front of the hide. Willen Lake North (Susan Weatherhead)
27th Great White Egret: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
26th Great White Egret: Floodplain Forest Reserve (BuBC)
24th Ruff: (1) Willen Lake North (Chris Coppock/ BuBC). Also Common Sandpiper (1), Lapwing (min.48).
24th Redstart: In the hedges southwest corner – Willen Lake North (BuBC)
24th Whinchat: (1 m) Hardmead (BuBC)
23rd Jack Snipe: 1 on spit directly in front of Viaduct Hide, Flood Plain Forest NR (Chris Coppock/BuBC). Also 3 Snipe, 4 probable Ringed Plover and the regular Peregrine pair on the incinerator stack.
22nd Ivy Bee Colletes hederea: 2, back garden, Oldbrook  (record submitted to BWARS – Bees, Wasps and Ants Recording Scheme) (Martin Kincaid)
22nd Nettle-leaved Bellflower:  car park of Stony Stratford Nature Reserve (Martin Kincaid)
22nd Small Copper butterflies: 5,  Stony Stratford Nature Reserve (Martin Kincaid)
22nd Dunlin: Stony Stratford Nature Reserve (Martin Kincaid)
21st Buzzard: 3 sighted 14.40 circling over Springfield, at bottom of Turnmill Avenue and Grand Union Canal. (Tracey Theobald)
21st  Hobby:  Campbell Park (Martin Kincaid)
13th Raglius alboacuminatus a true bug (Hemiptera) in the Lygaeidae family of Groundbugs. Found with one leg missing. Bradwell Common SP 843 389 (Mike LeRoy)
Its current status is Nationally Notable B. Previously it has been largely confined to Cambridgeshire, Essex and Kent, but it is spreading and has been found this year in three other sites in Buckinghamshire, including Aylesbury, College Lake and at a site in the Chilterns.
(Click on photo to increase size.)

Raglius alboacuminatus (Photo: Mike LeRoy)
20th Small Copper: rough grassland just to east of Fairfield development (Joe Clinch)
18th  Slow Worm:  a juvenile at Linford Lakes Nature Reserve (Martin Kincaid)
18th Southern Hawker: in garden in Simpson (Peter Barnes)

Southern Hawker (Photo: Peter Barnes)
18th Great White Egret: On the river bank. Gayhurst Quarry (BuBC)
18th Common Sandpiper; Snipe; Hobby; Mole (dead by side of path) Linford Lanes NR (Joe Clinch)
18th Common Sandpiper: 4; Greenshank. Willen Lake North (Joe Clinch)
17th: Wood Sandpiper 1, Green Sandpiper 1, Dunlin 2, Ruff 1, Oystercatcher 1, Snipe 1, Ringed Plover 5 min, Lapwing not counted. Plus Cetti’s Warbler, Wigeon.  Afternoon, Willen Lake North (Chris Coppock / BuBC) Chris comments: It’s not an estuary with a rich harvest of inverts expose twice daily; instead most may die or burrow down as mud dries and hardens – rain might help.
16th Otter: along S beach of island, then in water, fishing. Willen Lake North (Martin Ferns)
16th Grey Wagtail: 4 by the lake. Tongwell (BuBC)
16th Jay: 3 flying over the lake. Tongwell (BuBC)
15th Whinchat: Perched and catching flies around teasel in one of the fields. Tattenhoe Park. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
14th Ruff: juvenile. Plus Ringed Plover, juvenile Wood Sandpipers and a juvenile Black-Tailed Godwit continue to be reported daiy, 11th-14th. Willen Lake North (BuBC)
13th Sparrowhawk: Flew from ground to perch in a tree by R.Ouse, Gayhurst Pits. (Martin Ferns)
10th Whinchat: Showing well in one of the fields, catching flies and returning several times to the same branch of brambles. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
10th Hawfinch: My earliest Autumn Hawfinch to date, given away by flight calls as it landed in a dense thicket in the linear park. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
10th Cattle Egret: 1 with 5 Little Egrets very early morning, but seemed to disappear not too long after discovery. Willen Lake North (BuBC)
10th Cattle Egret 1, Wood Sandpiper 2 juvs, Dunlin 1, Ringed Plover 8,  Green Sandpiper 15, Water Rail 10, Black-tailed Godwit 1, Wigeon 19 – first of Autumn. Willen Lake North (Mike Wallen)
9th Peregrine: over Willen Lake South (Mike Wallen)
9th Wood Sandpipers 2, Black-tailed Godwit 2, Dunlin 1, Ringed Plovers 5, Green Sandpipers 12, Water Rail 14, Siskin 61 flew over. Willen Lake North (Mike Wallen)
8th Boletus: Salcey. Sadly I can’t identify it, but perhaps others can? The section through shows the gill structure nicely. (Julie Lane)

Unidentified Boletus (Photo Julie Lane)
8th Polar Hawkmoth caterpillar: On fairway at Three Locks Golf Club, Great Brickhill. (Julian Lambley)

Poplar Hawkmoth caterpillar (Photo: Julian Lambley)
8th Black-tailed Godwit 2, Green Sandpiper >10, Wood Sandpiper 2, Ringed Plover 4 juvs, Lapwing >40, Cetti’s Warbler min 5. Willen Lake North. As this is a stormwater lake it seems likely the level will stay low until winter rains refill it. (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
8th Ringed Plover: 6. Willen Lake North (BuBC)
8th Black-tailed Godwit. Adult and juv. Other observers have commented on throughput since the weekend. Multiple birds involved, but these 2 birds apparently remain from yesterday.Willen Lake North (BuBC)
8th Wood sandpiper: 2 juveniles. Willen Lake North (BuBC)
8th Kingfisher, seen flashing across pond nearest canal and perching in bush near inlet. Stonepit Field (Martin Ferns)
7th Black-tailed Godwit 2, Green Sandpiper 7, Wood Sandpiper 1 juv, Ringed Plover 3, Dunlin 3, Redshank 1, Lapwing c. 40, Teal min 22, Little Grebe min 22, Swift 2-3 overhead, with House Martin. Low water exposing extensive mud along western shoreline, Willen Lake North (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
7th Small Copper: on grass in orchard between St Michael’s Priory and Willen Hospice. (Martin Ferns)
Small Copper (Photo: Martin Ferns)
7th Black-tailed Godwits: 2 on new mud flats on W side of Willen Lake North. (Pointed out to me by a friendly ornithologist) (Martin Ferns)
7th American Mink: on grass above the weirs, looking for a way down, before jumping and heading towards river, Willen Lake North (Martin Ferns)
6th Redstart: Moving along edge of lake and alternating between feeding low down and perched in trees/shrubs. Willen Lake North (BuBC)
6th Tree Pipit: 2 flight calls heard over the fields. Fairly confident I spotted it heading west. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
6th Black-tailed Godwit: 2 juv flew in and landed Willen Lake North (BuBC)
5th Osprey: Flying S, fairly low not far from M1 motorway, Little Linford (BuBC)
4th Muntjac: 1 adult by copse on path between Maze and Willen Pavilion. 11.00 (Frank Donnelly)
4th Common Crossbill: Calling in flight from W to E over the fields. Struggled to spot it at first, being quite high up but the calls were loud and clear.Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
4th Raven: 3 – 1 flying north, 2 south over garden. Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
2nd Great White Egret: Flooded Forestplain NR (BuBC)
2nd Clouded Yellow butterfly: plus 30-40 hornets (Vespa crabro) buzzing around. Salcey Forest. (Julie Lane)
Clouded Yellow, (l) Salcey and (r) Slovenia 2019 (Photos: Julie Lane)
1st Whinchat: Perched and foraging around ragwort in one of the fields near the linear park. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)

August 2020

11th Peacock: dark aberration, flew into kitchen. Stony Stratford Mill. (Peter Waterman)

Peacock (Photo: Peter Waterman)
31st Hobby: 3, 1 calling and flew off very close by and was joined by 2 others. Petsoe Manor Wind Farm nr Emberton. SP94 (Julie Lane)
31st Little Grebes: on various ponds / lakes appear to have had several broods again. (Alan Nelson / BuBC)
31st Ravens: 4 seen while surveying odonata. Stowe Estate (Alan Nelson / BuBC)
31st Probable Hen Harrier: Seen gliding over north Buckingham / Maids Moreton area and then stooped for around 3-4 secs before flying out of sight. (BuBC)
31st Grasshopper Warbler: 1 adult ringed this morning: Linford Lakes Nature Reserve. (Kenneth Cramer / BuBC)
31st Redstart: 1f. My first female Redstart for this year, photographed perched and foraging for a thicket near western end of Tattenhoe Park. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
30th Great White Egret: Heading N in early afternoon, quite low down. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
30th Whinchat: Presumably yesterday’s bird, still in same location, perched atop dock plants. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
29th House Martins: 40-50 over R.Ouse at Emberton Park. (Julie Lane)
29th Whinchat: Perched around teasel in one of the fields. Tattenhoe Park. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
29th Osprey: My first Osprey for the Tattenhoe sites, photographed as it circled over, drifting to the SW. Tattenhoe Park. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
29th Whinchat: On track at Quarry Hall Farm, Lathbury (BuBC)
27th Great White Egret: Forest Floodplain NR (BuBC)
27th Osprey: Just about photographed as it flew E after taking a fish from the lake. Linford Lakes NR (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
27th Little Gull: Moulting adult. Passed hide once heading W or SW.Willen Lake North (BuBC)
25th Common Tern: 3 juveniles; Swallows: 15; Swifts: 7; Sand Martins: 27. Furzton Lake (Alan Nelson/ BuBC)
24th Kingfishers: 2 (breeding again this year); in flight when Sparrowhawk flew over;
Grey Wagtails: fledged 4 young again as did Pied Wagtails; Common Sandpiper. Tongwell Lake (Alan Nelson/ BuBC)
24th Little Egret and Kingfisher: Newport Pagnell weir (Alan Nelson/ BuBC)
24th Kingfisher: River Ouzel by Tickford Field. Newport Pagnell (Alan Nelson/ BuBC)
23rd Whimbrel: heard only after dark (21.00), flying round Willen Lake South (BuBC)
23rd Common Crossbill: female or juvenile. Given away by flight calls as it flew NW low over the fields, accompanied by probable second. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
23rd Tree Pipit: 6. First bird seen arriving from north, landing by one of the fields, and at least 5 passing over, including a trio, a pair and a lone bird to the wesy, all given away by flight calls: Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
23rd Green Sandpiper: 4 Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
22nd Common Crossbill: Given away by flight calls as it flew over one of the fields, Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
22nd Whinchat: Preening from bush overlooking one of the fields. Tattenthoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
22nd Redstart: Gawcott (BuBC)
21st Osprey: Seen at College Lake over marsh – mobbed and headed off south (BuBC)
19th Wood, Green and Common Sandpiper: together in front of viaduct Hide. Floodplain Forest NR. (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
19th Peregrine: regular pair on incinerator stack. Floodplain Forest NR. (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
19th Sparrowhawk: female? feeding on small bird kill (unidentified) in garden below bird table where kill was made. Bradwell Common. (Eyecol Mor)  Video available here: Sparrowhawk feeding on bird kill – video
19th Black-tailed Godwit: ‘in Godwit Bay’, 100 metres down from the mill, Olney (BuBC)
19th Great White Egret and Little Egret: Gayhurst Quarry, Newport Pagnell SP856448 (Martin Ferns)
18th Corizus hyoscyami a Rhopalid bug: West Bletchley (photo: Michelle Moore; identification Mike Le Roy)
(photo Michelle Moore)
18th Whinchat: 1 male plus 1 female/immature. Hyde Lane Buckingham (BuBC)
17th Hobby: over High Street, Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
16th Grass snake: home garden Stony Stratford – a first for me after 39 years in the same house, presumably hunting frogs in the uncut ‘meadow’ area (Joe and Hilary Clinch)
Grass snake (Photo: Hilary Clinch)
15th Great White Egret: Dropped in around 8pm. Forest Floodplain NR (BuBC)
15th Tree Pipit: My first for this site, given away by a couple of flight calls and briefly seen overhead, flying to the east. Kingston, Milton Keynes. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
15th Black-tailed Godwit: Adult. Forest Floodplain NR (BuBC)
13th Whinchat: My first Whinchat for this year, perched and preening by one of the fields near the linear park. Tattenhoe Park. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
13th Great White Egret: Forest Floodplain NR (BuBC)
12th Emperor Dragonfly: probably male, darting around edge of lake nearest M1, Gayhurst Quarry (Martin Ferns)
12th Twin-lobed Deerfly Chrysops relictus: sucking blood (mine!), Gayhurst Quarry lakes (Martin Ferns)

Twin-lobed Deerfly Chrysops relictus (Photo: Martin Ferns)
12th Wood Sandpiper, Common Sandpiper and Green Sandpiper: all seen at Forest Floodplain NR (BuBC)
11th Tree pipit: heard making a short burst of calls over the fields – first one this year. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
11th Elephant Hawk-moth caterpillar: seen in garden, Simpson (Peter Barnes)

Elephant Hawk-moth caterpillar (Photo: Peter Barnes)
11th Goosander: Sleeping redhead. Couldn’t tell if it was a female or immature. Forest Floodplain NR (BuBC)
10th Hornet Hoverfly volucella zonaria: in garden, Bradwell village MK13 9HS (Paz Prieto Martin)

Hornet Hoverfly volucella zonaria (Photo: Paz Prieto Martin)
9th Black-tailed Godwit: virtually in winter plumage, stood on the spit; less than 10 minutes after first sighting, flew off north (BuBC)
7th Green Woodpecker: heard in Bradwell Common. (Eyecol Mor)
4th Common Crossbill: 2. Calls heard over the linear park. Sounded like there may have been a small flock. Quite loud but couldn’t spot them before they drifted north. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)

July 2020

31st Lesser Emperor dragonfly Anax parthenope: male, first ever sighting in MK, on pond in Tattenhoe (Harry Appleyard) – see Harry’s article and photos in Members News.
31st Tree Lichen Beauty crypia algae: Infrequent migrant moth. Caught in actinic trap, Olney SP884515 (Julie Lane)

Tree Lichen Beauty (Photo: Julie Lane)
29th Sparrowhawk: female (?) chased small feeding birds very close in fron of where I was sitting in garden, paused on nearby tree, then fast exit. Woburn Sands (Viola Read)
29th Silver-washed Fritillary: first sighting in garden Woburn Sands (Viola Read)
29th Grey Wagtail: family of at least four near weir on Great Ouse, Millfield, Stony Stratford (Joe Clinch)
28th Common Crossbill: flock of 9 given away by calls as they flew south-east over the estate. The first passing flock I’ve recorded from the Tattenhoe sites (previous records involving singles or pairs). (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
27th Oystercatcher 3, Common Sandpiper 1, Little Owl in its usual tree: Floodplain Forest NR (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
27th Common Sandpiper: 2 Floodplain Forest Reserve (BuBC)
26th Common Spotted Orchid: Stonebridge, off-track from North Loughton Valley Park (Sue Hetherington)

Common Spotted Orchid (Photo: Sue Hetherington)
26th Sparrowhawk: flying overhead, Stonebridge, off-track from North Loughton Valley Park (Sue Hetherington)
26th Himalayan Balsam, and Green Woodpecker: North Loughton Valley Park (Sue Hetherington)

Himalayan Balsam (Photo: Sue Hetherington)
26th Clouded Yellow butterfly Colias croceus: 1 female on clover in an extensive clover field, Moulsoe SP914 419 (Martin Ferns)
26th Green Sandpiper: 14 – 11 together on east side of island, 2 flew off high SW, and 1 sat on a raft (BuBC)
26th Common Sandpiper: Willen Lake North (BuBC)
23rd Comma Polygonia c-album f hutchinsoni (light orange form): in garden, Willen Village (Frances Higgs)
23rd 22-spot Ladybird Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata: in garden, Willen Village (Frances Higgs)
21st Jersey Tiger moth: freshly emerged: garden, Willen Village (Frances Higgs)

Jersey Tiger ©Jenny Mercer, Linford Lakes NR 21 August 2019

(Photo © Jenny Mercer)
20th Dark Bush-cricket: on sunny doorpost, Willen Village (Frances Higgs)
19th Comet Neowise: Visible throughout July low in northern sky after 11pm. (Julian Lambley)

(Photo: Julian Lambley)
19th Common Centaury, Centaurium erythraea, large patch, and Betony, Betonica officinalis, abundant, in sunny ‘Cross ride’ Little Linford Wood (Mary Sarre)
17th Raspberry Clearwing moth Pennisetia hylaeiformis: A nationally rare moth; only 2nd or 3rd sighting in Bucks. Olney allotments. (Andy Harding)
Raspberry Clearwing (Photo: Andy Harding)
16th Barn Owl feather: found near the viaduct at Floodplain Forest Reserve, exactly a year after a dead barn owl was found in the same area. (Jane Barrow)

Barn Owl feather (Photo: Jane Barrow)
15th Great White Egret: Adult. Briefly seen lifting twice to the east of Farm Hide as it was being harrassed by a Grey Heron. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
15th Comma Polygonia c-album f hutchinsoni : hutchinsoni variety – colour more golden and wings less scalloped, Little Linford Wood (Martin Ferns)

Comma Polygonia c-album f hutchinsoni  (Photo: Martin Ferns)
12th Roe Deer stag Capreolus capreolus: Little Linford Wood (Julian Lambley)

Roe deer stag (Photo: Julian Lambley)
12th Redstart: male. The earliest Autumn Passage Redstart I’ve seen across the Tattenhoe sites, perched around a thicket overlooking one of the meadows in the linear park. Spotted from footpath. Tattenhoe (Harry Appleyard)
12th Marsh Tit: Little Linford NR (BuBC)
12th Silver-washed Fritillary: 1-2 females (BuBC)
11th Mandarin Duck: Brook running through Old Farm Park (Philip Fenton)

Mandarin Duck (Photo: Philip Fenton)
10th Dark Bush-cricket Pholidoptera griseoaptera: Little Linford Wood (Martin Ferns)

Dark Bush-cricket (Photo: Martin Ferns)
10th Green Sandpiper: 2 Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
9th Gatekeeper: In garden. Shenley Church End (Peter Hassett)

Gatekeeper (Photo: Peter Hassett)
9th Lapwing: c.40 on the bund, Linford Lakes NR (Martin Ferns)
9th Common Tern: 3 Linford Lakes NR (Martin Ferns)
8th Spiny Restharrow Ononis spinosa: banks of it in full flower, former quarry workings, Calverton (Joe Clinch)

Spiny Restharrow (Photo: Joe Clinch)
7th Purple Hairstreak butterfly: on long grass under trees (including oak) at edge of the Wolverton Mill Balancing Lakes (Joe Clinch)
7th Common Tern: at least 10 adults and 3 chicks Stony Stratford NR (Joe Clinch)
7th Common Sandpiper: Stony Stratford NR (Joe Clinch)
6th Greenshank: Very vocal 21.22 Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
6th Kingfisher: flashing along R. Ouzel between Castle Meadow and St Peter and St Paul’s churchyard, 09.15 (Martin Ferns)
6th Mandarin Duck: female, Willen Lake North (BuBC)
6th Green Sandpiper: 9 seen at Willen Lake North (BuBC)
5th Bumblebee Bombus terrestis?: pair mating 9.40 hrs. Marston Thrift / National Cycle Route 51 SP 97250 41249 (Mike LeRoy)

Bombus terrestis mating: Note how much smaller the male is. (Photo © Graham Benjamin)
5th Grass Snake: one, about 25cm long, curled up on grass at edge of redway, near paddock, approx 19.00 hrs, Woughton Park (Hayley Green)
5th Common Sandpiper: 2 Willen Lake North (BuBC)
2nd Tawny Owl: in nest box Linford Lakes NR (Martin Kincaid)
2nd Sparrowhawk: 2 juveniles Linford Lakes NR (Martin Kincaid)
1st White-letter Hairstreak butterfly: 1 on elm, North Bucks Way (Martin Kincaid)
1st Silver-washed Fritillary: 4 at North Bucks Way, 1 at Shenley Wood (Martin Kincaid)
1st Polecat: A cat-sized member of the weasel type family crossed in front of us, by the horse paddocks next to the river Ouse, disappearing into the undergrowth on the river bank. I did not know what it was and later identified it as a polecat due to the cat-like ears with white markings, the bushy tail and the lateral stripes across the back. Bury Field, Newport Pagnell (Michael Cain)

June 2020

30th Common Broomrape: Stonepit Field (Martin Kincaid)
30th Glow-worm: 2, Brickhill Road, Heath and Reach (Martin Kincaid)
26th Roesel’s Bush-cricket: on sunny doorpost. Willen Village (Frances Higgs)
24th Black-tailed Skimmer: male and female, latter just emerged with exuvia nearby, path between lakes at Gayhurst Quarry, Newport Pagnell. SP85942 44791 (Martin Ferns/Mike LeRoy)
24th Scarlet Tiger Moth: 12 in garden, Newton Blossomville (Michele Pudsey)

Scarlet TIger Moth (Photo: Michele Pudsey)
23rd Red-belted Clearwing moth Synanthedon myopaeformis : Wolverton Road allotment, Stony Stratford (Andy Harding)

Red-belted Clearwing moth Synanthedon myopaeformis: Stony Stratford (Photos: Andy Harding)
23rd Speckled Bush-cricket: 2 nymphs. Campbell Park Pavilion (Martin Kincaid)
22nd White Letter Hairstreak butterfly: 2 at Oxley Mead SSI (Martin Kincaid)
21st Yellowhammer: 3 singing in hedgerows, field east of Moulsoe Buildings (A509 London Road) SP894416 (Mike LeRoy)
21st Skylark: 5 singing in a single field. Upper field between Moulsoe Buildings (A509) and Moulsoe. SP899415 (Mike LeRoy)
21st Black Neck Moth: in garden moth trap in Oldbrook (Martin Kincaid)
21st Stag Beetles. 4 found on roadside in Totternhoe NR, Dunstable (Matt Andrews/Martin Kincaid)
21st Peregrine : juvenile, two windows down from breeding platform, County Hall Aylsebury (Sue Hetherington)
(Photo: Sue Hetherington)
19th Marbled White butterfly Melarnargia galathea: 12 on red clover. Next to Abbey Hill Course, Monks Way (H3) grid road landscape banks. SP81832 39275 (Mike LeRoy)
19th Pyramidal Orchid Anacamptis pyramidalis: Grafton Street (V6) grid-road landscape, east side SP83907 39172 (Mike LeRoy)
19th Bee Orchid, Pyramidal Orchid: 100 Bee orchids and one Pyramidal orchid on verges of OU campus, Hammerwood Gate, Kents Hill (Steve and Susie Cousins)
(Photo: Steve and Susie Cousins)
19th Great Dodder: Island on R. Ouzel, Three Locks Golf Club, Gt Brickhill (Julian Lambley)
19th Grasshopper Warbler: Floodplain Forest NR (Martin Kincaid)
18th Little Egret: 3, Ashland Lakes (Peter Barnes)
Little Egrets (Photo: Peter Barnes)
17th Black-neck moth: Oxley Mead (Andy Harding)
17th Buzzard: Circling over Springfield (Tracey Theobald)
16th White-legged Damselfly: Little Linford Wood (Julian Lambley)

White-legged Damselfly (Photo: Julian Lambley)
16th Forester moths, Chimney Sweeper moths, Scarlet Tiger moth: Oxley Mead (Martin Kincaid)
16th Black-tailed Skimmer Orthetrum cancellatum: Female, adjacent to garden pond, Simpson (Rebecca Hiorns)
Black-Tailed Skimmer (Photo: Rebecca Hiorns)
16th Reed Warbler: Singing in reeds by vets on Willen Road, Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
16th Tree Sparrow: 3 Little Linford Wood SP8314 (BuBC)
15th June: Black Hairstreak: North Bucks Way (Martin Kincaid)
15th June: Viper’s Bugloss Echium vulgarae: Foxcovert Road, nr Shenley Wood – very unusual find for MK (Martin Kincaid)

Viper’s Bugloss (Photo: Martin Kincaid)
15th Yellowhammer: on power line near Mill Farm, Gayhurst (Martin Ferns)
14th Wood White and Black Hairstreak: Wicken Wood (Martin Kincaid)
14th Black Hairstreak: Little Linford Wood (Julian Lambley)

Black Hairstreak (Photo: Julian Lambley)
14th Privet Hawk moth and Elephant Hawk moth: Caught in actinic trap in garden in Olney. (Julie Lane)
Privet Hawk Moth (L) and Elephant Hawk Moth (R) (Photos: Julie Lane)
13th Marbled White butterfly Melanargia galathea: Middleton, on horse-riding trail SP886389 (Mike LeRoy)
12th Scarlet Tiger Moth Callimorpha dominula: first sighting, in greenhouse. Woburn Sands (Viola Read)
Scarlet Tiger Moth (Photo: Viola Read)
10th Goosander: Female with 5 almost fully grown youngsters down from the Mill. Olney (BuBC)
9th Oystercatcher, Kingfisher and Great White Egret (flying over): Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
8th Hedgehog: first sighting after droppings seen several nights previously, in garden, Woburn Sands (Viola Read)

8th Tragopogon mirabilis – hybrid of Goat’s Beard and Salsify (also present): First seen 2 weeks ago, but still flowering (mornings only) Bury Field (Carol and Rob Smith)

7th Bee orchid Oprhys apifera: embankment opp. old stadium, Wolverton Park (Tony Wood, on behalf of another member)
4th Common Spotted Orchid Dactylorhiza fuchsii: Pilch Field (Sue Hetherington)

Common Spotted Orchid Adders Tongue Fern

4th Adders Tongue Fern Ophioglossum vulgatum: Pilch Field (Sue Hetherington)
3rd Henbane Hyoscyamus niger: Oakridge Park SP820423 (Mike LeRoy)
2nd Peregrine: pair with 3 well-grown, well-feathered chicks, losing their white down rapidly. MK Stadium (BuBC)
2nd Little Egret: 4 Willen Lake North (BuBC)
1st Ringed Plover: 3 Floodplain Forest Reserve (BuBC)
1st Common Tern: c.30 (probably adults), far more than usual at this time of year, disturbed, wheeling and screaming over the island. Stony Stratford NR (Joe Clinch)
1st Bullfinch: 1 m Stony Stratford NR (Joe Clinch)

May 2020

31st Green Carpet Moth: a slightly faded specimen, deceased, at home in Stony Stratford (Joe Clinch)
28th, 29th, 30th Carrion Crow: Non-flying immature nestling prematurely out of lockdown on Redway attracting much public attention, noisy concern of parents, and repeated attempts by caring people to move it out of harm’s way. Failed to remain on nest for usual 28-35 days before fledging.Bradwell Common (Mike LeRoy)
28th Polecat: 2 kitts, in middle of road between Lavendon and Harrold, 7.15 a.m. (Tess Adams, identified by Richard at Harrold Country Park)

Polecat kitts. Photo: Tess Adams)
28th Tree Sparrow: 3 (1 adult, 2 young) Little Linford Wood (BuBC)
28th Common milkwort Polygala vulgaris, Dropwort Filipendula vulgaris and Pepper saxifrage Silaum silaus: Pilch Field (Jenny Mercer)
27th Hairy Dragonfly Brachytron pratense: Pair mating, nr Goosey Bridge on R.Ouse, Olney (Julie Lane)
27th Lime Hawk Moth: caught in trap. Olney SP884515 (Julie Lane)
27th Cuckoo: pair (m and f) both singing but not seen nr Goosey Bridge on R.Ouse, Olney (Julie lane)
27th Dryads saddle fungus, Polyporus squamosus: Newton Blossomville (Julie Lane) First reported 4th May. This is a new picture showing its development:
26th Chinese Water Deer: 3, the first of which stirred from ground-cover 4m away. Magna Park Lake. SP916388 (Mike LeRoy)
26th Willow warbler, Blackcap, Garden Warbler, Whitethroat, Song Thrush: Broughton Grounds, towards Whitsundoles, Beds. SP919402 (Mike LeRoy)
26th Buzzards (3), Red Kite (2), Sparrowhawk (1): between Broughton Grounds and Lower Wood. SP918411. (Mike LeRoy)
25th Bee Orchid Oprhys apifera; Kent Hills Conference Centre (Steve and Susan Cousins)
25th Cuckoo: heard far off in Linford Lakes NR (Sue Hetherington)
25th Cetti’s Warbler: heard, Linford Lakes NR (Sue Hetherington)
25th Garden Warbler: Stony Stratford NR (Joe Clinch)
25th Meadow flowers in bloom: including Yellow Rattle; Ragged Robin; Meadow Cranesbill; (Brown?) Knapweed: Ouse Valley Park next to A5(D), Stony Stratford (Joe Clinch)
25th Muslin Moth: 1 f struggling on path near Thomas Drive, Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
24th  Red Fox: 5 happily going about their business in the meadows;
Raven: 1 very noisy Raven, close by; Grey Wagtails: pair; Cuckoo heard. Western Underwood. (Julie Lane)
24th Tawny Owl:   2 noisy tawny owlets and a parent, heard before seen. Western Underwood (Julie Lane)
24th Song Thrush: 1 Olney (Julie Lane)
24th Kidney Vetch, Meadow Vetchling, Sainfoin, Red Campion: in chalky scrapes near canal, Oakridge Park (Martin Ferns)
24th Little Egret: on edge of eastern pond, Stonepit Field (Martin Ferns)
23rd Little Egret: 1 flying over heading west c. 8pm Poets Estate, Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
22nd Tree Sparrow: 5 in hedgerows and on fences near the old barn, SW of Little Linford Wood (BuBC)
21st Lapwing: 4 circling and calling. Stony Stratford NR (Joe Clinch)
21st Shoveller: pair. Stony Stratford NR (Joe CLinch)
20th Tawny Owl: Calling at night. Calverton End (Joe Clinch)
20th Great White Egret: 1 Gayhurst (BuBC)
19th Whitethroat: 2 Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
19th Sedge Warbler: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
19th Cetti’s Warbler: heard, Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
17th Nightingales: 2 m singing in a wood nr Olney. So, at least 3 in Olney area (Julie Lane)
Recording below of nightingale, with long-tailed tits and raven in distance. Olney (Julie Lane)
16th Fox cub: in Paul’s conservatory, entered presumably having passed behind Paul at his computer, through kitchen and lounge… 1 of 2 cubs which visit the garden. Bancroft. (Paul Lund)
16th Cuckoo: 2 m calling from separate directions. Weston Underwood/Olney (Julie Lane)
16th Osprey: Seen and photographed at Millenium Country Park, Marston Vale (Marston Vale News)
16th Hobby: Willen Lake North (BuBC)
15th Water Crowfoot and Celery-leaved buttercup: in lower pond. Little Linford Wood (Phil and Mary Sarre)
15th Mouse-Ear Hawkweed: Calverton Road bank. Stony Stratford (Joe Clinch)

14th Goosander: female with 5 young, at the R.Ouse bridge. 05.30. Olney (BuBC)
13th Little Ringed Plover: 1 Willen Lake North (BuBC)
13th Bullfinch: 1 m Loughton Valley Park North (Joe Clinch)
13th Yellow Rattle: in flower. Loughton Valley Park North (Joe Clinch)
13th Common Blue: 1 m on Birdsfoot Trefoil, Grafton St side bank, Bradville (Joe Clinch)
12th Mole: 1 dormant by side of path at 3pm, between Mill Farm and Quarry Hall Farm, n. of Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
11th Spotted Flycatcher: 1 in bush, Bury Field side of R. Ouse. Newport Pagnell. (BuBC)
9th Fox and 2 cubs; hedgehog; mouse; magpie; wood pigeons; robin: captured on a trail camera in garden, early morning. Bancroft (Paul Lund)
9th White Wagtail: 1 m in dazzling summer plumage, on the seasonal pool. Ravenstone (BuBC)
9th Hobby: “A first for my garden records, with 3 appearances: First, one circling overhead; a few hrs later, fleeting view of one zooming through much closer to ground; finally, one circling and drifting over while eating prey. Tattenthoe. ( Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
9th Cuckoo: 1 in flight. SP87955067 Olney (Julie Lane)
9th Oystercatcher: 1 in flight. SP87955067 Olney (Julie Lane)
9th Banded Demoisselle Calopteryx splendens 2 and Large Red Damselfly Pyrrhosoma nymphula 1:  with blue-green others, which I couldn’t identify, above small gully by R. Ouse. SP871466. Sherington (Martin Ferns)
8th Emperor Moth: 1 m in garden. New Bradwell (Tony Wood)
8th Lapwing: 2 Stony Stratford NR (Joe Clinch)
8th Oyster Catcher: 2 Stony Stratford NR (Joe Clinch)
8th Common Tern: 4 Stony Stratford NR (Joe Clinch)
8th Meadow Saxifrage: in flower. Stony Stratford NR (Joe Clinch)
8th Reed Bunting: 1 m. Bury Field SP872443 (Martin Ferns)
7th Cattle Egret: 2 with cattle in Warren Field, Ouzel Linear Park, SP884357. Simpson (Peter Barnes)
7th Spotted Flycatcher: 1 SP856465 Tyringham Park (BuBC)
6th Common Sandpiper: 4. 2 on ski-tow walkway, 2 on edge of new building works by bandstand. Willen Lake South (BuBC)
6th Turnstone: Full summer-plumaged bird present until dusk on wooden pontoons. Willen Lake South.(BuBC)
6th Yellow Iris and Marsh Thistle: in flower, bank of R. Ouse. Stony Stratford (Joe Clinch)
6th Otter: 1 swimming in the river then climbed on to some logs to eat a fish. By footbridge over R. Ouzel next to the Groveway road bridge. Walton MK (Ed Ficek)
6th Kingfisher: 1 along R Ouzel under Groveway Bridge, Walton MK (Ed Ficek)
5th Mandarin Duck: 2 Caldecotte Lake North (Peter Barnes)
5th Reed Warbler: 3 at least, singing in reeds near NW inlet culvert. Willen Lake North. (BuBC)
5th Cetti’s Warbler: 2 singing, one near NW inlet culvert; other S side of lake. 13.30 Willen Lake North (BuBC)
5th Arctic Tern: 13.58. Floodplain Forest Reserve (BuBC)
5th Hobby: 4 at least. 13.58. Floodplain Forest Reserve (BuBC)
4th Terrapin: 1 on swan’s nest over several days. Walton Lake (Philip Strangeway)
4th Dryad’s Saddle fungus, Polyporus squamosus: Newton Blossomville (Julie Lane)
4th Swift: 8 SP884515 Olney (Julie Lane)
4th Swift: 1 flying at roof level and quietly calling, at the colony airspace, 8.30. Gawcott Buckingham (Sue Hetherington)
4th Swift: 6 over Stony Stratford 17.45 (Phil Sarre)
4th Cetti’s warbler: heard 12.24 Tongwell (BuBC)
4th Herring Gull: 5 on the lake, 12.24 Tongwell Lake (BuBC)
4th Brimstone Moth: 1 home garden. Stony Stratford. (Joe Clinch)
3rd Otter: 1 in lake, also came onto bank near where swans are nesting. 21.00 Furzton Lake (Lisa Webster)
3rd Dusky Thrush: 1 very uncommon visitor probable Oakhill Wood, heard singing for an hour, but only brief view. NW corner of Oakhill Wood SP808358. (More details on BuBC)
3rd Sand Martin: 12 over paddock, w of N Bucks bridges, SP877441 Newport Pagnell. 15.45 (BuBC)
3rd Spotted Flycatcher: 1 insect catching W of roadside hedge, N Bucks bridges Newport Pagnell.15.45 (BuBC)
3rd Sparrowhawk: in garden,morning, Stantonbury (Adam A)
2nd Peregrine: 3 chicks and 1 egg in nest at Stadium MK (reported by County Recorder)
2nd Raven: 2 ‘cronking’, circling high in thermal with Red Kite (BuBC)
2nd Ringed Plover: 1 Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
2nd Swift: 3 swooping over SE corner of Bury Field, Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
2nd Whitethroat: 1, probably several in long grass/ parsley SE corner of Bury Field, Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
1st Star of Bethlehem: beside footpath into village from N. Lathbury (Martin Ferns)
1st Goosander: 2 f. Floodplain Forest NR (Andy Harding / BuBC)
1st Common Sandpiper: 1 Floodplain Forest NR (Andy Harding / BuBC)
1st Oyster Catcher: 1. Floodplain Forest NR (Joe Clinch)
1st Little Ringed Plover: Pair. Floodplain Forest NR (Joe Clinch)
1st Dunlin: 1 summer-plumaged bird on the T-shaped pontoon late morning. Willen Lake South.(BuBC)
1st Common Sandpiper: 1 on ski-tow planking in NW corner. Willen Lake South (BuBC)

April 2020

30th Swift: 5 over colony site, 19.40. SP839397. Heelands (Mike LeRoy)
30th Swift: 1 soaring above colony site, the first to return. 19.10 hrs. SP845390. Bradwell Common (Mike LeRoy)

21st Hummingbird Hawk-moth: in garden at Willen Village (Frances Higgs)

30th House Martin: about 20, but no other hirundines at 11.00. Furzton Lake (BuBC)
30th Blackcap: 1 m  Wolverton SP8122 (BuBC)
29th Mistle Thrush: 1 Parkland. Wolverton Mill (Joe Clinch)
28th Tawny Owl: 1 f Heard calling intermittently at 2130 in Shenley Church End, possibly from Shenley Wood (Lucy Davies)
28th Liitle Grebe: 1 heard nr Salden House, Mursley (BuBC)
28th Swift: 3 High over south lake, not mixing with the large Hirundine flock. 09.00 Willen Lake South (BuBC)
28th Swift: 3 briefly seen from garden, performing aerobatics overhead. First for this year. Tattenhoe. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
27th Swift: 2 Gawcott (Sue hetherington)
27th Swift 2: Sherington (BuBC)
27th Common Sandpiper: 1 Floodplain Forest Reserve (BuBC)
27th Whimbrel: 2 flew in from N and landed on Pontoon for 3 mins before heading off high S. Willen Lake South (BuBC)
27th Reed Bunting: 1 m (probable) perched on bush by side of R.Ouse. Liitle Linford (BuBC)
27th Lesser Whitethroat: 1 seen and heard along Tongwell Lane. Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
27th Swift: 1 Weston Underwood (BuBC)
27th Cuckoo: 1 seen and heard. Olney (BuBC)
26th Wood Warbler: A first, singing frequently while foraging the treetops of linear woodland overlooking one of the meadows. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
26th Lesser Whitethroat: 1 m singing, heard from garden. Stoke Goldington (BuBC)
26th Goosander: 1 m disturbed and flew off from weir north of Mill House (BuBC)
26th Swift: 3 screaming overhead. Buckingham (BuBC)
26th Swift: 3 over Mill House stables. Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
25th Large Red Damselfly: 1 Tattenhow Park (Robert Phillips)
25th Common Sandpiper: Floodplain Forest Reserve (BuBC)
25th Lesser Whitethroat: 1 heard briefly Lathbury Rd, Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
25th Goosander: 1 f N.Bucks Bridges by weir. Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
25th Nightingale: 1 male singing. Olney (Julie Lane) As recorded here:
25th Cuckoo: Calling from poplars on R. Ouse nr Sherington Bridge (BuBC)
24th Marsh Harrier: 2 (probable) high and distant travelling E-W. Stoke Goldington (BuBC)
24th Redstart: 1 in bushes N edge of R. Ouse, Lathbury (BuBC)
24th Cuckoo: 1 m in tree NW of Bury Field , calling then flew NE towards Lathbury SP869454 (BuBC)
24thvGarden Warbler: 1 Tongwell (BuBC)
24th House Martin: 2 Over pony field along Tongwell Lane, Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
24th Wheatear: 1 m on track between Quarry Hall Farm and Mill Farm, Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
24th Grey Wagtail: 1 by the lake, Tongwell. (BuBC)
24th Shelduck: 1 m asleep on the spit. Willen Lake North (BuBC)
24th Arctic Tern: 2 flew in high from S, circled 2-3 times and headed off W. Willen Lake South (BuBC)
24th Lesser Whitethroat: 3 at least, singing along E. side of Willen Lake South (BuBC)
24th Whimbrel: 2 flying north roughly following R. Ouzel, calling: Willen Lake North (BuBC)
24th Cuckoo: Heard calling then seen flying across pits to Cosgrove Park. Floodplain Forest Reserve (BuBC)
24th Goosander: 2 f. Floodplain Forest Reserve (BuBC)
23rd Reed Warbler: My first for Tattenhoe area this year, quietly singing in a hedgrow by a meadow. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
23rd Lesser Whitethroat: Singing nr fields. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
23rd Lapwing: 2 displaying: Stony Stratford Nature Reserve (Joe Clinch)
23rd Oyster Catcher: Stony Stratford Nature Reserve (Joe Clinch)
23rd Herb-Paris Paris quadrifolia: A small clump, just come into flower Linford Wood SP 84859 40412 (Mike LeRoy)
23rd Greater Stitchwort Stellaria holostea: Linford Wood Several locations  (Mike LeRoy)
23rd Primrose Primula vulgaris, Wood anemone Anemone nemorosa, Lesser celandine Ranunculus ficaria Still in flower in Linford Wood (SP 84733 40378, centre point of the wood) (Mike LeRoy)
23rd Bluebells Hyacinthoides non-scripta: Flowering in profusion in Linford Wood (Mike LeRoy)
23rd Yellow Archangel Lamiastrum galeobdolon: A small clump, coming into flower. Linford Wood West SP84576 40127 (Mike LeRoy)
23rd Cormorant: 1 on jetty, Lodge Lake (Sean Hardy)
22nd Speckled Wood butterflies Pararge aegeria: 2 (males?) spiralling around each other. Bradwell Common grid-road landscape SP 84319 38796
22nd Goosander: 1 female with 9 fluffy chicks, Olney Mill (Julie Lane)
22nd Common Tern: 2 (probable) flying over Haversham in direction of M1 (BuBC)
22nd Sedge Warbler: 2 in song from reeds and lakeside bushes. Furzton Lake (BuBC)
22nd Common Tern: 5 Furzton Lake (BuBC)
22nd Swift: A small group, high and calling. Willen Lake South (Ann Strutton)
22nd Marsh Marigold: ditch off R. Ouse, Lathbury (Martin Ferns)
22nd Small Tortoiseshell: 1 Quarry Hall Farm, Gayhurst (Martin Ferns)
22nd Green-veined White: 1 female, among nettles, Lathbury (Martin Ferns)
22nd Cuckoo: 1 heard calling near lakes at end of Lakes Lane, Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
21st  Holly Blue butterfly Celastrina argiolus: V6 Grafton Street grid-road landscape SP 83914 39165 (Mike LeRoy)
21st Lesser Whitethroat: Heard singing, Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
21st Lesser Whitethroat: 3. Sherington (BuBC)
20th Hedgehog: 1 roadkill. V8 N of Fishermead roundabout (Mike LeRoy)
20th Marsh Marigold: ditch off R. Ouse, Stony Straford (Joe Clinch)
20th Hedgehog: 1 in garden, Stony Startford (Joe Clinch)
20th Speckled Wood: Calverton (Joe Clinch)
20th Linnet: 15. Deanshanger (Chirs Coppock / (BuBC)
20th Fieldfare: 3 foraging on pasture. Deanshanger (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
20th Grasshopper Warbler: 1 heard singing nr Ouse, Olney (Julie Lane)
19th Red Kite: probable male and female, wheeling in flight above the mill, Haversham (BuBC)
19th Lesser Whitethroat: Singing in tall Blackthorn hedge near Church, Sherington. First of year.  (BuBC)
19th Lesser Whitethroat: Heard singing Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
19th Lesser Blacbacked Gull: 1 Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
19th Whitethroat: Sherington Road, Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
19th Swallow: 1 North Bucks Bridges, Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
19th Sand Martin 3: North Bucks Bridges, Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
19th Comma: Linford Wood (Joe Clinch)
18th Reed Warbler: 1 singing. Stony Stratford (BuBC)
18th Great White Egret: Circled, then headed east towards Linford. Forest Floodplain Reserve (BuBC)
18th Swallow: 2 Flying over Lacehill, Buckingham (BuBC)
17th Skylarks: singing over rough grassland, western boundary of Fairfield development, (Joe Clinch)
17th Purple Orchid: Linford Wood (Bob Phillips)
17th Wheatear: 1 m First for this year, Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
17th Yellow Figwort – scrophularia vernalis: on hedge bank, Lower Weald Calverton (Mary Sarre)
17th Swift: 1 Over canal, Old Wolverton (BuBC)
17th Reed Warbler: 1 Seen and heard in reeds by Tongwell Lake (BuBC)
16th Lesser Whitethroat: First for this year, heard singing near one of the fields, TattenHoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
16th Cuckoo: 1 probable m: Heard calling; earliest heard for 4 years, Haversham Lake (BuBC)
15th Spurge-laurel – daphne laureola: 1 Newton Blossomville (Julie Lane)
15th Foxes: 2 relaxing in the sunshine – 1 lactating female Newton Blossomville (Julie Lane)
15th Blackcap: 1 Newton Blossomville (Julie Lane)
15th Swallow: 1 Newton Blossomville (Julie Lane)
15th Sand Martin: 1  N Bucks bridges , Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
15th Little Egret: 2 N Bucks bridges , Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
15th Garden Warbler: 1 N Bucks bridges, Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
15th Whitethroat: 1 Sherington Rd near horse paddocks, Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
15th Whimbrel: 1 Ravenstone (BuBC)
14th Garlic mustard – allaria petiolata: coming into flower, both sides of R. Ouse, Lathbury and Bury Field (Martin Ferns)
14th Lady’s smock/cuckoo flower – cardamine pratensis; nr R. Ouse, Lathbury (Martin Ferns)
14th Sedge Warbler: 1 SE corner of Tongwell Lake (BuBC)
14th Sedge Warbler: 1 m singing along the river. Floodplain Forest Reserve (BuBC)
14th Little Egret: 1 on edge of Ouse nr N Bucks bridges, Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
13th Water Crowfoot: in seasonal pond, not seen for many years (Mary Sarre)
13th Wheatear: 2 m in freshly tilled field, Hardmead (BuBC)
13th Kingfisher: 2 (pair) Bradwell (Sean Hardy)
13th Little Egret: 1 Bradwell (Sean Hardy)
13th Little Egret: 1 Fenny Stratford (Jim Hammett)
12th Chinese Water Deer: 1 near Hoo Wood, Gayhurst (Martin Ferns)
12th House Martin: 1 Broughton (BuBC)
12th Whitethroat: 1 m seen and heard in Broughton Gate Park, just S of pavilion (BuBC)
11th Whitethroat: 1 Sherington (BuBC)
11th Sedge Warbler: 1 m singing. Lodge Lake (BuBC)
11th Whimbrel: 1 probable sighting, Ravenstone Mill (BuBC)
11th Hen Harrier: 1 f circling over Sherington Bridge Newport Pagnell, before moving off toward Olney (BuBC)
11th Garden Warbler: 1 singing  near North Bucks bridges, Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
11th Field Fare: 20 in tree near North Bucks bridges, Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
11th Sand Martin: flying over North Bucks bridges, Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
11th Ring Ouzel: 1 by Aspreys, Olney (BuBC)
10th Greater Stitchwort – stellaria holostea: Middleton (Martin Ferns)
10th House Martin: 1 flying north over Bradwell (BuBC)
10th Common Crossbill: 1 calling, low over SW. Stowe  (BuBC)
10th House Martin: 1 Broughton (BuBC)
9th House Martin: 2 Broughton (BuBC)
9th Ring Ouzel: 1 My third Ring Ouzel record for this site. Photographed in the same part of the site as my previous on 22nd Oct 2018, briefly foraging by one of the fields before mobbed by a Blackbird. (Harry Appleyard) (BuBC)
9th Ringed Plover: 1 Bradwell New Workings, Manor Farm Quarry (BuBC)
9th Whitethroat: 1 Sherington (BuBC)
8th Cuckoo: 1 photographed heading north over field and housing toward Kingsmead. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard) (BuBC)
8th Redstart: 1 heard calling before spotted in the trees of a private car park. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard) (BuBC)
8th Willow Warbler: 1 m singing in trees by one of the fields, Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard) (BuBC)
8th Bluebells – Hyacinthoides non scripta: 2  clumps in flower, Bradwell Common, by Saxon St (Mike LeRoy)
8th Little Egret: 1 from N. Bucks bridges, Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
8th Treecreeper: 1 Newport Pagnell churchyard (BuBC)
8th Song thrush: 4 at least around Newport Pagnell, 3 singing  (BuBC)
7th Willow Warbler: 4 m singing Willen Lakes, 3 around N lake, 3 on S lake (BuBC)
7th Willow Warbler: 3 m (at least) singing around Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard) (BuBC)
7th Willow Warbler: 1 singing from one of the outer footpaths Howe Park Wood (Harry Appleyard) (BuBC)
7th Willow Warbler: 2 singing Tattenhoe (Harry Appleyard) (BuBC)
7th Willow Warbler: 1 singing Hyde Lane Buckingham (BuBC)
7th Sedge Warbler: 1 singing Hyde Lane Buckingham (BuBC)
6th Reed Warbler: 2 Willen Lake North (BuBC)
6th Willow Warbler: 1 m singing in trees by one of the fields, Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard) (BuBC)
6th Common Tern: 1 Willen Lake South (BuBC)
6th Willow Warbler: 1 singing, Sherington (BuBC)
6th Willow Warbler: 1 singing in willow trees, Broughton Linear Park (BuBC)
6th Swallow: 1 Broughton (BuBC)
6th Swallow: 1 Bradwell (BuBC)
6th Willow Warbler: 1 singing Bradwell Abbey (BuBC)
5th Peacock butterfly: 1 in garden Tattenhoe (Beverly Berzins)
5th Swallow: 1 over Scout Hut, Loughton (BuBC)
5th Swallow: 1 heading north late pm, Bradwell (BuBC)
5th Swallow: 1 heading NE, Dadford (north of Buckingham) (BuBC)
5th House Martin: 2 Wolverton (BuBC)
5th Swallow; 1 Akeley (BuBC)
5th Great Spotted Woodpeckers: pair River Ouzel nr OU (Rebecca Hiorns)
4th Mandarin Duck: pair River Ouzel nr Caldecotte Lake (Rebecca Hiorns)
4th Raven: 1m 1f presumed pair skytussling with Buzzard late pm, Bradwell
3rd Roe Deer: 4; Muntjac: 2; Hare: 1; Hyde Lane,  Buckingham (BuBC / Chris Coppock)
3rd Fieldfare:  max 100;  Goldcrest: several singing males; Chiffchaffs: numerous;
Song Thrush 4-5 singing (BuBC / Chris Coppock)
3rd Sedge Warbler: 1 singing Hyde Lane, Buckingham (BuBC)
3rd Jay 1; Blackcap 3; Chiffchaff 7; Song Thrush 3: Tongwell  (BuBC)
1st Goosander:  1 Tattenhoe. (Harry Appleyard) Distant, flying NW – 4th record from Tattenhoe area

1st White-Tailed Eagle: 2 Aylesbury, heading north (BuBC)

March 2020

29th Sparrowhawk: 1 Bancroft (Paul Lund)
28th Grey Wagtail: 1 at stream alongside Walton Lake (Scott Sharp)
27th Grey Wagtail: 1 Tongwell (BuBC)
27th Blackcap: 2 Tongwell (BuBC)
27th Chiffchaff: 8 Tongwell (BuBC)
26th House Martin: 4 adults Foxcote Res. (BuBC)
26th Shoveler: 1 m Foxcote Res. (BuBC)
25th Goldeneye: 2 Foxcote Res. (BuBC)
22nd Great White Egret: 2 – Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
22nd Goldeneye: 2m 3f – Willen Lake South (BuBC)
22nd Goldeneye: 1 (f) Willen Lake North (BuBC)
22nd Common Sandpiper: 1 – Willen Lake North (BuBC)
21st Bluebells flowering: Brownleys Spinney, Gayhurst (Martin Ferns)
21st Goldeneye: (pair) Willen Lake South (BuBC)
21st Pintail: 2 – Calvert Sailing Lake (BuBC)
20th Peregrine: carrying prey beneath Golden Plovers – A508/Castlethorpe turn (Chris Coppock)
20th Golden Plover: c400 – A508/Castlethorpe turn (Chris Coppock)
20th Goldeneye: pair – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
20th Shelduck:  3m 2f – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
20th Goldeneye: 3m 4f Willen Lake South (BuBC)
19th Goldeneye: 7 – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
19th Fieldfare: 10 – Floodplain Forest NR (Chris Coppock)
19th Chiffchaff: 3 – Floodplain Forest NR (Chris Coppock)
19th Oystercatcher 4 – Floodplain Forest NR (Chris Coppock)
19th Peregrine: Incinerator chimney, by Floodplain Forest NR (Chris Coppock)
19th Common Scoter: (pair) – Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
19th Great White Egret and Little Egret: together by Great Ouse, Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
18th Goosander: 2 m Calvert Sailing Lake, Calvert (BuBC)
17th Little Egret: 1 – Willen Lake North (BuBC)
17th Grey Heron: 6-7 active nests – Willen Lake North (BuBC)
17th Stock Dove: 16 – Willen Lake North (BuBC)
17th Goldeneye: 10 (max) –  Willen Lake North (BuBC)
17th Chiffchaff: 2 heard – Willen Lake North (BuBC)
17th  Water Rail: 1 heard – Willen Lake North (BuBC)
17th Cetti’s Warbler: 2 heard – Willen Lake North (BuBC)
17th Lapwing: 6 – Willen Lake North (BuBC)
17th Green Sandpiper: Willen Lake North (BuBC)
17th Snipe: 2 (min) – Willen Lake North (BuBC)
16th Brimstone: Tongwell Lake (BuBC)
16th Goosander: Redhead – Tongwell Lake (BuBC)
16th Brimstone Butterfly: Flying along Wordsworth Avenue – Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
16th Red-crested Pochard: f – Stowe (BuBC)
16th Goosander: (pair) – Stowe (BuBC)
15th Goosander: Emberton (BuBC)
15th Great White Egret: 4 – Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
14th Cowslips: Flowering on the southern edge (H4 side) of Linford Wood (Martin Ferns)
14th Avocet: Willen Lake North (BuBC)
14th Goosander: m – Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
12th Goosander: 2 Redhead – Tongwell Lake (BuBC)
11th Goldeneye : – Willen Lake North (BuBC)
11th Goldeneye : 6 – Willen Lake South (BuBC)
10th Cowslips: Coming into bloom – Pilch Field NR (Jenny Mercer)

10th Turkeytail Fungus: Pilch Field NR (Jenny Mercer)

Turkeytail Fungus, Pilch Field NR © Jenny Mercer, 10th March 2020

10th Goosander : Redhead octagon lake – Stowe (BuBC)
10th Goldeneye : 8 – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
10th Blackcap: f –  home garden, Stony Stratford (Joe Clinch)
9th Fieldfare/Redwing: 40 – mixed flock – Floodplain Forest NR (Jenny Mercer)
9th Goldeneye: 10 – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
8th Pintail: 2 m f – Linford Lakes NR  (BuBC)
8th Great White Egret : 4 display by one of a presumed pair- Linford Lakes NR  (BuBC)
8th Red-crested Pochard : f On Octagon Lake at west end around islands – Stowe (BuBC)
8th Garganey : m – Stowe (BuBC)
8th Goosander : f – Stowe (BuBC)
7th Bittern : Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
6th Shelduck: 2 – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
6th Goldeneye: 12 – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
6th Cetti’s Warbler: 2 singing – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
5th Caspian Gull : 1w and 2w in roost. – Calvert Sailing Lake (BuBC)
5th Bittern : Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
4th Goldeneye :6m 3f – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
3rd Bittern : – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
2nd Bittern : – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
2nd Goosander : 1m 2f On R Ouse by Millfields.  – Stony Stratford (BuBC)
2nd Little Owl: 2 in the usual tree – Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
2nd Little Grebe : 2 – Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
1st Goldeneye : 4m 3f N edge of reservoir. Displaying.  – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
1st Goosander : 1f – Stowe (BuBC)
1st Stonechat : 1m roadside fence SP720357 – Foscote Park (BuBC)
1st Great Crested Grebe: pair displaying in full breeding plumage Lodge Lake(Joe Clinch)
1st Red-breasted Merganser : In lake just W of Palladian Bridge. – Stowe (BuBC)

February 2020

29th Great White Egret: In field by river N of Black Horse Lake – Linford Lakes NR  (BuBC)
29th Goosander : 1 male on Black Horse Lake – Linford Lakes NR  (BuBC)
28th Caspian Gull : 2 Both 3w – Calvert Sailing Lake (BuBC)
28th Mediterranean Gull : Adult with near full hood. – Calvert Sailing Lake (BuBC)
28th Bittern : n front of 1st hide – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
27th Great White Egret: – Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
27th Goosander : 2 – Tongwell (BuBC)
26th Sweet Violet (White): in flower on bank W of Iron Trunk Aqueduct, Wolverton (Joe Clinch)
26th Colts-foot: in flower – Floodplain Forest NR (Joe Clinch)
26th Goosander : (pair) – Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
25th Pintail : 1m 1f – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
25th Goldeneye : 4m 4f – Foxcote Res  (BuBC)
25th Great White Egret : 3 – Linford Lakes NR  (BuBC)
24th Bittern : Flew in from left and dropped  into reeds – Calvert BBOWT Lake, Calvert
24th Woodcock : Flew out of woodland & crossed A418 into a set-a-side field – Wing (BuBC)
22nd Goosander : 1m 3f – Stowe (BuBC)
21st Mediterranean Gull : 2nd winter – Newton Leys (BuBC)
21st Goldeneye : (2m/3f) N edge of reservoir all morning. – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
20th Goosander : f – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
20th Caspian Gull : 1w and 2 3w moved to sailing late on – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
19th Goosander : f – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
17th Bittern : Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
16th Barn Owl : 17:30 Crossroads between Wing and Mentmore – Wing (BuBC)
16th Goldeneye : 4m 3f – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
16th Great White Egret : 3 between Black Horse Lake & river – Linford Lakes NR  (BuBC)
14th Barn Owl : SP785392 – Calverton (BuBC)
14th Treecreeper: Woodland hide SP839429 – Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
14th Kingfisher: SP839430 – Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
14th Great White Egret : 2 SP839430 – Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
14th Goosander : 2f – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
14th Goosander : 8m 2f – Emberton(BuBC)
14th Peregrine : In garden, enjoying a mouse.  – Stony Stratford (BuBC)
13th Great White Egret : – Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
13th Bittern : Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
13th Goldeneye : 9 – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
12th Goosander : 1m 2f On first lake  from visitor centre SP677370 – Stowe (BuBC)
12th Mediterranean Gull : Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
12th Caspian Gull : 6 – Calvert BBOWT Lake, (BuBC)
12th Goosander : (5m 2f) Down from The Mill.  – Olney (BuBC)
12th Bittern : Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
12th Goldcrest : Willen Lake North (BuBC)
12th Snipe : 20 – Willen Lake North (BuBC)
12th Redshank : – Willen Lake North (BuBC)
11th Barn Owl : 17:30 On entrance road (2 pole boxes) SP843428 – Linford Lakes NR  (BuBC)
11th Great White Egret : 2 on bund, 1 feeding in reeds at W end – Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
10th Goosander : (5m 1f) – Emberton (BuBC)
9th Goldeneye : (3m 4f) – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
8th Goldeneye : (3m 4f) – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
8th Goosander: pair – Tongwell (BuBC)
7th Caspian Gull : Newton Leys (BuBC)
7th Goosander : 1m 3f – Stowe (BuBC)
7th Goosander : (pair) Down from The Mill.  – Olney (BuBC)
6th Great White Egret : 3  On the still submerged bund – Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
6th Pintail: 1m Willen Lake (BuBC)
5th Great White Egret : 2 – Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
5th Goldeneye : (5m 7f) Foxcote Res (BuBC)
5th Goosander : Pair on the river at Toombs Meadow – Stony Stratford (BuBC)
4th Goosander : 2m 4f – Stowe (BuBC)
4th Bittern : Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
3rd Goosanders: pair – Tongwell (BuBC)
3rd Cetti Warbler: 2 – Willen Lake North (BuBC)
3rd Goldeneye: pair – Willen Lake South (BuBC)
3rd Gadwall: 7 – Walton lake (BuBC)
3rd Water rail: 2 – Walton lake (BuBC)
3rd Bittern : Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
2nd Pintail : Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
2nd Bittern : Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
2nd Great White Egret : – Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
2nd Goosander: 5m 4f – Tongwell (BuBC)
2nd Goldeneye: 5m 5f – Willen Lake South (BuBC)
1st Bittern : Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
1st Goldeneye : (5m 6f) – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
1st Goosander : (2m 1f) – Emberton (BuBC)
1st Goosander: (Pair) – Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)

January 2020

31st Caspian Gull : 4 – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
31st Bittern : Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
31st Lesser Spotted Woodpecker : 1m – Little Linford Wood (BuBC)
29th Goldeneye : 1m – Willen Lake South (BuBC)
29th Goldeneye : m1 – Willen Lake North (BuBC)
29th Cetti Warbler: 2 – Willen Lake North (BuBC)
29th Goosander: 1m – Tongwell Lake (BuBC)
29th Short-eared Owl : – Chicheley (BuBC)
29th Short-eared Owl : 2 – Wing (BuBC)
29th Caspian Gull : 3 – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
28th Caspian Gull : (2w) – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
28th Bittern : Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
28th Great White Egret : Calvert BBOWT Lake(BuBC)
27th Bullfinch: 2 – Shenley Church End (Peter Hassett)
26th Redpoll: home garden – Stony Stratford (BuBC)
26th Goldeneye : 23 – Willen Lake South (BuBC)
26th Goldeneye : 1 – Willen Lake North (BuBC)
26th Goosander : (2m 1f) – Down from The Mill. – Olney (BuBC)
Great White Egret : 2 on the band – Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
26th Goldeneye : (4m 3f) – Willen Lake South (BuBC)
26th Goldeneye : (1m) in the south western corner of the N lake – Willen Lake North (BuBC)
26th Jack Snipe : In front of the hide – Willen Lake North (BuBC)
25th Goosander : 6 – Emberton (BuBC)
25th Goldeneye : (5m 5f) – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
25th Bittern : Right hand reedbed. – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
24th Muntjac: Hazeley Wood (Janice Robertson)
24th Nuthatch: Hazeley Wood (Janice Robertson)
24th Fieldfare: 20 – Hazeley Wood (Janice Robertson)
24th Caspian Gull : 4 – Calvert Sailing Lake (BuBC)
24th Bittern : Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
24th Caspian Gull : 2 Caspian Gull X Herring Gull hybrids – Newton Leys (BuBC)
24th Great White Egret : 3 – Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
23nd Goosander : 6 (including 2 adult drakes) – Emberton (BuBC)
22nd Goldeneye : (1m 1f) – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
22nd Goldeneye : 23 – Willen Lake South (BuBC)
22nd Snowdrops: Stony Stratford (Mary Sarre)
22nd Celandine: Stony Stratford (Mary Sarre)
22nd Reed Bunting: (1st year male): home garden, Stony Stratford (Joe Clinch)
21st Caspian Gull : 4 – Calvert Sailing Lake (BuBC)
21st Goosander : 2 – Stony Stratford NR (BuBC)
20th Goldeneye : (4m 3f) – Willen Lake South (BuBC)
19th Kingfisher: Stony Straford NR (Joe Clinch)
19th Fox: Stony Stratford NR (Joe Clinch)
19th Barn Owl: over the M1 between Junction 13 and 14 (Milton Keynes) (BuBC)
19th Goldeneye : (3m 2f) – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
19th Goldeneye : (5m; 2f)  – Willen Lake South (BuBC)
18th Winter Aconites, Calverton Place, SP788390 (Mary Sarre)
18th Otter: Far hide – Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
18th Goosander: (7m 2f) – Tongwell (BuBC)
18th Marsh Harrier: (f) circled lake,  seen off by a couple of Rooks – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
18th Goldeneye : (3m 1f) Full courtship displays in bright sunshine – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
18th Goosander : (4m 5f) – Stowe (BuBC)
18th Woodcock : Stoke Goldington (BuBC)
17th Woodcock : Whitchurch (BuBC)
17th Caspian Gull : 2 – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
16th Goosander : Tattenhoe Park (BuBC)
15th Great White Egret : 3 On the now submerged bund – Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
15th Bittern : Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
14th Goldeneye : (7m 2f)  – Willen Lake South (BuBC)
13th Goldeneye : 3m – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
12th Great White Egret : 2 On the bund – Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
12th Goosander: (1m 1f) – Stony Stratford NR (Joe Clinch)
12th Shoveller: (5m 3f) – Stony Stratford NR (Joe Clinch)
12th Kingfisher: – Stony Stratford NR (Joe Clinch)
12th Great White Egret : From the Otter Hide – Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
12th Goosander : 3 – Tongwell (BuBC)
12th Bittern :  – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
12th Pintail : (1m 1f) – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
11th Great White Egret : 3  – Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
11th Goosander : (2m 1f) – Tongwell (BuBC)
11th Bittern : 2 – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
10th Bittern : 2 – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
10th Caspian Gull : – Newton Leys
10th Great White Egret : – Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
9th Goldeneye : (6m 3f) – Willen Lake South (BuBC)
9th Caspian Gull : 2 adults near adult 3w and 2w – Calvert Sailing Lake (BuBC)
9th Great White Egret : 3 roosted, in thicket behind Heron Hide – Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
9th Goosander : 6 – Tongwell (BuBC)
9th Bittern : Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
9th Caspian Gull : An unringed adult – Newton Leys (BuBC)
9th Goosander : 5 – Emberton (BuBC)
9th Lapwing: 170 – Floodplain Forest NR (Jenny Mercer)
9th Goosander : (4m 1f)  – Emberton (BuBC)

8th Wood Duck: canal path between iron trunk aqueduct & Cosgrove –  Cosgrove (Martin Ferns)

Wood Duck @Martin Ferns, on the canal path between the iron trunk aqueduct (over the Ouse) and Cosgrove, 8 January 2020

Wood Duck @Martin Ferns, on the canal path between the iron trunk aqueduct (over the Ouse) and Cosgrove, 8 January 2020

8th Goosander : (3m 2f) – Stony Stratford (BuBC)
8th Goldeneye : 8 – Willen Lake South (BuBC)
8th Great White Egret : 3 – Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
7th Caspian Gull : 2 (ad + 2nd wint) – Newton Leys (BuBC)
7th Bittern : – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
6th Goldeneye : (5m 4f) – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
6th Goldeneye : (6m 3f) – Willen Lake South (BuBC)
6th Chinese water-deer : By field hedgerow near Moulsoe – SP 90028 41602 (Mike LeRoy)
5th Bittern : – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
5th Great White Egret: 3 – Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
5th Pintail : (m) – Calvert Sailing Lake (BuBC)
5th Goosander : 5 – Stowe (BuBC)
4th Bittern : 2 – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
4th Caspian Gull : 5 – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
4th Caspian Gull : 4 – Newton Leys (BuBC)
4th Great White Egret: 3 – Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
4th Siskin: 10 on car park Alders – Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
4th Goldeneye : (5m 5f) – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
4th Rat by feeder at Shenley Retirement village – Shenley Wood (Peter Hassett)
4th Goldcrest – beside Fulmer Street SP826 363 – Shenley Wood (Peter Hassett)
4th Bearded Tit : (Possible) couple of brief calls – Willen Lake North (BuBC)
3rd Caspian Gull : 2 – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
3rd Caspian Gull : 4 – Newton Leys (BuBC)
3rd Goldeneye : (1m, 2f) – Willen Lake South (BuBC)
3rd Goosander : (2m, 2f) On the lake immediately by car park. – Tongwell (BuBC)
3rd Bittern : 2 – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
2nd Goldeneye : 5 – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
2nd Caspian Gull : (1w, 2w & 2 full adults) – Calvert Sailing Lake (BuBC)
2nd Goosander : (f) – Hyde Lane (BuBC)
2nd Goosander : (pair) off the river behind Mill Street – Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
2nd Goosander : (1m 1f) – Tongwell (BuBC)
2nd Bittern : – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
1st Goldeneye : (4m, 2f) – Foxcote Res (BuBC)
1st Bittern : – Calvert BBOWT Lake (BuBC)
1st Caspian Gull : (Adult) – Newton Leys (BuBC)