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31st Goosander: pair, on the canal, Woolstone (Nick King)
29th Gullls: huge flock of several hundreds of unidentified gulls video’d flying over and round Caldecotte Lake. (Rebecca Hiorns)
Video link: Gulls, Caldecotte (Rebecca Hiorns)
28th Otter: Video’d running at speed between Caldecotte Lake and River Ouzel, Simpson. (Sam Hiorns)
Video link: Running otter, Simpson ( Sam Hiorns)
27th Woodcock: Close by the track before flying off low near footpath by stone barn, Little Linford Wood (BuBC)
26th Slavonian Grebe: Furzton Lake (Phill Crowe)

Slavonian Grebe (Photo©Phill Crowe)
26th Great Northern Diver: Caldecotte Lake (BuBC)
26th Slavonian Grebe: Still present but spending more time nearer the W end of Furzton Lake (Harry Appleyard/BuBC))
26th Slavonian Grebe: Furzton Lake (Martine Harvey/BuBC)
26th Goldeneye (6m,2f): Willen Lakes (BuBC)
24th Mistle Thrush: Wolverton Mill Balancing Lakes (Joe Clinch)
23rd Probable ad Yellow-legged Gull : Clean white rounded head, yellow legs seen briefly when bathing. Also Mediterranean Gull (ad winter plumage) seen briefly in Black-headed Gull flock. Great Northern Diver still around. Caldecotte Lake south (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
22nd Water Vole Arvicola amphibius: Seen in the old mill race at Willow Lane, Stony Stratford. It was about 4 metres away from me, entered the water with a plop, swam just under the surface for about 2m, then surfaced and swam to the other bank. Stony Stratford (Tim Pearson)
22nd Slavonian Grebe: Spotted around 8am near the E end of the lake. Showed very well as it sat on the surface and dived for fish around quite a small range though occasionally harrassed by Great Crested Grebes. Furzton Lake (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
22nd Caspian Gull (adult): Newton Leys (BuBC)
22nd Shoveller (5m), Wigeon (9m), as well as probable females, but difficult to be certain at a distance among a large number of birds, including c.60 Mallard (m/f),  c.200 Greylag Geese, 30 Canada Geese;  also a LIttle Egret on the island: all on the westernmost of the Gayhurst Quarry Lakes, adjacent the M1. (Martin Ferns)
22nd Great Northern DIver: Still patrolling the south lake, still munching on Crayfish, Caldecotte Lake (BuBC)
22nd Goldeneye (m): Caldecotte Lake (BuBC)
21st Goosander (2m, 1f) and Shoveler (pair): My last two visits to the Stony Stratford reserve have produced very few siightings of any kind, so it was good to see Buzzard, Redwing, Gadwall, as well as the usual Cormorant, Grey Heron, Mute Swan, Canada Goose, Mallard, Coot and   Moorhen. Stony Stratford Nature Reserve (Joe Clinch)
21st Slavonian Grebe (ad, winter plumage): First on main lake near E end, then in Lpughton Brook ‘estuary’ SE of railway bridge. Dives a lot. Furzton Lake. (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
21st Goldeneye (4m, 2f)): Willen Lake South (BuBC)
18th Hawfinch: My first for this site, calling in flight to the east over The Open University. Kents Hill  (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
18th Mediterranean Gull (ad): Willen Lake North (BuBC)
18th Merlin (prob m): Initially thought to be male Peregrine until ‘escorted’ off site by a Carrion Crow; about two-thirds the size of crow. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
17th Goosander (5m); Tongwell Lake (Martin Ferns)
17th Pintail (5m, 3f): Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
17th Goldeneye (4m, 1f): Willen Lake South (BuBC)
16th Great Black-backed Gull (ad): bathing then flew off south. Caldecotte Lake (BuBC)
15th Great Northern Diver: Seen most of the day, Caldecotte Lake South (Phill Crowe)
Great Northern Diver (Photo © Phill Crowe)
15th Great Northern Diver: probably seen on MKNHS morning walk along with Little Grebe flock reported below – see 12th. Photographed clearly on 15th. Caldecotte Lake South (Julian Lambley)
Great Northern Diver (Photo © Julian Lambley)
14th Egyptian Goose, Shoveller (2m), Gadwall (pair): Ashland (Peter Barnes)
14th Buff-tailed Bumblebee: gathering pollen from Fatsia japonica (Caster-oil plant) outside the kitchen window, Simpson (Rebecca Hiorns)
13th Pintail (m): A single individual seen from Aqueduct Hide briefly before it went into dense vegetation. (BuBC)
13th Black Redstart: Whitehouse (BuBC)
12th Leaf ‘rosettes’ of Bee orchids: dozens at several sites in Portway (H5) grid-road grasslands but between the trees and houses and near a Redway. Bradwell Common (Mike LeRoy)
12th Little Grebes (10): Seen on the MKNHS morning walk around Caldecotte Lake (Martine Harvey and others)
12th Goldeneye: 1 on south lake, one on north: Willen Lake (BuBC)
12th Mediterranean Gull (ad): Willen Lake North (BuBC)
11th Siberian Chiffchaff: A classic-looking bird, watched at close range in great light. Willen Lake South (BuBC)
9th Great White Egret: Gayhurst Quarry lakes (Martin Ferns)
8th Goldeneye: Willen Lake North (Janice Robertson/BuBC)
5th Grey Wagtail: in one of the drainage ditches. Fairfields estate, MK11 (Joe Clinch)
5th Woodcock: flew up from the path as I waited for jogger to pass. Rushmere Park (BuBC)
2nd Black Redstart: Whitehouse (BuBC)
1st Sparrowhawk: Seen 3 times this week in Stantonbury (Adam A)


30th Collared Earthstar Geastrum Triplex: tentative identification, thanks to Justin Long. seen near Bragenham Farm, Soulbury SP 899 285 (Peter Barnes / Martin Ferns)

poss. Collared Earthstar Geastrum Triplex (Photo © Peter Barnes)
28th Kingfisher: Stony Stratford NR (Joe Clinch)
28th Goosander (5 males, 3 females): Wolverton Mill Balancing Lakes (Joe Clinch)
26th Caspian Gull (3): 1 very smart adult; 1 1st winter; 1 hybrid 1st winter, presumed with Herring Gull, Newton Leys (BuBC)
24th Black Redstart: Whitehouse (BuBC)
23rd Goldeneye: %m, 2f Willen Lake South (BuBC)
22nd Mistletoe and Mistle Thrush: a tree near the boundary of Salcey Forest with lots of mistletoe bunches and attendant thrush guarding his/her berries (Julie Lane)
22nd Goldeneye; 4, Willen Lake South (BuBC)
21st Great White Egret: also 33 Lapwing and c.75 Greylag Geese – not seen for a while, Gayhurst Quarry Lakes (Martin Ferns)
20th Great White Egret, Little Egret (5), Goosander (3 fem), Peregrine (2, on the chimney); Tree Creeper; Fieldfare; Meadow Pipit (10): Floodplain Forest Reserve (Peter Barnes)
20th Woodcock: flushed by dogs at edge of wood, Stoke Goldington (BuBC)
18th Woodcock: Flushed by footpath in Valley Park. Furzton (BuBC)
17th Black Redstart (male): He’s back! Whitehouse, MK (BuBC)
16th Goosander (Female): Tongwell Lake (Joe Clinch)
15th Ruddy Shelduck (Female), Teals, Tufted Ducks, Grebes, Little Egret, Swans, Canada Geese and Green Woodpecker: Viaduct Hide, Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve (Jill Farrell)
14th Whooper Swan: 3 flew in and landed on the middle lake, before flying off again shortly after to NW. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
12th Woodcock: One flushed on Bury Field, Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
10th Tawny Owl: Male and female heard. Willen Lake North (Ann Strutton)
7th Great White Egret (7): 5 seen from the Heronry hide, at the same time as 2 seen from the Otter hide by Martine, one of which then flew over to join the 5 on the island. Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
7th Mediterranean Gull: Adult, winter plumage.In Black-headed Gull flock at west end of lake. Mount Farm SP876349 (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
7th Pintail: Pair, now in full plumage. Gayhurst Quarry lakes (BuBC)
5th Goldeneye: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
4th Redwings: About 20 landed for a few minutes in the hawthorn tree next to our garden, Haversham (BuBC)
4th Goldeneye (m): on main lake in front of hotel. Furzton Lake (BuBC)
1st Grey Wagtail. By the overspill. Willen Lake North (Ann Strutton)


31st Cattle Egret: See briefly from hide, Willen Lake North (BuBC)
29th Common Crossbill (1m and 2 f): My first Crossbills here in a few months, spending a while in deciduous trees overlooking one of the outer meadows. Back Wood, Brickhills (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
26th Mediterranean Gull (1st winter): Among the Black-headed and Common Gulls. Furzton Lake (Tom Gravett)
26th Cattle Egret: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)

24th Orange Peel fungus: seen on the MKNHS walk, Linford Wood (Derek Taylor)

Orange Peel fungus (Photo © Derek Taylor)

24th Leucistic Canada Goose (poss): Floodplain Forest NR (Glenn Singleton)
24th Otter: Spotted approx 9.35 am, Viaduct hide, Floodplain Forest NR (Glenn Singleton)
24th Starling murmuration: coming into roost in the reeds on the west bank of Willen Lake north, at 18.00 hrs. Still quite a small murmuration but hopefully it will grow. (Susan Weatherhead)
20th Hornets nest in Ash tree Linford Wood (Charles Vaton)
18th Shaggy Ink Cap at Salcey forest ( Julie Lane)
Coprinus comatus (Photo: Julie Lane)
17th Black Redstart : Willen Lake South, Willen Lakes. Seen and photographed on the Ferris Wheel and later on the rough ground behind the old cafe. John Richardson (BuBC)
16th Harlequin ladybirds. Large numbers swarming around MK as reported on the Society facebook page after an initial report by Julie Lane
15th Hen Harrier: Newport Pagnell. Ringtail (female) flew towards a circling buzzard over Woad Farm and then flew towards Lathbury (BuBC)
14th Common Crossbill: 2, Tattenhoe Park, Milton Keynes. (On behalf of Szimi. Hasan Al-Farhan(BuBC)
13th Rock Pipit: 2, Willen Lake South (BuBC)
10th Pintail: either juv or ecl male: Gayhurst Quarry Lakes (BuBC)
10th Western Conifer Seed Bug Leptoglossus occidentalis: Came to light at night, in bathroom. This is the third record of this species at this location; previous records were 28th March 2015 and 23rd March 2019. This species was first recorded in Britain in 2007. Numbers of the species are said to be bolstered by migrants late in the year. It feeds on seeds and unripe cones of conifer, particularly Scots Pine. There are several Corsican Pine Pinus nigra subsp. larico nearby. Bradwell Common: SP 84378 38908 (Mike LeRoy)
9th Grass Snake: 2 basking in the sunshine on brambles, and 1 in the undergrowth – well-disguised, and only seen as I was blackberrying. Lakes Lane, Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)Grass snake (Photo: Martin Ferns)
9th Great White Egret: Gayhurst Quarry Lakes (Martin Ferns)
9th Tree Sparrow: 5+ seen near Pineham Farm, Haversham (BuBC)
7th Hawfinch : heard only as it called in flight over one of the dense coniferous patches of the wood. Seemed to be heading south.  Picked up on camera audio. Back Wood (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
6th Mandarin Duck: Male Mandarin in breeding plumage, in close company to a pair of Mallards, on the Grand Union Canal between bridges 97 and 98, Water Eaton (Colin Docketty)
6th Painted Lady: Photographed on Plumbago in her garden in Caldecotte. (Jill Lewis)

Painted Lady  (Photo © Jill Lewis)
5th Merlin: Flying over Sherington. (BuBC)


29th Glossy Ibis: Showing well near the ‘screen’ for a while in the afternoon, before flying to the end of the island on the left, Floodplain Forest NR. (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
29th Red-eared Terrapin: Also known as Red-eared Slider, an invasive species, seen in River Ouzel, Simpson (Rebecca Hiorns)

(Red-eared Terrapin. Photo © Rebecca Hiorns)
26th Glossy Ibis: seen from the screen wall, Floodplain Forest NR. (Phill Crowe)

Glossy Ibis (Photo © Phill Crowe)
25th Ruff, Glossy Ibis:  Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
22nd Woodlark:  My first Woodlark for the Tattenhoe area.  A morning flyover given away by calls as it went to the west not long before the mist drifted in. Tattenhoe Park. (Harry Appleyard)

Woodlark (Photo © Harry Appleyard)
22nd Glossy Ibis: My first, watched for about half an hour from the iron trunk hide as it fed around one of the shallow pools. Still present when I left. Superb find by A Beolens. Floodplain Forest NR (Harry Appleyard and others / BuBC)
21st Grey Wagtail: popped out from under one of the bridges on the lakes, Ashland (BuBC)
20th Clifden Nonpareil: Winslow (Chris Roberts)
16th Clifden Nonpareil: Winslow (Chris Roberts)
15th Ruddy Shelduck and Green Sandpiper (2): Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
13th Osprey: Seen flying over the Willen Road, heading SE. Willen Lakes (BuBC)
11th Wasp Spider: several seen in long grass alongside the path, Skylark Trail, Sandy RSPB Reserve – outside MK, but a beautiful creature, and something to look out for here? (Julian Lambley)

Wasp Spider (Photo©Julian Lambley)
11th Black Tern: 2 juveniles. Willen Lake South (BuBC)
8th Noble False Widow (?) spider Steatoda nobilis: On the wall of the front porch, Bancroft (Carol and Colin Hughes)

Noble False Widow (Photo © Colin Hughes)
7th Jersey Tiger moth: Old Stratford (Andy Harding)
7th Clifden Nonpareil: Tattenhoe (Janice Robertson)
6th Clifden Nonpareil (moth): 2 in Little Linford Wood (Ayla Webb, Andy Harding)
6th Hedgehog: Two in the garden 21.49. Simpson (Peter Barnes)

Hedgehogs (Photo © Peter Barnes)
6th Whinchat: Perched on a 3-yr-old Hornbeam in new wood (BuBC)
5th Red Admiral: on buddleia, garden in Simpson (Peter Barnes)

Red Admiral (Photo © Peter Barnes)
5th Ruddy Shelduck: Lone bird among large numbers of Canada and Greylag geese. Also 25 Lapwing on the spit. In front of Viaduct Hide. Floodplain Forest NR (Martin Ferns)
5th Pintail: 2 on Spinney Pit. Gayhurst Quarry. (BuBC)
5th Osprey: flew in twoards my watchpoint from SE straight past me, then watched it go over our house and away heading W. Great Brickhill (BuBC)
4th Tree Pipit: my first for Bucks this year, photographed as a silhouette overhead as it flew to the west after being given away by calls. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
2nd Fox: Stealing the hedgehog’s milk. Simpson (Peter Barnes)

Fox (Photo © Peter Barnes)


30th Whinchat: A superb find by H Al-Farhan, showing well as it foraged and perched around the meadow at the north edge of Water Spinney. The first Whinchat I have ever seen in the Tattenhoe Valley Park itself, with all the previous ones being on the other side of the V1 at the fields marked for development in Tattenhoe Park and one briefly by St. Giles Church on 2nd September 2014. (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)

Whinchat, Water Spinney (Photo © Harry Appleyard)
29th Pintail: 2 in a small influx of ducks. Gayhurst Quarry (BuBC)
29th Grey Wagtail: flitting between stones in Loughton Brook, between H4 and A5 bridge. Wymbush (Martin Ferns)
29th Elephant Hawk-moth caterpillar: 2 on fuscias in my garden, one much smaller than the other – probably an earlier instar. Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)

Elephant hawk-moth caterpillars (photos © Martin Ferns)
28th Scorpionfly (female): either German Scorpionfly Panorpa germanica or Common Scorpionfly Panorpa communis. (Thanks to Mike LeRoy for help with identification.) Also Brimstone, Small Tortoiseshell, Speckled Wood and Red Admiral. Lakes Lane, Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)

Scorpionfly (photo © Martin Ferns)
28th Red Underwing: on the concrete underside of the A5 bridge over the R. Ouse, Stony Stratford (Joe Clinch)
26th Speckled Wood: near Campbell Park (Jill Lewis)

Speckled Wood (Photo © Jill Lewis)
26th Whinchat: on the fence line. Ravenstone (BuBC)
25th Osprey: photographed to NW of the village, not far from Tattenhoe Park. Gradually gained height while circling and eventually drifted off high to the W. Newton Longville (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
24th Comma on tree adjacant to first gate and drain to River Ouse just east of Wolverton Mill (Jenny Mercer)
23rd Greenshank: Feeding by Iron Trunk hide, Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
23rd Marsh Harrier: Female low over crop fields, flushed a gull flock, then quickly gained height as it flew SW down the river valley. Ravenstone (BuBC)
23rd Spotted Flycatcher: Showing well around deadwood near the orchard. A frequented pit-stop for these birds in recent years. Tattenhoe 23rd Greenshank: Feeding by Iron Trunk hide, Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
22nd Tree Pipit: 2 ringed, both juveniles. Linford Lakes NR (Kenny Cramer/BuBC)
21st Spotted Flycatcher: A pleasant surprise in a mixed flock of tits and warblers moving through trees in a field near the west ewd of the site. My first for the Tattenhoe area this year. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
21st Tree Pipit: 2 flew over the garden together calling, heading WSW. Great Brickhill (BuBC)
21st Spotted Flycatcher (2): Probably more – lots of birds in the trees around the church, Tyringham Park (BuBC)
20th Garganey (juv):: Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve (BuBC)
19th Spotted Flycatcher (ad): Adult. Ravenstone (BuBC)
18th Osprey: flew due W over North Bucks bridges, Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
16th Greenshank (2): Willen Lake North (BuBC)
15th Wheatear (ad f), Grey wagtail (5 ad + juvs), Chiffchaff, Blackcap and (?) Willow Warbler. Ravenstone (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
14th Osprey: Circling high over main lake. Distinctive due to missing central tail feathers. Linford Lakes NR (Note: this is a permit-only site) (Kenny Cramer/BuBC)
13th Black-tailed Godwit. Asleep on island opposite Viaduct Hide. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
12th Jersey Tiger moth: recorded for the first time in 23 years of mothing in my garden: New Bradwell (Tony Wood)

Jersey Tiger moth (Photo © Tony Wood)
11th Starlings: making a racket while raiding just ripened old apple tree in Church Street garden, Wolverton (Jenny Mercer)
Video of starlings on apple tree
10th Spotted Flycatcher: At least 4 in the trees and metal fence below the church. (BuBC)
10th  Ringed Plover: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
6th Garganey: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
5th Purple Emperor (f): Shenley Wood (Martin Ferns)
5th Robin’s pincushion Dipoloepis rosae: on wild rose, W side of Caldecotte Lake South. (Jill and Jim Lewis)

Robin’s pincushion (Photo © Jim Lewis)

5th Comma: photographed from the Otter Hide, Linford Lakes NR (Peter Barnes)

Comma (Photo © Peter Barnes)
5th Cinnabar caterpillar: by the front door, Simpson (Peter Barnes)

Cinnabar moth caterpillar (Photo © Peter Barnes)
3rd Green Sandpiper (10): Willen Lake North (BuBC)
1st Wood Sandpiper: seen from the Farm Hide, elusive at times due to the vegetation. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)


29th Small Copper feeding on Marjoram, along with 7 Gatekeepers, home garden, Stony Stratford (Joe Clinch)
28th Little Ringed Plover (2 ads + 2 juvs), Green Sandpiper (ad), Common Sandpiper (ad), Peregrine: all seen at Floodplain Forest NR (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
27th Emperor Dragonfly (female): In garden at Caldecotte (Jill and Jim Lewis)

Female Emperor Dragonfly (Photo © Jim Lewis)
26th Honey Buzzard: Great Brickhill (BuBC)
25th Greenshank: 1 flew over, calling. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
23rd Marsh Harrier fem/imm: Bird flushed from reeds during a ringing session on the bund. Linford Lakes NR (Kenny Cramer/BuBC)
21st Lapwing: 80-100 on the shore opposite Farm Hide, and a black cat (with its owners) in the Iron Trunk Hide. Floodplain Forest NR (Martin Ferns)
21st Black-Tailed Godwit (5): Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
21st Spotted Flycatcher: Showing now and again, but singing well. Leckhampstead Wood (BuBC)
18th Purple Emperor: morning, Little Linford Wood (Ian Brazier)
16th Grasshopper Warbler: reeling on Goosey Meadows, Olney  (BuBC)
15th Silver-washed fritillary, Willen Lake (Julian Lambley)
14th Purple Emperor butterfly (male): flying and then settling on hawthorn on the south edge of Stokepark Wood, next to public footpath Stoke Goldington (Joe Clinch)
13th Great Dodder: seen on MKNHS walk along R. Ouzel, Simpson (Julian Lambley)

Great Dodder, on nettles (Photo © Julian Lambley)

13th Curlew: flew over Willen Lake North (BuBC)
4th Grasshopper Warbler: Reeling below Weston Road, Goosey Meadows, Olney (BuBC)
2nd Bar-tailed Godwit (4 probable): 4 birds dropped in calling at 21.30; they proceeded to do 3 laps of Viaduct pit before landing on a small island with Canada Geese on – the only island still visible due to the height of the water. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
2nd Hobby seen over Barn Field. Then Kingfisher and Common Tern flying along river. Also huge numbers (100+) of Emperor dragonflies over river and adjacent fields hawking for Mayflies, mating and egg laying in river. Also almost definite sighting of Willow Emerald damselfly but need to go back to get photos as it was getting dark. Olney (Julie Lane)
1st Wood white: Lots flying in Salcey Forest (Julie Lane)

Wood whites (Photos © Julie Lane)


29th Spotted Flycatcher: My first for this site, watched for about a minute catching flies around some heavily-leaved birch trees by one of the woodland rides. Back Wood, Brickhills (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
25th Pintail): Unmistakeable male flying back and forth over the water with its long thin neck, small head, long pointed tail, and rapid wing beats. It disappeared from view after about 3 minutes. Floodplain Forest NR (Joe Clinch)
24th Pyramidal Orchid Anacamptis pyramidalis: Barn Field, Olney (Julie Lane)

Pyramidal Orchid (Photo©Julie Lane)
23rd Soprano pipistrelle: a large roost, first heard making a right racket; then watched about 50 popping out one at a time. Also saw an otter in the gloom, and heard it crunching something! Near the Mill House, Olney. (Julie Lane)
23rd Pyramidal Orchid Anacamptis pyramidalis: 2 seen near Caldecotte Lake, west of R. Ouzel (Rebecca Hiorns)

Pyramidal Orchid (Photo©Rebecca Hiorns)

23rd Common Spotted Orchid: over 60 seen in Shenley Wood. (Richard and Marian Gent)
19th Bee Orchids: approx. 100 on verge in front of the OU’s east campus, Hammerwood Gate, Kents Hill. A fabulous sight (Richard and Marian Gent)

Bee Orchids, Kents Hill (Photo © Richard and Marian Gent)
17th Ophrys apifera Bee Orchids: over 50 stems at five sites on Bradwell Common. The first 15 emerged 7th June at edge of unenriched grassland among dense patches of Lotus corniculatus Common Bird’s-foot Trefoil (Thanks to Parks Trust mower man for avoiding this corner so the orchids would flower). Plenty of bumblebees on Bird’s-foot Trefoil: none on Bee Orchids! A patch of 11 Bee Orchids emerged on a grass bank next to Hampstead Gate on 9th June. 17 emerged 11th June on steep bank of rough grass next to Redway underpass at Grafton North roundabout. Another patch of 13 emerged near Bradwell Common Boulevard around 14th June. 3 more on verge of H5 Portway. Many other orchid leaf rosettes on verges showed in February and March but have not flowered. (Mike LeRoy).
16th Elephant Hawk moth (3), Small Elephant Hawk moth (5), Poplar Hawk moth (1), Privet Hawk moth, plus a Scarlet Tiger moth: A  wet night, but a good night for Hawk moths in my garden in New Bradwell (Tony Wood)
16th Grasshopper Warbler: Calling near the owl box on the Goosey, Olney (BuBC)
14th Ophrys apifera Bee Orchids. Central MK, North Row. 3 in dense grass next to Redway ramp to footbridge to Bradwell Common. (Mike LeRoy).
14th Bee Orchid (welcome return after 4-year gap) and Twayblade: home garden, Stony Stratford (Joe Clinch)

Bee Orchid (l) and Twayblade (r) (Photos © Joe Clinch)
13th Bee Orchid: at least 35, on road bank near aqueduct, Grafton Street (Tony Wood)
13th Red-legged Partridge: 2 immediately east of M1 underpass by the road to Little Linford Wood (Martin Ferns)
12th Hobby: flying around the north end of the own. Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
11th Small Copper and Gatekeeper: Bury field, Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
9th Tree Sparrow: Single male in bushes at top of slope beyond Hill Farm. Haversham (BuBC)

8th Chimney Sweeper (Odezia Afrata) day-flying moth (2): Pilch Field NR (Richard and Marian Gent)
8th Glow-worm larvae: found crossing the track in Salcey Forest. Also a cuckoo calling in the distance and Ragged Robin in flower. Salcey Forest (Julie Lane)

Ragged Robin (Photo © Julie Lane)

8th Small Blue butterfly: Stonepits Field (Katie Brazier)
7th Marsh Warbler: seen at Floodplain Forest NR (Martine Harvey)
6th Swift: at least 11 over the town, including a sighting of one entering the eaves of an estate house – same location as last year. Olney (Julie Lane)
6th Pipistrelle: 3 pipistrelle bats over my garden, identified using my new Echo meter touch 2 detector. Olney  (Julie Lane)
6th Bee Orchid Ophrys apifera : Simpson churchyard (Rebecca Hiorns / Peter Barnes)

Bee orchid Ophrys apifera (Photo © Peter Barnes)

6th Oystercatcher (3), Cuckoo (2 in flight): Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
5th Cuckoo: calling, has been present for a couple of days. Willen Lake North (Ann Strutton)
4th Early Purple Orchid Orchis mascula, Common Spotted Orchid Dactylorhiza fuschia, Yellow Archangel Lamiastrum galeobdolon: Shenley Wood (Mike LeRoy/Martin Ferns)
2nd Spotted Flycatcher (2), Tree Sparrow (2): Little Linford Wood (BuBC)
1st Signal Crayfish: An invasive pest, relatively common in the UK, video’d in Simpson stream.  (Rebecca Hiorns)
Signal Crayfish video 01.6.21 RH Simpson

Signal Crayfish (Photo and video © Rebecca Hiorns)
1st Badger: Two photographed in my garden during the night with trail camera. New Bradwell. (Tony Wood)
1st Grasshopper Warbler (4): Two separate groups with at least two calling in each area, the bank area Weston Underwood end of the Goosey and the other side of the river over the stone bridge but before the sheep paddocks. Olney (BuBC)
1st Spotted Flycatcher: My first for this site and this year, singing by one of the woodland rides in College Wood, Nash. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)


31st Tree Sparrow (6): By the stone barn, just west of Little Linford Wood (BuBC)
31st Mouse-ear Hawkweed. Lower Weald, Calverton. (Joe Clinch)

Mouse-ear Hawkweed (Photo © Joe Clinch)
29th Golden Oriole: Heard just before 9am in Little Linford Wood, immediately reminding us of the Golden Oriole we had seen and heard some years ago at Lakenheath Fen. We didn’t see the bird, which sounded as if it was high up in the trees hidden from view, depsite our best efforts to try to locate the source of the lovely flutey song. Little Linford Wood (Jane and Martin Barrow)

Golden Oriole singing but not visible (Recording © Jane and Martin Barrow)

29th Spotted Flycatcher: Vocal individual in small copse just south of village. Stoke Golindgton (BuBC)
25th Otter: Furzton Lake (Simon Hare)
Otter Video – Simon Hare 25.05.21
25th Night Heron: A full summer-plumage bird, photographed at 8.30 in the evening where the land/trees stick out towards the island; also seen in flight. Lodge Lake, Great Holm (Dave and Sue Smith)

Night Heron (Photo © Dave and Sue Smith)
24th Swifts: Approximately 30 swooping and feeding over area bordering NW of Caldecotte Lake North (Peter Barnes/Martin Ferns)
23rd Cuckoo: 2 flew in front of Warbler Hide, only one calling so probably a pair. Also 2 Cetti’s Warbler. Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
23rd Early Purple Orchid: along the path in the section of Hoo Wood east of the M1, Gayhurst (Martin Ferns)

Early Purple Orchid (Photo © Martin Ferns)
23rd Mandarin Duck: male. Gayhurst Quarry Lakes (Martin Ferns)
22nd Swift: 10-12 screaming over Market Square, Stony Stratford (Phil and Mary Sarre)
21st Swift: on the canal towpath at Fenny Stratford, immediately south of Watling Street. It looked intact but I guess the fact that it was on the ground indicated that it was in some sort of trouble. (Peter Barnes)

Swift (Photo © Peter Barnes)
19th Tree Sparrow: In the usual place near the barn, just west of Little Linford Wood (BuBC)
18th Robin: One of my pair of Robins collecting meal worms for its young. In my garden, Woburn Sands (Viola Read)

Robin (Photo © Viola Read)
17th Cattle Egret: 2 close together in field with Little Egrets. Floodplain Forest NR (Martine Harvey / BuBC)
17th Mistle Thrush (2): Simpson Manor field. Simpson (Peter Barnes/Martin Ferns)
17th Grey Wagtail (2): by sluice, Caldecotte Lake North (Peter Barnes/Martin Ferns)

Grey Wagtail (Photo © Peter Barnes)
17th Little Egret, Common Tern (2), Pied Wagtail (6), Mandarin Duck (m), Great Crested Grebe (3), Reed Bunting (m); Swifts (5) and Buzzard overhead. Caldecotte Lake (Peter Barnes/Martin  Ferns)
17th Cattle Egret: 2 close together in field with Little Egrets. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
16th Grey Wagtail: mill stream, Wolverton Mill (Joe Clinch)
16th Goosander (pair): River Ouse, Millfield, Stony Stratford (Joe Clinch)
16th Whimbrel: pair spooted heading E over gap in the woodland canopy. Howe Park Wood (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
15th Yellow Wagtail (m, f):  3 in reeds/dead willow sticks in left-hand corner + many hirundines; Cuckoo (m) singing in wood; Common Tern (6) competing with Black-headed Gull for rafts; Common Sandpiper (1) on dam; Cetti’s Warbler (m) (3) singing; + the usual suspects . Foxcote Reservoir (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
14th Mistle Thrush: feeding on the grass, in the balancing lakes area. Wolverton Mill (Joe Clinch)
14th Early Purple Orchid: 30+ between two new ponds. Little Linford Wood (Phil Sarre)
14th Whimbrel: Morning flyover. Flock of 8 heading to NE. Quite low down and seeming following the Tattenhoe Valley Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
13th Garganey (m): Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
12th Wheatear (f): In bare Lapwing plot with several Lapwing and zillions of hares. Hanslope (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
12th Painted Lady: near Sports Pavilion, Tattenhoe (Martin Ferns)
10th Barnacle Goose: near the Caldecotte Arms, Caldecotte Lake North (Peter Barnes)

Barnacle Goose (top) and with Canada Goose (bottom) (Photos © Peter Barnes)
10th Swift (4), House Martin (c. 12), Swallow: Flying and feeding along the R. Ouse and over the lakes; 2 Oystercatchers on the isalnd on the western lake. Gayhurst Quarry Pit Lakes, Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
9th Swan and cygnets: a short video (link below) of a swan giving its cygnets a ride as they leave the nest beside the R. Ouzel, just south of the road between Simpson and Walton Park. (Produced and edited by 7-yr-old Madison Eatwell)
Madison’s video of swan 12.05.21
9th Lesser Whitethroat: seen and heard between Warbler and Otter hides. Also Cuckoo flew over far hide. Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
9th Hobby: sat in a tall willow west of the hide, visible from the E bank. Willen Lake North (BuBC)
7th Green-winged orchids: Just coming out. Pilch Field NR, Pilch Lane, nr Thornborough (Mary Sarre)

Green-winged orchids and cowslips (Photo © Mary Sarre)
7th Grasshopper Warbler (2 singing), Cetti’s Warbler, Cuckoo, plus lots of Sedge Warblers and Reed Bunting singing. Near Goosey Bridge, Olney (Julie Lane)
7th Redstart (f): The latest I have ever recorded on Spring passage (only April in previous years), perched and foraging around a set of bushes where many of the past sightings have been seem, now close to a field with ongoing excavation. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
7th ‘Rustyback’ fern: (Asplenium ceterach or Ceterach offinarium): in old limestone wall, Vicarage Road, Stony Stratford (Mary Sarre)
7th Maidenhair spleenwort (Asplenium trichomanes): growing in mortar in brickwork railway bridge 170, North Loughton Valley Park (Mary Sarre)
6th Brown Hare: 2 beautiful big hares, and a Cuckoo singing. Salcey Forest (Julie Lane)
6th Meadow Saxifrage: in flower; also 4 Lapwing on the island (but otherwise the wetland species are all Canada Geese). Stony Stratford NR (Joe Clinch)
5th Holly Blue Butterfly: 2 in my garden, Olney (Julie Lane)
5th House Martin: Large numbers over Olney meadows (Julie Lane)
5th Early Purple Orchid: one spike, two plants. Linford Wood (Mary Sarre)
5th Grasshopper Warbler: 3 reeling, Goosey Meadows, Olney (BuBC)
4th Grasshopper Warbler: reeling by the canal, Stanton Low Country Park (BuBC)
4th Sanderling, Ringed Plover, Greenshank, Common Sandpiper: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
4th Whimbrel: in field with sheep by main R. Ouse, 200m downstream of Emberton CP Caravan park; Also male Whinchat on fence posts 150m over the little bridge. Weston Road, Goosey Fields, Olney (BuBC)
4th Gannet: adult, reported flying along Tattenhoe Valley Paark, heading east over Emerson Valley (BuBC)
3rd Common Sandpiper: My first record on R. Ouse – the bird was initially feeding by the weir, but then flew towards the Mill and continued to feed. Wolverton Mill (BuBC)
3rd Grasshopper Warbler: 3 ‘reeling’ birds in west meadow. Olney (BuBC)
2nd Pasque flower: Abundant Pasque flowers still, some with seed heads. Knocking Hoe (Julian Lambley)

Pasque flower and seed head (Photo © Julian Lambley)
2nd Dingy Skipper (male?), Green Hairstreak: Knocking Hoe (Julian Lambley)

Dingy Skipper (Photo © Julian Lambley)

2nd Common Sandpiper: Seen very briefly feeding by Common Terns on muddy spit, deeper pit. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
1st Greenshank (2): One appeared to have only one leg. Plus Common Sandpiper. Floodplain Forest NR (Peter Barnes / BuBC)
1st Common Tern: 4 on the island shore, western lake. Gayhurst Quarry (Martin Ferns)
1st Common Sandpiper: Out front of Sailing Club. Emberton (BuBC)
1st Grasshopper Warbler: Reeling in scrub below gate off Weston Road. The Goosey, Olney (BuBC)
1st Ring Ouzel: very pleased to find a cracking male in paddocks E of . village. My first in the village, typically furtive keeping near bushes, but with patience could be seen feeding in the open albeit at a distance. Great Brickhill (BuBC)


30th Mealy Redpoll (poss): Very pale bird among flock of 30 Redpolls near east end of the wood, feeding on aspen catkins like yesterday’s bird. A largely clean breast lacking speckles in the middle with a white brow. Howe Park Wood. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
30th Greenshank (3), Common Sandpiper: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
29th Cuckoo: heard (while in Lathbury) calling from Bury Field area, Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
29th Mealy Redpoll: A first for me, feeding on catkins alongside 2 other Redpolls on an aspen overlooking one of the main mud/wood-chip rides. Flock of about 15/20 Redpolls still feeding in this area in the early evening. Howe Park Wood. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
29th Black Redstart: Heard singing (and just about picked up on windy sound recording) in the vicinity of one of the fields with ongoing excavation for new development, before work resumed in the morning. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
29th Whinchat: adult male. Ravenstone (BuBC)
29th Bulbous buttercup, Lady’s smock, Apple blossom, along banks of Gt River Ouse. near Haversham Mill (Mary Sarre)
28th Little Gull: 2 first summer birds. Willen Lake North (BuBC)
28th Whinchat (m): Sat holding on to a sprig of sorrel for grim death in a stiff NE breeze. Also 2-3 Greenshanks. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
28th Common Sandpiper: Floodplain Forest NR (Martine Harvey /

28th Coot’s nest and egg: seen at Three Locks, Gt Brickhill (Julian Lambley)

Coot’s egg in nest (Photo © Julian Lambley)
28th Whimbrel: My first ever ‘grounded’ Whimbrel for the Tattenhoe area, watched for about 40 mins foraging around damp field between 2 that are marked for development, before being flushed by an unknowing walker at the opposite end, flying off to the NE. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
28th Pied flycatcher, Little Ringed Plover, Greenshank, Reed bunting: Floodplain Forest NR (Julian Lambley)
28th Sand Martin: at least 4 flying around by the North Bridge, Newport Pagnell. (Martin Ferns)
27th Skylark: at least two birds singing above tussock grass area just to W of Fairfield development (Joe Clinch)
27th Linnet: male singing on recently planted area between Fairfield and Calverton (Joe Clinch)
27th Hobby: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
27th Greenshank (2), Little Ringed Plover (3), Common Sandpiper, Swift, Common Tern, Herring Gull, Green Woodpecker. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
26th Hoopoe: Still present, same area, quite mobile this morning. Willen Road Excavations (BuBC)
26th Siberian Chiffchaff (m): Still present in the Tattenhoe Valley Park. Quietly calling and making sub-song before going into louder song as he foraged through blossom in the same location as yesterday’s sighting. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
26th Lesser Whitethroat (m): My first for the Tattenhoe area this year, heard singing near the E end of Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard /BuBC)
26th Swift (18): Also Greenshank and Lesser Whitethroat. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
26th Yellow wagtail: pair seen near Olney Mill (julie Lane)
25th Hoopoe: in the same location as on previous days, Willen Road Excavations, Willen (Peter Barnes)
Hoopoe (Photo © Peter Barnes)
24th Hairy footed Flower Bee (m+f) and Mason Bee: Simpson churchyard (Rebecca Hiorns)

Hairy footed Flower Bee (Photo © Martin Ferns)
24th Cuckoo (heard), Little Ringed Plover, Greenshank (4), Goosander (f). Little Owl: Floodplain Forest NR (Jane Grisdale)
24th Hoopoe: Good – though brief – view from 20m in middle of the large site. The bird had been under observation for the previous 45 minutes. I was advised that the landowner does not welcome the attention; to reduce the potential for conflict, it’s important to keep to the somewhat ill-defined footpath. Willen Road Excavations, Willen (Peter Barnes)
24th Greater Stitchwort: in flower in several places. Also Speckled Wood butterfly. Little Linford Wood (Martin Ferns)
24th Lady’s Smock: in flower between the first two lakes, Gayhurst Quarry (Martin Ferns)
24th Small Tortoiseshell;  Speckled Wood: Lakes Lane/Gayhurst Quarry (Martin Ferns)
24th Swift (3), Common Sandpiper (2), Reed Warbler (2): Willen Lake North (BuBC)
24th Snipe, Bar-tailed Godwit, Common Sandpiper. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
24th Hobby: Flew over garden heading NE. Great Brickhill. (BuBC)
24th Swift: flew through Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
24th Swift: photographed low over housing near Furzton Lake (BuBC)
24th Whimbrel: in front of Farm Hide. Also 4 Greenshank – 3 on stilt pit and 1 in front of Farm Hide with Whimbrel. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
23rd Whimbrel: My 2nd record for the Tattenhoe area. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
23rd Bar-tailed Godwit: On small island opposite Viaduct Hide. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
23rd  Pasque flower: Fantastic display despite dry Spring. Knocking Hoe NR (Mary Sarre)
Pasque flower (Photo © Mary Sarre)
23rd Reed Warbler: seen and heard singing in the reeds along the S edge of the lake. Magna Park. (BuBC)
23rd Hoopoe: Showed well on ground in SE corner of set-aside field, then flew along hedgeline toward M1.Seen regularly throughout the day. Also male Redstart. Willen Road Excavations, Willen (BuBC)
22nd Whimbrel: Willen Lake South (BuBC)
22nd Common Sandpiper. On the spit. Willen Lake North (BuBC)
22nd Hoopoe: ‘What a find, and it stuck around all day. Willen Road excavations. Willen (BuBC)
22nd Greenshank: 2. Farm Hide. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
21st Siberian Chiffchaff (m) Still present, given away by a quiet burst of song while working through a row of blossom and trees. Tattenhoe Valley Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
20th Blackcap: nr Baker’s Spinney, Sherington/Filgrave. (Peter Barnes)
Blackcap (Photo © Peter Barnes)
20th Yellowhammer (m+f): pair on western edge of Hill Plantation, Fences Farm. Tyringham. (Peter Barnes)
Male and female Yellowhammers (Photo © Peter Barnes)
20th Linnet and Yellowhammer (f):  seen in succession on a wire, the Linnet singing.  Also 4 Buzzards circling high above with a Red Kite passing through. Probable flock of c. 100 Golden Plover wheeling in distance above ridge to north. Water Lane, Sherington (Peter Barnes)
Linnet (l), Yellowhammer (r) (Photos © Peter Barnes)
20th Greenshank: 2 outside Farm Hide. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
20th Sedge Warbler: heard opposite the hospice. 2 Reed Warbler also heard not seen. Plus Common Tern, Green Sandpiper (2), Little Ringed Plover. Willen Lake North. (BuBC)
19th Glossy Ibis: 2 seen circling the reserve for a minute or so before lost to view. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
19th Common Sandpiper: seen from Farm Hide.  Reed Warbler along river bank near caravan park. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
19th Common Tern: 2 flying up and down the river. The Mill, Olney (BuBC)
18th Peregrine: very vocal. Gayhurst Wood (Ann Strutton)
18th Reed Warbler: Willen Lake North (BuBC)
17th Redstart: stunning male, spending a while sat in the sunshoine and catching insects around brambles along the edge of one of the fields before unfortunately being flushed by a walker nearby. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
17th Whitethroat: male. My first for this year, singing as he foraged through blossom and scrub in one of the fields Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
17th Marsh Harrier: female flew across the lake twice. Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
17th Orange tip butterfly:2 males in garden at Olney (Julie Lane)
Male Orange tip (Photo © Julie Lane)
17th Bluebells: First bluebells in flower. Turvey (Julie Lane)
Bluebells (Photo © Julie Lane)

17th Gadwall: 2 pairs. Gayhurst Quarry (Martin Ferns)
17th Garden Warbler: in tre near allotments. New Bradwell Quarry (BuBC)
16th Garganey: awesome pair seen showing well in the NW channel before flying toward the eastern end of the northern channel. Floodplain Forest NR  (BuBC)
16th Whitethroat: Ravenstone (BuBC)
15th Red Crested Pochard (m): Gayhurst Quarry lakes (Alan Nelson / BuBC)
15th Ring Ouzel: 2 males feeding in the paddocks on the north edge of the back wood. Bow Brickhill (BuBC)
15th Sedge Warbler. Singing by the hospice. Willen Lake North (BuBC)
15th Glow-worm larvae Lampryis nocticula: Salcey Forest (Julie Lane)

Lampryis nocticula (Photo © Julie Lane)
14th Ring Ouzel: My 4th Ring Ouzel record for the Tattenhoe area. Fantastic view as this bird flew long the linear park/Tattenhoe Valley Park in a roughly NE direction. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
14th Little Owl: Seen in tree near Olney Mill; and a Willow Warbler singing down near Goosey Bridge. Olney (Julie Lane)
14th Oystercatcher: 2 on the island in the western lake. Gayhurst Quarry (Martin Ferns)
13th Hobby: Flew lazily north. Linford Lakes (BuBC)
13th Redstart: male bird showing well on wasteground opposite Argos. Central Milton Keynes (BuBC)
13th Ring Ouzel: 4. An incredible evening of watching, after seeing two Thrushes dive into a distant hedgerow, I then pick up 3 birds heading east, to my surprise these are two male Ring Ouzels and a third duller bird, which i assumed was a female. Incredibly 5 minutes later and a flock of 34 Fieldfare head west, with a trailing Ring Ouzel (!). Whether this was a new bird or one of the easterly 3 I couldnt say, but have recorded 4. Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
13th Possible Willow Tit: Heard what sounded very like a Willow Tit’s song, slow deliberate ‘chews’ not like Marsh Tit but didn’t see the bird. Was it another species mimicking. Shenley Wood. (BuBC)
13th Queen Tree Bumblebee Bombus hypnorum: seen in garden, Olney. SP884515. (Julie Lane)

Bombus hypnorum (Photos © Julie Lane)
13th Redstart: male on hedgeline and oak tree. Plus 2 Tree Sparrow in oak tree. Little Linford Wood (BuBC)
12th Red Kite being mobbed by 2 crows. Heelands. (Marina Grainger)
12th Redshank 1, Green Sandpiper 1, Little Ringed Plover 1, Snipe 1, Lapwing 3, Willow Warbler 1, Goldeneye 1m 1f, plus most of the usual suspects. 1 Swallow the only hirundine.  Heron 6-8 nests, Little Egret 3 nests but Great White Egrets (if breeding) are somewhere else. Willen Lake North (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
12th Mink: among vegetation on NE of spur in Caldecotte Lake North (Peter Skilton)

Mink (Photo © Peter Skilton)
12th Red Fox: Stony Stratford NR (Joe Clinch)
12th Grey Wagtail: male, low in willow tree on bank of River Ouse, Tombs Meadow, Stony Stratford (Joe Clinch)
11th Redstart (m): very mobile around the low willows at west end of Fishing Pit Gayhurst Quarry. (BuBC)
11th Ring Ouzel (m): Flew over Spinney Pit and landed in top of a tall willow. Gayhurst Quarry. (BuBC)
11th Redstart. Seen 8.15 am in same location as previous 2 days. Tattenhoe Park (BuBC)
11th Siberian Chiffchaff (m): found once again in the same area, vocalising for the first time in my observations since Friday. Filmed making classic ‘tristis’ song and heard making Bullfinch-like ‘peep’ calls as he looked for insects. Tattenhoe Valley Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)

Siberian Chiffchaff (Photos © Harry Appleyard)
11th Yellow Wagtail: Calling in flight to the north. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
11th Whitethroat. In small spinney east of village. Castlethorpe (BuBC)
11th Sedge Warbler: singing in the reeds by t.e sluice. Willen Lake North. (BuBC)
10th House Martin (10): My first so far, in large hirundine flock, mainly Swallows and Sand Martins. Plus Common Sandpiper and Meadow Pipit (8): on dam with Yellow and Pied Wagtails. Foxcote Reservoir (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
9th Swallow: 200 (ad) foraging on Blackhorse Lake. 200 is a crude estimate on a brief visit in poor light. Later also many Sand Martins. Thanks to Kenny Cramer for pointing them out, as there were none on the reserve! Linford Lakes NR (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
9th Cetti’s Warbler: adult seen and heard in reed fringe immediately to R of Warbler Hide; also adult male Willow Warbler, several Chiffchaffs and Blackcaps. Linford Lakes NR (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
9th Common Sandpiper with Little Ringed Plover. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
9th Yellow Wagtail (1m 2f), plus Common Sandpiper feeding,  on the Ski Tow. Willen Lake South (BuBC)
9th Redstart: 2 immaculate male Common Redstarts and a Willow Warbler. Rough ground opposite Sainsburys, Central Milton Keynes (BuBC)
9th Siberian Chiffchaff: found silently preening and foraging alongside 2 Willow Warblers. A very dull, grey bird with an almost white underside. Tattenhoe Valley Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
9th Redstart: Male, seen well from  distance, foraging around one of the green corridors near the E end of the site. Chased by Robins on a few occasions. Tattenhoe Valley Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
9th Yellowhammer (2), Pied Wagtail (3), Wheatear: 2m 1f in field above rabbit bank, Ravenstone (BuBC)
8th Reed Bunting: Male in summer plumage. Bury Field, western edge.of river meadow, between the ditch and the hedge, Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
6th Herring Gull (2 ad), Little Ringed Plover (ad), Oystercatcher (2, m+f), plus Swallow (2) – my first, but many more with 2 House Martin across the Ouse on the lovely Cosgrove Leisure Park lake. Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve. (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
6th Kittiwake: Briefly seen and photographed heading W, quite low. Initially thought it was asummer plumage Common Gull until reviewing the image later. A first for Tattenhoe and Bucks for me. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
6th Yellow Wagtail (m): My first for this year, given away by calls as it flew north. One vibrant bird. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
5th Otter: picked up on a trailcam at 1a.m. by the stream in the middle of Simpson, almost opposite the pub. (Rebecca Hiorns)
5th Early Dog Violet viola reichenbachiana. Little Linford Wood (Mary Sarre)
4th/5th Mandarin duck: A pair, at the southern end of the western arm (near the flood control structures), on the water and grazing nearby. Caldecotte Lake North (Rebecca Hiorns/Peter Barnes)
Photos © Peter Barnes
4th Woodcock, Peacock butterfly, and Comma: All within a few yards of each other. Gayhurst Wood (Ann Strutton)
4th Spoonbill: Seen flying low over the A5. We were right underneath it when it turned to fly over Wymbush Industrial Estate. It was flying low and slow, so you could not miss that bill! (BuBC)
4th Common Tern: Willen Lake South (BuBC)
3rd Yellow Wagtail: feeding on the bund for a time, then headed off east; Sedge Warbler (2) – one ringed ringed, one heard nearby, Linford Lakes NR (Kenny Cramer / BuBC)
3rd Swallow, at least 14 over the main lake throughout the morning. Linford Lakes NR (Kenny Cramer / BuBC)
2nd Hobby: seen heading east over main lake: Linford Lakes NR (Kenny Cramer / BuBC)
2nd Great Northern Diver: A very unexpected first for my Tattenhoe records, photographed flying over to the SE. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
2nd House Martin: Willen Lake North (BuBC)
2nd Little Ringed Plover (3), Oystercatcher (2), Lesser Black-backed Gull (2), Herring Gull (2), Swallow (10), House Martin, Green Woodpecker: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
1st Willow Warbler: male. My first for this site this year, heard singing. Newton Longville (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
1st Swallow: Flying low to the west. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
1st Redstart: male. My first for this year, and earliest to date by 2 days, given away by calls, and briefly seen perched by a small thicket in the linear park / Tattenhoe Valley Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)


31st Dark-edged Bee-fly Bombylius major: In the garden, Olney (Julie Lane)

Bombylius major (Photo © Julie Lane)
31st Willow Warbler. Tattenhoe (BuBC)
31st Swallow: 3 Sherington SP892468 (BuBC)
31st Yellow Wagtail: sunning bright male. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
31st Buzzard: 4 wheeling round just to the north of the H9, drifting slowly east. Simpson (Peter Barnes)
31st Garden Warbler: N end of small lake, singing by large ornate seat in willows. Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
31st Brown Hare: 4 frolicking in the ploughed fields by the motorway south of Gayhurst Wood. SP837461 (Martin Ferns)
31st Roe Deer: 3 males running across a field 200m W of the NW corner of Little Linford Wood. SP822447 (Martin Ferns)
30th Swallow: flying low to the W. Tattenhoe Park; another high-flying bird seen through a gap in the woodland canopy, singing as it flew W. Back Wood, Brickhills (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
30th Swallow: one did a fly-past near the Sailing Club, Emberton (BuBC)
30th Curlew: Calling down by the river near Goosey Bridge, Olney (Julie Lane)
29th Willow Warbler: Singing in trees near the Woodland Hide. Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
29th Willow Warbler: Male. My earliest for the Tattenhoe sites since 2017, heard very quietly singing by one of the woodland rides, but unfortunately not seen. Howe Park Wood (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
29th Swallow: My first for the year, briefly seen from my garden as it flew W over the estate. Tattenhoe. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
29th Swallow: 3. Willen Lake North (BuBC)
29th Peacock butterfly: First of the year in my garden. Olney (Julie Lane)
28th Swallow: 10. Willen Lake South (BuBC)
28th Black-tailed Godwit: On the spit, visible from the hide and bank. Willen Lake North (BuBC)
27th Sand Martin: 4, just arrived. Newport Pagnell SP877440 (BuBC)
27th Marsh Marigold: in ditch by footpath between Quarry Hall Farm and Lathbury. SP865457. (Martin Ferns)

Marsh Marigold (Photo: Martin Ferns)
26th Sand Martin: Lone bird briefly seen hawking over fields adjacent to the linear park/Tattenhoe Valley Park, disappearing as it flew to the west. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
26th Sand Martin: Flock of 53 seen over Blackhorse Lake around midday. Only 5-6 about an hour later. Linford Lakes NR  (BuBC)
25th Common Sandpiper: Feeding in dense scrub by Farm Hide. First of year for me. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
25th Green Sandpiper: 2 on the bund, plus Blackcap: Adult male in full song, and 5 Chiffchaffs.  (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
25th Sand Martin: My first for this year, photographed as it flew over to the NW. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
25th Osprey: adult. Circled 50 ft above me being harrassed by 2 B;lack-headed Gulls. Powered north over the plantation area and into Willen South. Woolstones. (BuBC)
25th Brown Long-eared Bat: 2 found whilst cleaning out the mammal nest boxes in Little Linford Wood. (Tony Wood)
24th Sand Martin: 3 flying and calling over the field for about 5 minutes. The Mill area, Olney (BuBC)
23rd Hobby: over twice 9.45 and 12.00. Very early? Olney (BuBC)
22nd Greenshank: Linford Lakes NR (Andy Harding /BuBC)
22nd Sand Martin (6): Willen Lake South (BuBC)
22nd Common Scoter: Nocturnal record and my first of this species in Bucks. Calls picked up over the estate on my sound recorder in the garden at 01.35. Tattenhoe (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
22nd Tree Sparrow: 4 sunning themselves on the fence by the old barn, west of Little Linford Wood (Martin Ferns)
22nd Marsh Tit (possible): Recorded calling in Little Linford Wood, 9.00. Alternative identifications welcome! (Martin Ferns)
21st Ruddy Shelduck: 2 flying over between Little Linford Wood and Hanslope Park (Julian Lambley)
Ruddy Shelduck (Photo © Julian Lambley)
20th Otter: spotted in R. Ouzel by Caldecotte South Lake (Simon Stevens)

Otter – diving just as the photo was taken … (Photo © Simon Stevens)
20th Brent Goose: With small group of Tufted Ducks seen from Warbler Hide, Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
20th Hobby: Flying across Stanton Low; circled Haversham Sailing Lake. Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
19th Woodcock: Flushed from the south-westerly ride. Little Linford Wood (BuBC)
19th Common Crossbill: Given away by calls as it passed over Water Eaton (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
19th Mediterranean Gull: 1 very attractive summer-plumaged adult with the Black-headed Gulls. Was heard to ‘meow’ on a couple of occasions. A few white feathers in forehead. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
18th Hairy-footed Flower Bee: male seen on Rosemary in garden, Olney. (Julie Lane)

Hairy-footed Flower Bee – you can just see his hairy front feet (Photo © Julie Lane)
18th Mute Swans: Over a hundred on the meadows by the River Ouse between Weston Underwood and Gayhurst. (Julie Lane)
18th Wood Pigeon: About a hundred on Bury Field, Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
17th Lapwing, Snipe (2), Shoveller (pr), Great Spotted Woodpecker… and 2 Brown Rats. Stony Stratford NR (Joe Clinch)
17th Great Spotted Woodpecker: comes to feed a couple of times a day since mid-February. Bradwell (Kerry Garratt)
17th Red-crested Pochard: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
17th Pintail: female, on the Spit. Willen Lake North (BuBC)
16th Tawny Owl: not so much seen as heard, at midnight. Great Linford (Jane Grisdale)
16th Skylark: in song above the rough grassland on the Calverton side of the Fairfield development, (Joe Clinch)
14th Mandarin Duck: Also seen on 23rd February in roughly the same place with (presumably) the same pair of mallards. Grand Union canal, near the Watling Street bridge, Fenny Stratford (June and Robin Young)
Mandarin Duck (Photo © Robin Young)
14th Cetti’s Warbler (2 singing males), Mistle Thrush (2 adults), Chiffchaff (brief burst of song – first of year), Oystercatcher (adult), Egyptian Goose (adult) and 7 Barnacle Geese (adults) with other geese across R. Ouse. Linford Lakes NR (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
14th Mediterranean Gull: 1 in winter plumage. Willen Lake North (BuBC)
14th Red-Legged Partridge: Feeding along the edge of a hedge. Another first for the garden, and indeed the first sighting for the Calverton area that I have seen in 50 years. Stony Stratford (Joe Clinch)
14th Jay: a pair in the garden this morning – the first time I’ve seen two together here. Simpson (Peter Barnes)
13th Goldfinch (5): in garden. Simpson (Peter Barnes)
Goldfinch (Photo © Peter Barnes)
13th Mistle Thrush: in a local apple tree, guarding it against all competitors! Olney (Julie Lane)
12th Peregrine, Raven and a pari of Red Kites. Tyringham Bridge. (Julie Lane)
12th Otter: on River Ouzel, seen by reliable observers, also on 8th. Simpson (Peter Barnes)
11th Sand Martin. Briefly seen circiling over garden before struggling N in the heavy wind. Broughton (BuBC)
10th Siskins (2): in garden. Simpson (Peter Barnes)
9th Small Tortoiseshell: Simpson (Peter Barnes)
9th Common Crossbill: A maximum of 5 seen at once flying over the wood. Also a couple seen in pines over the golf course including what appeared to be a first calendar year male, still showing speckles on the chest and hints of green on the head. Harry Appleyard. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
9th Oystercatcher: 2 feeding on mud in centre of Forest Floodplain NR; also Small Tortoiseshell sitting in sunlight close of Irontrunk Aqueduct (Martin Ferns)
9th Gadwall: 2 pairs. Gayhurst Quarry lake. (Martin Ferns)
8th Iceland Gull: Photographed flying over to south, astonishingly over same corner of site as juvenile just over 5 weeks ago. Neck appears to be a little speckled so possibly a 3rd winter bird. Tattenhoe Park. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
8th Pintail: Long stayer female in SW corner; could only be seen from SE side. Willen Lake North. Also 18 Goldeneye (10m) Willen Lake South (BuBC)
7th Great White Egret: 9 birds were recorded in the MK area today: 3 at Floodplain Forest NR, 3 at Linford Lakes NR, 2 at Gayhurst, 1 at New Bradwell Quarry lake (BuBC)
7th Black Redstart: female. My first Black Redstart for the Tattenhoe area, photographed foraging and perched by one of the fields near Blyton Lane. Tattenhoe Park. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
7th Barnacle Goose: 10 see on grazing field, E. end of site, seen from boundary walk, with a group of Canada and Greylag Geese. Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
5th Coltsfoot: just in flower. Floodplain Forest NR (Joe Clinch)
5th Tree Creeper: among the young trees. Floodplain Forest NR (Joe Clinch)
5th Common Crossbill: c. 40 (m+f) i larches around clearfell area. Also min. 3 Siskin (m+f) – scarce this winter; 1 Marsh Tit, 1 Grey Wagtail, 1 Tawny Owl heard (unless it was people larking about), c. 80 Wigeon over. Rushmere Country Park. (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
5th Mediterranean Gull: Adult in full breeding plumge. Willen Lake South. (BuBC)
3rd Siskin: A pair on the garden feeder. The first I have seen since 2013. Simpson. (Peter Barnes)
Siskins (Photo © Peter Barnes)
3rd Oystercatcher (2): also Great White Egret and Little Owl. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
3rd Common Crossbill: Having seen groups of 2,3 and 8, c.40 others flew in, quite a sight. Recently clear-felled area along the Greensand Ridge walk (SP908292), Rushmere Country Park (BuBC)


28th Cobweb:  This blanket of cobweb covered a manure heap at the back of Little Linford wood yesterday.Total area covered was about 2 double king-size blankets. Little Linford Wood (Julian Lambley)
(Photo © Julian Lambley)
28th Small Tortoisehell: on the wing. Lower Weald, Calverton. My first for this year. (Joe Clinch)
28th Goldeneye: ecl female on the sailing lake, Emberton (BuBC)
27th Common Crossbill: at least 12 in Rushmere Park between car park and clearfell area. Great Brickhill (BuBC)
27th Pintail: female, SW corner of Willen Lake North (BuBC)
27th 7-spot Ladybird: in garden, Gawcott (Sue Hetherington)

7-spot Ladybird (Photo © Sue Hetheringon)
26th Oystercatcher: at least 4 calling and flying back and forth. Floodplain Forest NR (Joe Clinch)
26th  Chiffchaff: in willow tree at edge of reserve. Floodplain Forest NR (Joe Clinch)
25th Great Crested Grebe: A pair engaged in classic courtship display. Caldecotte Lake (Peter Barnes)

Great Crested Grebes courting (Photos © Peter Barnes)
25th Red Kite: over the Linear Park. Simpson (Peter Barnes)
Red Kite (Photo © Peter Barnes)
25th Ross’s Goose: On the lake with other geese. Ashland Lake (BuBC)
24th Brimstone butterfly: in garden this morning, Woburn Sands (Mary Lea)
24th Common Woodlouse oniscus acellus: in my house. A little follow-up to Graham Bellamy’s16th September talk to MKNHS! (Julie Lane)
Common Woodlouse: (Photo © Julie Lane)
24th Caddis Larvae: Lots of larvae at the warmer surface water in a ditch near R. Ouse, Olney. (Julie Lane)
Caddis larvae, Olney, doing whatever caddis do at this time of year! (Photo © Julie Lane)
24th Pintail: 5 (3m / 2f). Willen Lake North (BuBC)
23rd Brimstone butterfly: a male in garden at Linford Lakes Study Centre (Martin Kincaid)
23rd Frogs and frogspawn: in pond by H3, Stantonbury (Kate Wyatt)
23rd Sparrowhawk: just outside our garden, having caught a dove; also Common Frog on the doorstep! Newport Pagnell (Ann Jones)

Sparrowhawk (Photo © Ann Jones)
23rd Brown Hare: running across field between R Ouse and Quarry Hall Farm, late afternoon; also Little Egret, flying over Gayhurst Quarry lakes. Gayhurst (Martin Ferns)
23rd Common Frog: A very rotund (pregnant) Common Frog at Salcey Forest (Julie Lane)

Common Frog, Salcey Forest (Photo © Julie Lane)
22nd Honeybees (2) and Buff-tailed Bumblebee Queen: in garden, Olney (Julie Lane)

Snowdrops and honeybee (Photo © Julie Lane)
22nd Mistle Thrush: singing in large Ash tree outside Stony Mill apartments, Stony Stratford. (Mary Sarre)
22nd Goosander: pair, on River Ouse, opposite the Millfield, Stony Stratford (Joe Clinch)
21st Oak Beauty moth: back garden Oldbrook (Martin Kincaid)
21st Jackdaw: nest-building activities have commenced at the box provided (since 2019) on my house at Gawcott (Sue Hetherington)
Jackdaw at home (Photo from 2019 © Sue Hetherington)
20th Hen Harrier: a ringtail (female) over reed bed, Linford lakes. Same bird has been seen several times over past fortnight between haversham and Linford. (Martin Kincaid)
20th Blackcap: male in garden, Simpson (Rebecca Hiorns)
20th Meadow Pipit: Calverton side of fairfield Development (Joe Clinch)
20th Mistle Thrush singing; 2 Song Thrush singing; 3 Stonechat (2m) on fence by entrance track; Great White Egret. Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
20th Wheatear: Very early sighting. Alternating between field and hedgerow. Tingewick (BuBC)
20th Brimstone butterfly: First of 2021, in the copse at the back of my garden. Morning. Simpson. (Peter Barnes)
20th Brimstone butterfly: In sunshine by roadside, 11.30, NW of Stratford Road, Old Wolverton (Jenny Mercer)
18th Iceland Gull: A smart-looking bird in 1st winter plumage. Newton Leys (BuBC)
18th Woodcock: seen twice in the clearfell area of Rushmere Park, Great Brickhill (BuBC)
17th Stonechat: pair (m/f) by the S pond, Bury Field, Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
17th Redshank and 2 Dunlin: with Lapwings in NW corner of Willen Lake North (BuBC)
16th Goldeneye: 23 (13m)  Willen Lake South (BuBC)
15th Barn Owl: seen huunting in the fields between the back of ASDA at Oakridge/Stanton Low and the canal. It covered the whole field several times often swooping down, around 5p.m. (Charles Vaton)
15th Greenshank: On island viewed from hide. Willen Lake North (BuBC)
15th Stonechat: seen again on Bury FIeld, Newport Pagnell (Ryan Cox)
15th Mistle Thrush: enjoying the bluish/black fruit of a Myrtle bush at the side of the house, a first for my garden in 40 plus years. Stony Stratford (Joe Clinch)
14th Hen Harrier (fem): An absolutely cracking Ringtail was seen to fly over from E to W between the Far Hide and the Heronry. Seemed to head into the reserve. Also a Woodcock, going the other way. Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
14th Pintail: male, amongst a raft of Teal and Gadwall. Forest Floodplain NR (BuBC)
13th Goosander: 7 on the Ouse next to Forest Floodplain NR (Jim Ward)
Male and female Goosander (Photos © Jim Ward)
13th Woodcock: 2 flushed from stubble field. Stoke Goldington (BuBC)
13th Pintail: adult/female. Willen Lake North (BuBC)
13th Pintail: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
12th Heron: Watching and waiting. Caldecotte Lake (Peter Barnes)
I know how he feels… (Photo © Peter Barnes)
12th Goosander: 2m, 4f on river from Churchyard, Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
11th Little Egret and Grey Heron: On the Ouzel just N of H9 bridge, afternoon. Walton. (Peter Barnes)

(Photo © Peter Barnes)
11th Probable juv Marsh Harrier: Flying along Eastern boundary of main lake south. Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
11th: Treecreeper: on tree close to North Bridge, Ousebank Gardens, Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
10th Fieldfare and Redwing: A large mixed flock (>100) on watery field just below Quarry Hall Farm. A couple of Lapwing amongst them, and another flock of c.25 Lapwing seen just before flying towards the Ouse. 15.45 Gayhurst. (Martin Ferns)
10th Snipe: 10 minimum. Also Chiffchaff calling then seen, but not clearly Floodplain Forest NR (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
10th Stonechat: female, in the shrub-planted area above the wet-dry balancing lake on the Calverton side of the Fairfield development. (Joe Clinch)
10th Stonechat: male, perched by some of the standing water on Bury Field, Newport Pagnell (Ryan and Nadine Cox)
10th Jack Snipe: One of the many Snipe started to bounce characteristically, but then
disappeared deeper into the reeds. Willen Lake North (BuBC)
10th Goldeneye: 12 m, 9 f, with a lot of displaying from the males. Willen Lake South (BuBC)
9th Caspian Gull: 2 pristine adults in the roost. Caldecotte Lake (BuBC)
8th Cormorant: A wonderful male, in breeding plumage, with long white feathers on the side of it head. On the Ouse near Goosey Bridge, Olney (Julie Lane)
8th Little Grebe: 5, plus at least 250 Lapwings. The sand bars are going to disappear soon, as Anglia Water are going to raise the water level. Willen Lake North (Ann Strutton)
8th Pochard: around 30 pairs. Willen Lake South (Ann Strutton)
7th Sparrowhawk: feeding on pigeon in garden. Bletchley (Pat/Neil Hodges)
Sparrowhawk (Photos © Neil Hodges)
6th Cattle Egret: bird found earlier in flooded fields by bridge still present (BuBC)
6th Great Crested Grebe: Caldecotte Lake (Peter Barnes)
Now you see it … Now you don’t… (Photos © Peter Barnes)
6th Lapwing – 100 on spits over north lake; Snipe – 100 possibly more, a few seen from hide, but large collection protected in reeds close to the hospice; Mandarin Duck (m) around the edge of the island, seen from hide and bank by river. Willen Lake North (BuBC)
6th Goldeneye: 23 (13m) in the pre-desk gathering. Willen Lake South (BuBC)
6th Mistle Thrush: 2 in bottom horse paddock along Tongwell Lane. Newport Pagnell.  (BuBC)
5th Redwing: seen at The Walnuts, Simpson (Peter Barnes)

Redwing among the branches (Photo © Peter Barnes)
5th Great Northern Diver: Still at Caldecotte Lake SP890351. (BuBC)
4th Willow or Marsh Tit: A really good sighting of a Willow or Marsh Tit. I have a hunch it was a Willow Tit as I have seen them up close and in the hand in the past. No clarity with the song, sadly. Salcey Forest (Julie Lane)
3rd Greenfinch: 20. Sherington (BuBC)
3rd Linnet: at least 32, in trees near Chicheley Hill, Chicheley (BuBC)
3rd Common Crossbill: 20, giving prolonged views as they fed, occasionally dropping down to lower branches. Look for a clear-felled area on the Greensand Ridge Walk about 0.5 mile west of the gatehouse on the Heath & Reach to Great Brickhill lane. (BuBC)
2nd Ravens: 2 (a pair?), flying over the lower meadow of Bury Common, Newport Pagnell (Ann Jones)
1st Black Redstart: still in paddock at NW end of Bury Field. Frequenting the wood pile near the portacabin. Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
1st Whooper Swan: 2  seen flying over flooded area near Quarry Hall Farm, west entrance, disappeared over field towards Newport Pagnell. Quarry Hall Farm, Gayhurst (BuBC)
1st Mistletoe Viscum album: as noted in Mary S’s news item, mistletoe is indeed flourishing in Simpson (Hanmer Road). (Peter Barnes)
Viscum album (Photo © Peter Barnes)

January 2021

31st Red Kite (probable): on the shed in back garden, a quick visit to eat bacon rind, Furzton (Andrew Quirke)
31st Whooper Swan: 2 on the floods with Mutes. A lovely sight in North Bucks. Quarry Hall Farm, Gayhurst (BuBC)
31st Black Redstart: Seen from embankment, NW edge of Bury Field. Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
31st Tree Sparrow: Seen perched in hedge and in first tree from road, together with 7 House Sparrows. Castlethorpe SP809436 (BuBC)
31st Ring-necked Parakeet: Flying overhead, calling loudly, towards Manor Farm from Floodplain Forest NR (Jane Barrow)
31st Goldeneye: 21, including 13 males. Willen Lake South (BuBC)
31st Otter: in the Brook alongside Little Stocking. I noticed the water was disturbed, so stopped and an otter head popped up; as soon as it saw me it ducked back under the road culvert. Shenley Brook End. Too quick for a picture!  (Helen Mitchell)
30th Tree Sparrow: 2 – unexpected surprise, feeding in game strip north of Lodge Farm. Castlethorpe (BuBC)
29th Peregrine: see at approx. 8.30 a.m. Willen Lake South (Ann Strutton)
27th Dartford Warbler: Hazeley Woods (Jim Ward)
Dartford Warbler (Photo © Jim Ward)
27th Goosander: 3m, 3f upper balancing lake. Wolverton Mill (Joe Clinch)
27th Grey Wagtail: Millstream, Wolverton Mill (Joe Clinch)
27th Caspian Gull: Near adult 3rd winter on the grass opposite the pavilion. Clearly larger than adjacent Herring Gulls, displaying all the classic features until the whole flock was spooked by a low-flying Red Kite. (BuBC)
27th Pink-footed Goose: In a mixed Greylag/Canada Goose flock swimming on the east side of the north lake. Flew off on its own at 8.45. Caldecotte Lake (BuBC)
26th Iceland Gull: My first for the Tattenhoe area, watched and photographed for about a minute as it flew to the SW before suddenly turning to the south and heading towards Newton Longville. Very dull lght at the time, but clearly a very pale bird against the dark sky. A rare county bird. (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
26th Jack Snipe: Flushed. New Bradwell Quarry. (BuBC)
25th Brambling: male on feeder in garden in Woburn Sands (Anne Groves, reported by Viola Read)
25th Goosander (5m, 4f), Water Rail, Cetti’s Warbler heard, Little Grebe, a large flock of Fieldfares, some Redwings, a singing Song Thrush, some Pied Wagtails, Meadow Pipits, a Green Woodpecker, a large flock of Goldfinches, two Greenfinches, and many more commoner birds! What a wonderful morning walk! Near Goosey bridge, Olney. (Julie Lane)
Goosander: 8 of the 9… (Photo © Julie Lane)
25th Water Rail: also heard on the morning walk, The recording below has Water Rail wheezing away in the background; also fieldfares, pied wagtail, robin, blue tits and meadows pipits. Near Goosey bridge, Olney. (Julie Lane, who made the recording)
25th Iceland Gull: An absolute beauty of a cream-coloured northern beauty. A 1st winter bird seen on the ice in company with 2 Herring Gulls and 8 Black-headed Gulls, preened for a few minutes and then headed off west. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
25th Fieldfare: 204 counted from a photo; feeding on fallen apples in my garden. Highest count ever; suprisingly only 4 Redwings among them. Stowe. (BuBC)
24th Great Northern Diver: Still there, seen to catch and demolish a large crayfish. Caldecotte Lake (BuBC)
23rd Hedgehog: caught on a trail cam. Also seen on 21st Jan. Simpson (Peter Barnes)
Hedgehog (Photo © Peter Barnes)
23rd Pintail: 4 – 2 males jockeying for position for the attention of 2 females. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
23rd Black Redstart: 1 winter male in paddocks NW of Bury Field. Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
22nd Pintail: 2m Seen distantly on Viaduct Pit from Manor Farm. Floodplain Forest (BuBC)
22nd Common Crossbill: A morning flyover, calling as it flew to the west. Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard / BuBC)
20th Peacock butterfly: brief sighting in garden. Wobrun Sands (Viola Read)
20th Red Kite: A pair now regularly seen over the western side of Olney. (Julie Lane)
18th Goldeneye: 4m 1f.  Willen Lake South (BuBC)
16th Stonechat: On drive to LLNR visitor centre no felled trees between road and lake. Used to be a regular site. Probably also a male somewhere, only you’re not allowed to stop. Linford Lakes NR. (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
16th Great Crested Newt: found under a coal sack, photographed in a plastic box, and returned to a safe dry place. We have had newts in both our ponds for many years now, including smooth newts – but no Gt Crested Newt observed previously.  Bow Brickhill (Carol Gale)

Great Crested Newt (Photo: Carol Gale)
15th Caspian Gull: a clean-cut winter bird. Willen Lake South (BuBC)
12th  Goldcrest, Siskin (min. 10 near woodland hide), Stonechat (pair on fence along entrance track): Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
11th Marsh Tit (ad): With mixed tit flock in rather interesting woodland strip with several Nuthatch, Treecreeper etc. SP686385 Akely Wood (north of Buckingham). (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
11th Yellowhammer: At least 7 among a group of c. 30 birds (others unidentified), flying to woodland from hedgerow along road towards car park. Also 8 pied wagtails foraging in ploughed field nearby. SP835455. Little Linford Wood (Martin Ferns)
11th Greylag Goose: c.200 in field between the two arms of the Ouse. SP855450. Gayhurst Quarry (Martin Ferns)
10th Water Rail: Calling repeatedly from pond behind the centre, Linford Lakes NR (Chris Coppock / BuBC)
9th Goosander (9m, 9f), Gadwall (4): at the balancing lakes, Wolverton Mill (Julian Lambley)
8th Coot: >210 in photo below, with others in smaller groups elsewhere on Willen Lake South. (Peter Barnes)
Mostly Coots (Photo © Peter Barnes)
8th Blackheaded-gulls, Great Crested Grebe: Willen Lake South (Peter Barnes)

Black-headed gulls (l) and Great Crested Grebe (r) (Photos © Peter Barnes)
8th Pintail: 4m, 3f Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
8th Goldeneye: male. Willen Lake South (Peter Barnes/BuBC)
8th Merlin: female, in field west of Bullington End. Castlethorpe (BuBC)
7th Goldeneye: 4. Willen Lake South (BuBC)
7th Goosander: pair (m+f) on R.Ouse below Stony Mill apartments (Mary Sarre)
5th Cattle Egret: flew east along river. Gayhurst Quarry (BuBC)
5th Little Owl: 2 in usual tree. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
5th Goosander: seen from bridge over River Ouse, Tyringham Park (BuBC)
5th Short-eared Owl: noted in the headlights on way into work (Cranfield), not far from Newport Pagnell (Alan Nelson/BuBC)
4th Redwing: Willen Lake South (Phill Crowe)

Redwing (Photo © Phill Crowe)
3rd Black Redstart (f): Seen briefly in horse paddocks to NW of Bury Field. Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
2nd Greater Spotted Woodpecker: on a bird feeder, Stony Stratford (Julian Lambley)

Greater Spotted Woodpecker (Photo © Julian Lambley)
2nd Primrose and Red Campion: among 29 native or naturalised flowering plants observed during the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland (BSBI) new year plant hunt. Simpson Parish. (Rebecca Hiorns)

Primrose and Red Campion (Photos © Rebecca Hiorns)
2nd Pintail: Male on Stilt pit. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
1st Redwing: in tree behind garden. Simpson (Peter Barnes)
1st Great White Egret (2), Goosander and Coot: Floodplain Forest NR (Peter Barnes)

Above: Great White Egret (Photo © Peter Barnes)
Below: Goosander and Coot (Photo © Peter Barnes)


1st Great White Egret: 2 feeding in front of Farm hide, on spit near opposite bank. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
1st Goosander: 8 (3m 5f) on pool in front of Iron Trunk hide, Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)