Sightings 2022

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MKNHS does not generally check the reliability of a sighting but for particularly rare or uncommon species, we may ask for additional information. We reserve the right to make the final decision on what sightings are posted.


29th Egyptian Goose (2) amongst c.80 Greylag Geese; a flock of c.100 Lapwing wheeled around and over (field between the two branches of the River Ouse SP857451). Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
29th Great White Egret (6), Little Egret (4), Cormorant (15-20) Kickles Lake. Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
29th Shoveller (2), Wigeon (c.15) and Tufted Duck (c.15), amongst larger number of Mallard. Gayhurst Quarry Lakes. Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
29th Brent Goose: In favoured field. Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
28th Goldeneye (f): Foxcote Reservoir (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
27th Whooper Swan (3): Present in the winter wheat field near to Lavendon and viewable from the A428. Cold Brayfield (BuBC)
27th Brent Goose (juv): Present again alone in favoured field to the North West as you view from the hide. Foxcote Reservoir. (BuBC)
27th Pintail: Floodplain Forest NR, Milton Keynes (BuBC)
25th Willow Warbler: The first recorded in December in Bucks. Orange legs, dark eye-stripes and very scruffy tail feathers separating it from at least 2 Chiffchaffs in the area: Emerson Valley. (Harry Appleyard)

Willow Warbler (Photo© Harry Appleyard)

23rd Goosander (f+m): Tongwell Lake, Milton Keynes ( Bob Phillips)

Female and Male Goosander (Photo©Bob Phillips)

21st Caspian Gull: Showing well amongst a large mixed flock of gulls on the lake. Stood out from the Herring Gulls with its slightly darker wings: Furzton Lake ( Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
20th Goosanders (8): Tongwell Lake, Milton Keynes (Alan Nelson/BuBC)
20th Kingfisher: by Premier Inn brook, Willen Lake (Alan Nelson/BuBC)
20th Mute Swans (90), Cormorants (53), Goldeneye (m) (4), Little Grebes (9): Willen Lake (Alan Nelson/BuBC)
20th Ringed Necked Parakeets (2): Linford Manor, Milton Keynes (Alan Nelson/BuBC )
19th Goosander (m): on River Ouse, Tombs Meadow, Stony Stratford ( Joe Clinch )
18th Green Sandpiper: Tongwell Lake (Alan Nelson/BuBC)
17th Pintail(f): Stood with other wildfowl on the ice at the edge of the only free water. Willen Lake North (BuBC)
16th Goosander(7) and Fox: Floodplain Forest NR (Julian Lambley )

Fox and Mallards (Photo©Julian Lambley)

16th Brent Goose (juv): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
15th Caspian Gull in roost: Caldecotte Lake ((BuBC)
15th Little Owl, Fieldfares(3), Redwing(2), Grey Heron(2),Goosander(2m&1f), Kestrel, Great White Egret and a fox seen at the Floodplain Forest NR (Graham Lynham )

Redwing and Fox (Photos © Graham Lynham)
15th Siberian Chiffchaff: Now present for 2 weeks in Tattenhoe Valley Park (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
14th Kingfisher, Black Swan and 67 Mute Swans: Willen South Lake (Alan Nelson/(BuBC)
14th Otter, 9 Little Grebe, Grey wagtail, Water Rail, Goldeneye (f), 25 Cormorants and 37 Mute Swans: Willen North Lake (Alan Nelson/(BuBC)
14th 3 Snipe, Grey Wagtail and Egret: Tongwell Lake (Alan Nelson/(BuBC)
14th Siberian Chiffchaff: Still present in the Tattenhoe Valley Park (Harry Appleyard/BuBC )
14th Pintail (m): at one of the open sections of water on Furzton Lake (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
13th Siberian Chiffchaff: Now present for almost 2 weeks: Tattenhoe  Valley Park Milton Keynes ( Harry Appleyard/(BuBC)
13th Mediterranean Gull: The same bird as the previous day
Mount Farm Milton Keynes (BuBC)
12th Mediterranean Gull with yellow ring: Mount Farm Milton Keynes
(Chris Coppock/(BuBC)
12th Male Merlin: Sherington. (BuBC)
12th Male Kingfisher in brook by the Premier Inn. Male Merlin along river Ouse. Willen Lake South. (Alan Nelson/(BuBC)
12th Otter walking over ice to southern end of the island. Also two  water rails. Willen Lake North (Alan Nelson/(BuBC)
12th Common Snipe: Tongwell Lake (Alan Nelson/BuBC)
12th Male Goldeneye: Furzton Lake Milton Keynes
(Chris Coppock/BuBC )
12th Hawfinch: calling bird flew over Willen Lake North at around 11.00am (BuBC)
11th Jack Snipe and Common Snipe: around the carpark area and scrub at Tongwell Lake Milton Keynes (Alan Nelson/BuBC)
11th Siberian Chiffchaff: still present, foraging around its usual area in Tattenhoe Valley Park. Milton Keynes (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
10th Woodcock: flew over the A5 Little Brickhill (Paul Gibbs/BuBC)
9th Short-eared Owl: flew over my head c.16.05 being mobbed by 2 crows, appeared to be landing on the island or possibly the far bank. Tongwell Lake (Alan Nelson/BuBC)
9th Siberian Chiffchaff: Seen in the late morning, showing well and calling while foraging around a frequented oak near the brook, Tattenhoe Valley Park (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
Siberian Chiffchaff (Photos©Harry Appleyard)
8th Redwings (small flock): feeding in retained hedgerow ; also Kestrel (fem) perching on young tree in an area of open access grassland and planted shrubs, both sightings to W of the Fairfield development (Joe Clinch)
8th Fieldfare (2), Redwing, Little Owl (2), Great White Egret, Little Egret (4): Floodplain Forest NR (Graham Lynham)
Fieldfare and Little Owls (Photos©Graham Lynham)
8th Jack Snipe: flushed, Emberton (BuBC)
8th Woodcock: seen returning to woods, Stoke Goldington (BuBC)
7th and 8th Great White Egret and Goosander:  Floodplain Forest NR (Clive Chapman)
6th Buzzard: a very dark bird, showing how variable buzzards can be. Watermill Lane, Stony Stratford SP795408 (James Dolman)
Buzzard (Photo©James Dolman)
5th Lapwing: approx 80-100 each morning over Willen Lake North (Ann Strutton)
5th Siberian Chiffchaff: still present and occasionally while foraging around waterside willows and other trees near the brook in Tattenhoe Valley Park (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
4th Long-tailed Duck: still showing well in front of Heronry Hide, despite clearing work in progress ad bonfires on the bund! (BuBC)
4th Otter: put all the fowl up, Willen Lake North (Alan Nelson/BuBC)
2nd Tufted Duck (9): Caldecotte Lake (BuBC)
1st Long-tailed Duck (fem): Still showing well, in front of Far (Heronry) Hide. Linford Lakes NR (Bob Phillips)

Long-tailed Duck (Photo©Bob Phillips)
1st Siberian Chiffchaff: Occasionally calling while foraging around waterside trees and at ground level by the brook. This was at the same spot as the one seen in December 2020. Tattenhoe (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)


30th Egyptian Geese (2): Little Linford (Martin Ferns)
30th Woodcock: Sherington (BuBC)
23rd Raven: possibly 2, heard not seen in or near the 2 cedars in Lathbury Manor Park (Martin Ferns)
22nd Bar-headed Goose (4): probably escapees. Three Locks (Julian Lambley)
21st Sparrowhawk (fem) flying low in bushes being chased by Carrion Crow flying acrobatically and just as fast. Monkston, by cycle path (Steve Cousins)
21st Long-tailed Duck (fem): Still present; pink on bill suggests an adult female although impossible to rule out a forward juvenile drake. Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
21st Ring-necked parakeets: at least 2 by the new hotel, Willen Lake South (Ann Sutton)
20th Otter: Seen on the MKNHS morning walk to Ashland. ( Julian Lambley)
Otter (Photos © Julian Lambley)
20th Woodcock: Flew up from the understory in Salden Wood, Newton Longville.  (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
19th Otter: in the western pond at Stonepit Field SP8433 4195 (Linda Counter)
19th Woodcock: Flew up from bracken close to the clearfell areas, Rushmere Park (BuBC)
18th Long-tailed Duck (fem):} Seen from Far Hide in late afternoon, Linford lakes NR (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
17th Common Scoter (4): on south lake at far end from bridge, Caldecotte Lake (BuBC)
15th Candlesnuff fungus xylaria hypoxylon: Growing on a very old stump in a lime tree plantation in New Bradwell. also known as Stagshorn (Charles Vaton)
Candlesnuff (Photo © Charles Vaton)
9th Pintail: Female seen on Willen Lake North. (BuBC)
9th Water Rail: Seen from the viaduct hide, Floodplain Forest NR. (Kris Evershed)
Water Rail (Photo © Kris Evershed)
9th Egyptian geese: Pair seen in the field above the Farm hide, Floodplain Forest NR. (Graham Lynham)
Egyptian Geese (Photo © Graham Lynham)
4th Great Northern Diver: Seen flying over Tattenhoe, Milton Keynes. (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
4th Hawfinch: Seen Flying over Great Brickhill. (BuBC)


31st Hawfinch: Seen flying over Tattenhoe, Milton Keynes. (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
28th Crimson Speckled: Migrant moth from S. Surope/N.Africa Utetheisa pulchella. First record for Bucks during current influx. On chrysanthemums in a Wolverton garden. (Paul Dubery)
Crimson Speckled (Photo© Paul Dubery)

28th Great Crested Grebes (13+), Cormorants, many Coots, Moorhens, Mute Swans, Black Headed Gulls, Herring Gulls, Red Kites (2) and a Kingfisher. All at Furzton Lake. Kingfisher seen on smaller section of Furzton Lake the other side of the footbridge. (Graham Lynham)

Great-crested Grebe (Photo © Graham Lynham)

Kingfisher (Photo© Graham Lynham)

28th Rock Pipit: Newton Longville. Flying low in southeasterly direction. (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
27th Rhododendron Leaf Hopper (Graphocephala fennahi): Woburn woods. (Julian Lambley)

Rhododendron Leaf Hopper (Photo © Julian Lambley)

26th Red-crested Pochard: Linford Lakes NR. Seen from Heronry Hide. NB Permit required for access to this site (BuBC)

20th Bat: dead, part decomposed bat, probably pipistrelle, blocking boiler flue, Stony Stratford (Julian Lambley)
20th Fieldfare (25): Sherington (BuBC)
20th Fieldfare: Single bird heading east. Howe Park Wood (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
20th Fieldfare (124): an afternoon count mainly of flocks passing over to the south. A few birds were also briefly settled in the linear park/Tattenhoe Valley Park. (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
20th Fieldfare: 5 seen dropping into the Tattenhoe Valley and a flock of 4 seen heading to the southeast later on. Tattenhoe
19th Fieldfare (35): Flock flying low through the linear park to the south. Furzton (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
19th Brambling, Fieldfare (2), Redwing: My first Brambling for the season in Bucks, heard calling twice as it flew over a morning migration watch; at least 2 Fieldfare seen and head calling, possibly quite a few more seen briefly and more distantly as flocks of Redwing passed over. Tattenhhoe Park (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
19th Fieldfare (40): Sherington (BuBC)
18th Pintail: Female seen at Linford Lakes NR. NB Permit required for access to this site. (Andy Harding/BuBC)
16th Ravens (2): over Little Linford Wood, 11.30hrs, one doing barrel rolls. (Sighted by Paul Moon, report by Mike LeRoy)
16th Marsh Tit: Little Linford Wood (SP 83198 45633) 11.15hrs.( Identified by call then by sight by Paul Moon. Report by Mike LeRoy)
16th Shoveller:  2-3 pairs, among larger numbers of Mallard (100+), Greylag and Canada Geese, plus single Egyptian Goose, Gayhurst Quarry lakes, Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
16th Cormorant (18), LIttle Egret: Kickles Lake, Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
14th Redwing, Bullfinch (f), and Peregrine (on the chimney): Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
12th Stonechat: very visible atop lake reeds opposite labyrinth. Willen Lake North (BuBC)
10th Brambling: Flew over calling, heading NNE (BuBC)
9th Green Sandpiper in the Floodplain Forest NR, and Meadow Pipit in the adjoining Floodplain Meadow (Joe Clinch)
8th Ruddy Shelduck: In field with a flock of greylags between Manor Farm and  Farm hide, Also Little Owl in the lone tree, and female Peregrine on the recycling chimney. Floodplain Forest NR
7th Redwing (4): Emberton (BuBC)
7th Meadow Pipit (2): Bury Field, Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
4th Ivy Mining Bee on flowering ivy: many around in MK at the moment; this photo taken at Ivinghoe Beacon  (Julian Lambley)
Ivy Bee (Photo © Julian Lambley)
1st Little Owl, Little Egrets (3), Grey Heron (2), Cormorant, Canada and Greylag geese, Green woodpecker, Peacock butterfly, Floodplain Forest NR (Graham Lynham)

Cormorant with Perch (Photo © Graham Lynham)
Little Owl (Photo © Graham Lynham)


27th Yellowhammer (6-8): flying along hedgerow; female roe deer in same field, Gayhurst (Martin Ferns)
26th Linnet (c.12), Yellowhammer (<10), Grey Wagtail (2), Meadow Pipit (2), Stonechat (3), Wheatear (2): in the area of the Ravenstone sewage works (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
26th Redwing (3): ‘first of the autumn’, Great Brickhill (BuBC)
25th Rock Pipit: Flew south east shore calling heading south lake. Harsher call and stronger flight than Meadow Pipit. Willen Lake North (BuBC)
25th Garganey (juv): Still with a Teal in the NW corner of Willen Lake North (BuBC)
20th Box-tree moth Cydalima perspectalis: On house patio door, Stony Stratford. Originally tentatively identified as a Clouded Border Lomaspilis marginata. (Joe Clinch)
Postscript from Joe: Tony Wood having shared the image with Linda advises that my sighting was of the Box-tree Moth (not in the Townsend and Lewington Guide that I use). I understand that this is the dreaded moth whose caterpillars destroy box bushes of which we have two. But it is rather beautiful!

Box-tree moth (Photo © Joe Clinch)
19th Goshawk: gliding high overhead, large bird rounded wings and long straight tail very slightly fanned and flat ended (no fork). Kents Hill Park (Steve Cousins)
19th Mandarin Duck (female, possibly juvenile): Furzton Lake (Nicki Smit)

Mandarin Duck (with Mallard) (Photo © Nicki Smit)
19th Ivy Mining Bees Colletes hederae: dozens emerging from the ground, the scrape Stonepit Field SP 84435 42018 (Mike LeRoy)
19th Hobby: flew close by at head height, having either failed to catch or been chased off by a smaller bird. Lathbury (Martin Ferns)
18th Stoats: a family of 6+ crossing to the lake during Colin’s MKNHS walk at Stowe Gardens. (Reported by Julian Lambley)

Stoats at Stowe (Photo © Julian Lambley)
18th Grey Wagtail Motacilla cinerea: by brooks and pools in Grafton Park, Central Milton Keynes (Mike  LeRoy)
17th Water Rail, Green Sandpiper, Jay (3): Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
16th Signal Crayfish: River Ouzel, Red Bridge/Three Locks (Charles Kessler)
Signal Crayfish (Photo © Charles Kessler)
15th Hare’sfoot inkcap Coprinopsis lagopus (probable): near Great Brickhill (Julian Lambley)

Hare’sfoot inkcap (Photo © Julian Lambley)
15th Garganey: Willen Lake North (BuBC)
11th Tufted Duck (9): Willen Lake North (BuBC)
11th Pintail (juv), plus Greenshank flew through E to W, Gayhurst Quarry (BuBC)
10th Garganey: very actively feeding in the NW corner, often literally huggin the reeds, Willen Lake North (BuBC)
8th Greenshank (juv): Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
5th Grey Heron (2), Kestrel harrassing a Red Kite; Migrant Hawker, Common Darters (2 pairs mating), and a ground beetle (unidentified species – suggestions welcome!), Magna Park (Graham Lynham)

A ground beetle investigating snail shell  (Photo © Graham Lynham)

Migrant Hawker (Photo © Graham Lynham)
4th Willow Warbler (ad), Lesser Whitethroat (ad), Blackcap (3), Chiffchaff (3): in elder and shrubs near sewage works, Ravenstone (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
4th Grey Wagtail (ad + juvs): On filter beds with 1 Pied Wagtail, Ravenstone (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
4th Whinchat (juv) on fenceline near road, Ravenstone SP852489 (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
4th Greenshank: Seen feeding from Iron Trunk Hide, the bird was very mobile moving up and down the edge of the water amost constantly, Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
3rd Grey Wagtail – by weir just downstream from the railway arches, Wolverton; Small Copper – on rough grass above the bank of R Ouse just downstream from Iron Trunk aqueduct; Kingfisher – perched on twig where R.Tove joins the Ouse: all seen while walking along the Ouse valley (Joe Clinch)
3rd Greenshank, Ruff: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
2nd Greenshank (juv?), Ruff (juv?), Common Sandpiper (2), Green Sandpiper (3), Floodplain Forest NR (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
2nd Peregrine 2: usual location, Floodplain Forest NR (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
2nd Long-winged Conehead bush-cricket: Floodplain Forest NR (Mark Baker)
Long-winged Conehead (Photo © Mark Baker)
2nd Ruff (fem), Greenshank (ad): Floodplain Forest NR (Mark Baker/BuBC)
2nd Caspian Gull (juv): Willen Lake North (Mark Baker/BuBC)


30th Greenshank (ad): Feeding well on spit, Willen Lake North (BuBC)
29th Migrant Hawker dragonflies: several around the ponds along Caldecotte Lake Drive, near to the entrance to Caldecotte Business Park (Graham Lynham)
Photo below shows how the dragonfly tucks its front legs up behind its head in flight (Photo © Graham Lynham)
29th Clouded Yellow: on zinnia in my garden this morning, Stoke Hammond (Charles Kessler)
Clouded Yellow (Photo © Charles Kessler)
28th Whinchat (juv): Ravenstone (BuBC)
27th Black-tailed Godwit: Flew in from W, over S lake and off towards N lake, but not seen there a short time later, Caldecotte Lake South (BuBC)
23rd Kestrel: 4 seen, 3 flying from the tree where a family were nesting, one flying across the Ouse from Lathbury. Also a buzzard. Bury Field riverside meadow, Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
21st Little Egret (3), Herring Gulls, Black-headed Gulls, Comorants (10+), Great Crested Grebes (2): Caldecotte Lake (Graham Lynham)
Great Crested Grebe with fish (Photo © Graham Lynham)
20th Grey Heron, Little Grebe with young, Kestrel, Magna Park (Graham Lynham)

Kestrel (Photo © Graham Lynham)
20th Whinchat (2, both 1st winter birds): Ravenstone (BuBC)
20th Common Tern (30 – lots of juveniles), Great White Egret: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
19th Small Copper, Small Whites, Common Blue (fem), Speckled Woods: Stony Stratford NR (Graham Lynham)

Small Copper  (Photo © Graham Lynham)
19th Brown Hawker, Ruddy Darter and Common Darter dragonflies: Stony Stratford NR (Graham Lynham)

Brown Hawker (Photo © Graham Lynham)
Ruddy Darters (Photo © Graham Lynham)
19th Pied Flycatcher: Flew up from hedge into same oak as a Firecrest the previous day, Great Brickhill (BuBC)
16th Green Sandpiper (6), Grey Wagtail (3): Willen Lake North (BuBC)
16th False Widow spider, probably Steatoda nobilis: Came home from holiday to find she had taken residence and guarding her eggs in my patio doors, Broughton (Simon Roberts)
False Widow Spider (Photo © Simon Roberts)
14th Redstart (fem): photographed catching flies from one of the field margins at the east end of the site, one of their passage pit-stops from previous years. My 2nd earliest for Autumn migration here, Tattenhoe Park (BuBC/Harry Appleyard)
9th Treecreeper (2), Kingfisher, Little Egret, several Lapwing, Common Terns; also Speckled Wood, Gatekeeper, Black-tailed Skimmer (2m), Muntjac (2 on woodland paths + 2 along access road), and a young bullock on the permieter path: Linford Lakes NR (Martin Ferns)

8th Red Underwing: back garden, Wolverton (Graham Lynham)

Red Underwing moth (Photo © Graham Lynham)
8th Egyptian Goose (2): possibly juveniles, in wheat stubble field just east of Mill Farm, Gayhurst (Martin Ferns)
8th Wheatear (f): moving along field fence posts, Quarry Hall Farm, Gayhurst (Martin Ferns)
7th Otter: probable road kill, first seen 1-2 weeks ago, just off the eastern side verge of V8 south, past Ashland. A sorry sight. (Edward Young, reported by Peter Barnes)
7th Marsh Harrier (f): Single individual flew high east over the site; it was being mobbed by Covids initially, Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
5th Hornet Mimic Hoverfly Volucella zonaria, Ruddy Darter (f), Black-tailed Skimmer (m), Meadow Brown, Painted Lady, Small White and Common Blue butterflies: Magna Park (Graham Lynham)

Hornet Mimic Hoverfly (Photo © Graham Lynham)
5th Black-tailed Godwit: possibly Islandica sub-species, Willen Lake North (BuBC)
4th Whimbrel: Several calls heard clearly, fading away to the south. Definitely sounded like more than one bird going over, Great Brickhill (BuBC)
3rd Wasp Mimic Hoverfly myathropa florea: Also 2 Commas, Green-veined White, Small Coppers and Red Admiral butterflies, Stony Stratford NR (Graham Lynham)
Wasp Mimic Hoverfly (Photo © Graham Lynham)
3rd Redstart (f): Flew across path towards Castlethorpe bridge over the river, Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)


31st Caspian Gull (3rd yr): Willen Lake South (BuBC)
29th Clouded Yellow, Common Blues, Meadow Browns, Small Whites, Peacock, Chinese Water Deer, Brown Hare: Magna Park (Graham Lynham)
Above: Clouded Yellow butterfly; Below: Brown Hare (Photo © Graham Lynham)
29th Kingfisher: it left the lake like a bullet, for the canal possibly. Willen Lake North (Ann Strutton)
29th Redstart: juvenile male present along the hedgerow, Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
26th Old Lady Mormo Maura: in the house, where it had been for several days, Stony Stratford. Confirmation of species welcome! (Joe Clinch)

Old Lady (Photo © Joe Clinch)
23rd Little Egret (7), Mute Swan (90), Common Sandpiper (2), Green Woodpecker, Treecreeper, Ruddy Shelduck: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
19th Red Underwing moth (2), Oak Bush-cricket (m), Speckled Bush-cricket (m and f): Campbell Park Pavilion (Martin Kincaid)

Female Speckled Bush-cricket (Photo © Martin Kincaid)
18th Amblyteles armatorius: this handsome ichneumon was at my UV moth light, Oldbrook (Martin Kincaid)
18th Swallows and House Martins: mixed flock of about 100, including many of this year’s fledglings, either on the wires or sunning  themselves on the roof, morning, Newton Blossomville (Julie Lane)
17th Foxes (4): raiding the rubbish outside my house, night-time, Olney (Julie Lane)
16th Silver-washed Fritillary – Valezina variant: , nr Oakhill Wood, North Bucks Way (Hasan Al Farhan)

Silver-washed Fritillary – Valezina variant (Photo © Hasan Al-Farhan)
16th Hummingbird Hawkmoth: on lavender, Newton Blossomville (Julie Lane)
16th Ring-necked Parakeet: on sunflower-heart bird feeder, home garden, Stony Stratford (Joe Clinch)
15th Willow Emerald damselfly, Black-tailed skimmer, Four-spot Chaser and Cinnabar caterpillars, Six-spot Burnet, Small Heath, Small Skipper, Essex Skipper: Magna Park (Hasan Al-Farhan)
Willow Emerald (Photo © Hasan Al-Farhan)
Six-spot Burnet (Photo © Hasan Al-Farhan)
14th Common Darter, Scorpion Fly: Stony Stratford NR (Graham Lynham)

Male Common Darter (Photo © Graham Lynham)

Scorpion Fly (Photo © Graham Lynham)
14th Swallow-tailed moth: on home outside window, Stony Stratford (Joe Clinch)
Swallow-tailed moth (Photo © Joe Clinch)
14th Painted Lady: Campbell Park (Martin Kincaid)

Painted Lady (Photo © Martin Kincaid)
14th Dusky Cockroach Ectobius lapponicus: 2 at Campbell Park Pavilion (Martin Kincaid)
13th Nettle-leaved Bell-flower: in flower, near car park, Stony Stratford NR (Martin Kincaid)
13th Chicory: large stand of this declining arable weed, Oxley Park (Martin Kincaid)

Chicory (Photo © Martin Kincaid)
13th Oak Bush-cricket (female) at moth trap, Oldbrook (Martin Kincaid)
13th Swift (20): Morning – probably the most I’ve seen over the high street this year, Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
13th Swift (20): Evening – very possibly the same group over a colony site off Westbury Lane, Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
12th Silver-washed Fritillary: an impressive count of 20+ seen in Linford Wood (Martin Kincaid)
12th White Admiral: very worn specimen (!), Howe Park Wood (Martin Kincaid)

White Admiral (Photo © Martin Kincaid)
11th Swallow-tailed moth, Speckled Bush Cricket (2f): under canopy of Campbell Park Pavilion (Martin Kincaid)

Above: Female Speckled Bush-cricket; Below: Swallow-tailed moth (Photos © Martin Kincaid)
9th Little Egret: Tongwell Lake (Emily Benstead)
9th Ruddy Shelduck: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
8th Whimbrel: flew over westwards, not seen but calling very clearly. Great Brickhill (BuBC)
6th Grey Wagtail: a family group of 4 birds along Loughton Brook near Bradwell Abbey (Martin Kincaid)
5th Oak Bush-cricket: my first of 2022, adult female at Campbell Park Pavilion (Martin Kincaid)
5th Wood Vetch: in full flower, Campbell Park woodland ridge (Martin Kincaid)
5th Pyramidal Orchid (7): in Campbell Park (Martin Kincaid)
5th Grey Wagtail (4): on the R. Ouzel spillway by the northern lake, Caldecotte (Peter Barnes)
4th White-letter Hairstreak (2), Purple Emperor (3): Oakhill Wood/North Bucks Way (Martin Kincaid)

Female Purple Emperor  (Photo©Martin Kincaid)
3rd White Admiral (3), Purple Emperor (2) Purple Hairstreak (3) butterflies and 14 other species,  Beautiful Demoiselle (2m, 2f) and 6 other dragonfly species, Little Linford Wood (Hasan Al-Farhan)

Purple Emperor (Photo © Hasan Al-Farhan)
1st Comma, Gatekeeper, Marbled White, Large White, Meadow Brown, Ringlet and Small Skipper butterflies: Magna Park (Graham Lynham)

Small Skippers mating (Photo © Graham Lynham)
1st Purple Emperor: A beautiful pristine purple emperor came down to investigate a bassett hound who had rolled in fox poo. Salcey Forest cafe (Julie Lane)

Bassett Hounds and Purple Emperor (Photos © Julie Lane)


29th Emperor Dragonfly: dead body of female found in garden, Caldecotte (Jill Lewis)

Female Emperor dragonfly (Photo © Jill Lewis)
27th Redstart (2): Floodplain Forest NR (Martine Harvey)
27th Large Emerald moth: home garden, Stony Stratford (Joe Clinch)
Large Emerald (Photo © Joe Clinch)
26th Hummingbird Hawkmoth: Magna Park (Graham Lynham)
26th Lesser Stag Beetle: early evening, Stony Stratford NR (Graham Lynham)

Lesser Stag Beetle (Photo © Graham Lynham)
26th Cinnabar moth: front porch, Wolverton (Graham Lynham)

Cinnabar moth (Photo © Teresa James)
25th Hedgehogs (probable): assumed to be two having a barney or mating, early morning outside my bedroom window, Olney (Julie Lane)
Audio recording rather faint – but judge for yourself!
24th Tiger moths: mating in my garden, Woburn Sands (Viola Read)

Tiger Moths mating (Photo © Viola Read)
21st Sparrowhawk:  soaring at c.700-750m high, seen off by cluster of 15-20 Swifts. Swifts in tight, slowly swirling group just behind Sparrowhawk gradually moved it from above their colony site. Over Hampstead Gate and Portway (H5) SP845389 Bradwell Common at 13.20 (Mike LeRoy)
21st Hummingbird Hawkmoth: on honeysuckle in my garden, Woburn Sands, evening (Mary Lea)
21st Beautiful Demoiselle: male and female specimens along North Bucks Way. (Martin Kincaid / Rebecca Hiorns, while doing the butterfly transect on North Bucks Way)
21st White Admiral butterflies (4) and Silver-washed Fritillaries (3) : along North Bucks Way, Oakhill Wood plus 1 in Shenley Wood (Martin Kincaid / Rebecca Hiorns, as above)

21st White Admiral: 1 in Shenley Wood (Martin Kincaid / Rebecca Hiorns, as above)

21st Kingfisher: along Tongwell Brook, Newport Pagnell (Emily Benstead)
20th Painted Lady butterfly:  Linford Lakes NR (Martin Kincaid)
20th Grasshopper Warbler: near car park, Little Linford Wood (BuBC)
19th Redstart: briefly seen in hedgerow on farmland between Bullington End and Little Linford Wood. “My earliest ‘autumn’ record, I think” (BuBC)
17th Small Skipper, Large Skipper, Common Blue, Small Tortoiseshell, Meadow Brown and Marbled White butterflies, plus Cinnabar moth: Magna Park  (Graham Lynham)

Small Skipper (Photo © Graham Lynham)
17th LIttle Grebe: Among the usual waterfowl. Magna Park (Graham Lynham)

Little Grebe (Photo © Graham Lynham)
14th Red-backed Shrike (ad f): seen from Farm hide from 15.00 and still present at 19.00. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
14th Shelduck: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
12th Bee Orchid: at least 8 on the embankment beside the path adjacent to Grafton Street (V6), behind Bradville Recreation Ground (Tony Wood)
11th Small Blue butterfly: 5 at Stonepit Field (Martin Kincaid)
11th Egyptian Goose (2), Ruddy Shelduck, Cuckoo: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
11th Bee Orchid: 2 have appeared on my otherwise very unremarkable suburban lawn, Oakill MK5 (Anna Berry)

Bee Orchid (Photo © Anna Berry)
10th Black Hairstreak butterfly: 2 at Oxley Mead SSSI (Martin Kincaid)

10th Greater Butterfly Orchid: 3 in flower in Shenley Wood (Martin Kincaid)

Greater Butterfly Orchid (Photo©Martin Kincaid)
10th Bee Orchid: Teardrop Lakes, Loughton Valley Park. SP849368 (Ian Williams)

Bee Orchid (Photo © Ian Williams)
9th Large Skipper: Stony Stratford NR (Graham Lynham)

Large Skipper (Photo © Graham Lynham)
9th Ruddy Shelduck: Floodplain Forest NR (Graham Lynham)

Ruddy Shelduck (Photo © Graham Lynham)
9th Bee Orchid: 3 sighted in grassy area off Taunton Deane, Emerson Valley (Sandra Campbell)
8th Cattle Egret (2): plus 2 not seen clearly, Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
7th Four-spotted Chaser: in garden, Great Linford (Sue Spurr)
7th Cuckoo: calling continuously from Windmill pub side of Caldecotte Lake (Jill Lewis)
3rd Grey Wagtail family: River Ouse bank at Passenham Mill (Joe Clinch)
3rd Black Hairstreak: Little Linford  Wood (Julian Lambley)

Black Hairstreak (Photo © Julian Lambley)
3rd Ruddy Shelduck, Cuckoo – 2 males vocal and mobile. Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)


31st Hobby: hunting over a field on the other side of river Ouse. OuseBalley Park, New Bradwell end. (Valérie Demouy)
31st Shelduck (ad), Little Ringed Plover (ad m & f), Cuckoo (ad m), Lapwing (ad m & f): Floodplain Forest NR (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
31st Grey Wagtail (2 adults, 2 fledglings), Cuckoo (m) calling: Willen Lake North (Ann Strutton
30th Hobby (2), Cuckoo (3), Fox (2): between 10am-2pm. Willen Lake North (Phill Crowe)
Hobby (Photo © Phill Crowe)
30th Dingy Skipper butterfly: North Bucks Way (Martin Kincaid)
30th Painted Lady butterfuly: Shenley Wood (Martin Kincaid)
30th Hedgehog (2): feeding in garden: Oldbrook (Martin Kincaid)
29th Cuckoo (2 males seen together briefly), Whitethroat (2),  Sedge Warbler: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
28th Cuckoo: heard and then seen flying over near the R. Ouzel. Woolstone (Nick King)
27th Small Blue butterflies: 9 seen around the scrape at Stonepit Field (Susan Weatherhead)
26th Southern Marsh Orchid Dactylorhiza praetermissa: 10 plants in flower in Tattenhoe (Martin Kincaid; first reported by Harry Appleyard)
Southern Marsh Orchid (Photo © Martin Kincaid)
26th Blue Tit: Gorgeous fledgling being fed in my garden, Milton Keynes (Jessica Sierra)
Blue Tits (Photo©Jessica Sierra)
25th Southern Marsh Orchid: near Great Brickhill (Julian Lambley)
Southern Marsh Orchid (Photo©Julian Lambley)
23rd Painted Lady: in my Bancroft garden (Paul Lund)
22nd Stoat Mustela erminia: bounding northwards across road from Little Linford to Haversham, just east of old Haversham: SP 83179 43313. c. 11.40 hrs (Mike LeRoy)
22nd Early Purple and Common Spotted orchid:s both in flower today in Little Linford Wood  (Tony Wood)
22nd Soprano Pipistrelle bats: count of 505 – a site record – between 21.05 and 21.30. Simpson (Peter Barnes)
21st Painted Lady butterfly: Little Linford Wood (Julian Lambley)
19th Soprano Pipistrelle bats: 477 counted flying from their regular roost in the eaves, between 21.05 and 21.25 – just 2 short of ‘record’ of 479 on 25 May 2020. Assumed to be soprano pipistrelles, as that was what was identified in previous years .Simpson (Peter Barnes)
18th White-legged Damselfly: at least 3 different sites within Linford Lakes NR (Janice Robertson)
White-legged Damselfy (Photo © Janice Robertson)
18th Small Yellow Underwing moth: Stonep[it Field and Linford Lakes NR (Janice Robertson)
Small Yellow Underwing (Photo © Janice Robertson)
17th Social wasps’ nest: less than half a metre from the bumbleebee nest. Bancroft (Paul Lund)
16th Bumblebee nest – not sure of the species: in my garden, Bancroft (Paul Lund)
16th Water Rail, Cuckoo (2), Ring-necked Parakeet, and 3 Otters: between 7.30 and 15.00, Willen Lake North (Phill Crowe)

Cuckoo – Willen Lake North (Photo©Phill Crowe)
15th Ringed Plover: 2 on far spit from the Viaduct Hide. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
13th Red Admiral: in my garden, Bancroft (Paul Lund)
12th Spotted Flycatcher: In willow by back Brook close to ‘marsh warbler bridge’. Lost to view when it flew into cover behind the old stone bridge.  Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
12th Spotted Flycatcher: singing, Great Linford (BuBC)
12th Greenshank: Heard calling, Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
11th Ringed Plover: A single tundrae feeding on the islands in front of the Viaduct Hide, Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
10th Ringed Plover: on island, Stony Stratford NR (BuBC)
10th Swift: 8 over Olney (Julie Lane)
10th Swift and Whitethroat: 4 Swifts flying around nesting site on Cranfield University Campus. On a slow drive in via Newport Pagnell and Moulsoe, good numbers of Whitethroat heard, but still very few Lesser Whitethroats – none on Cranfield campus so far; used to get very good numbers even with much habitat loss. (Alan Nelson/BuBC)
9th Avocet: 1 bird wading in front of Farm Hide; a second swimming alongside a mallard, Viaduct Hide. Both sideswiping the water to feed. Also 2 Oystercatchers, Viaduct Hide. Forest Floodplain NR (Martin Ferns)
8th Early Purple Orchid: 16 in Linford Wood – some going over and difficult to spot (Rchard Gent)
8th Hobby (2): Willen Lake North (Phill Crowe)

Hobby (Photo©Phill Crowe)
8th Wood Sandpiper: on the bund, but elusive. Plus 2 Common Sandpiper, and 2 Cuckoo. LInford Lakes NR (BuBC)
8th Grey Partridge: in sheep pasture near road;  Red-legged nearby at sewage works. Also 2 cuckoo singing from Tyringham and Stoke Goldington directions. Ravenstone  (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
8th Yellow Wagtail (1m/1f): A splendid male around the sewage works, female 3/4 km away at pasture pond across road with Pied Wagtail and Yellowhammers, possibly refleecting current drought. Ravenstone  (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
8th Common Sandpiper (ad): On pontoon, Willen Lake South (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
7th Swift: Min. count 3 over Heelands housing estate, Stanton Wood (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
7th Swift: Min. count 5. Also a few Swallow and House Martin, but hirundine numbers seem very low this year. Willen Lake North. (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
7th Hobby (2 ad): Willen Lake North (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
5th Willow Warbler and Early Purple Orchid: Shenley Wood (Janice Robertson)

Early Purple Orchid (Photo©Janice Robertson)
4th Glow-worm larva: crossing the path at Salcey Forest (Julie Lane)
Glow-worm larva Salcey Forest Julie L 4.05.22 (Video © Julie Lane)
4th Yellow-legged Mining Bee Andrena Flavipes: female, with its bright orange ‘leg-warmers, seen entering nest-hole pile, part-hidden by a leaf. Between Saxon Street (V7) and Booker Avenue in edge of Parkway shrubberies. SP84716 39542. Apparently Andrena flavipes nests are often used by the dark-winged bee-fly Bombylius major to lay its eggs. In the same area, plenty of Bumblebee queens and workers: White-tailed Bombus Lucorum, Buff-tailed Bombus terristris and Red-tailed Bombus Lapidarius. Bradwell Common. (Mike LeRoy)
3rd Cuckoo, Lesser Whitethroat, Common Sandpiper (2), Oystercatcher (2)
2nd Grasshopper Warbler (ad male): Weston Underwood SP858529 (Julie Lane)
2nd Duke of Burgundy, Small Heath, Burnet Companion, Dingy Sipper and Grizzled Skipper: on the wing, Ivinghoe Beacon (Julian Lambley)

Duke of Burgundy (Photo©Julian Lambley)

1st Common Tern (4 ad), Cuckoo (2 ad male calling): Linford Lakes NR (Chris Coppock/ BuBC)
1st Wild Garlic (Ramsons) Allium ursinum: large area (about 20m x 30m) adjacent to the railway about 60m W of the concrete cows, Bancroft (Charles Vaton)

Wild Garlic (Photo © Charles Vaton)
1st Whinchat: Fence/pollarded trees behind the Iron Trunk Hide, Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)


30th Common Terns (20), House Martins (30), Gadwall (4), Tufted Duck (19), Cetti’s Warbler (3): Willen Lake North (Alan Nelson/BuBC)
30th Common Terns (2), Common Sandpiper, Swallow (m), House Martin (3): Tongwell (Alan Nelson/BuBC)
30th Cuckoo: calling in Little Linford Wood (Tony Wood)
30th Raven (2 over), Jay (2), Hobby, Barnacle Goose on the bund: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
30th Cuckoo: male calling from the island, Willen Lake North (Ann Strutton)
29th Swift: high over Newport Pagnell, evening (Alan Nelson/BuBC)
29th Early Purple Orchid (19): Shenley Wood (Richard Gent)
29th Tree Pipit: Flew over. Campbell Park (BuBC)
29th Cuckoo: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
28th Early Purple Orchid: about 20, in NW corner of Shenley Wood (Jenny Mercer)
Early Purple Orchid (Photo©Jenny Mercer)
28th Cuckoo: heard Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
28th Cuckoo (m): Sherington bridge (BuBC)
27th Grasshopper Warbler: Reeling briefly. Olney (BuBC)
27th Black-winged Stilt: Observed feeding around the lake near Asda where it was initially found by J Baker, briefly chased by a Red Kite and warded off a Coot’s favoured corner, but otherwise happily sticking around. Newton Leys (Harry Appleyard/ BuBC)
27th Black-winged Stilt: Newton Leys (Phill Crowe)

Black-winged Stilt (Photo © Phill Crowe)

27th Ring-necked Parakeet: Flying over heading west. Linford Wood (BuBC)
27th Cuckoo: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
26th Hobby, Little Ringed Plover: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
25th House Martin (50+), Cetti’s Warblers (4), Common Tern: Willen Lake North (Alan Nelson/(BuBC)
25th Cuckoo: calling from river, Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
24th Emperor moth, male: clearly attracted to something in my garden this afternoon. I couldn’t see a female, but I suspect she was there somewhere pumping out pheromones. Olney (Julie Lane)
24th Ringed Plover: to the right of Farm Hide (Janice Robertson/BuBC)
23rd Swallow: near Castle Ashby (Julie Lane)
22nd  Cuckoo: Linford Lakes NR (Janice Robertson/BuBC)
22nd Osprey: Hovered briefly over the water a few times before heading off eastbound. Floddplain Forest NR (BuBC)
19th Marsh Marigold Caltha palustris: on edge of a drainage ditch, between Quarry Hall Farm and Lathbury village (Martin Ferns)

Marsh Marigolds (Photo © Martin Ferns)
19th Lesser Whitethroat: Goosey Meadows, Olney (BuBC)
19th Whitethroat (4), House Martin (4), Sedge Warbler (2),  Common Tern (4), Little Ringed Plover (1): Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
18th Pasque flowers: Knocking Hoe (Julie Lane)
18th Early Purple Orchid Orchis mascula: among carpets of bluebells. Hoo Wood, E of M1, Gayhurst (Martin Ferns)

Early Purple Orchid (Photo © Martin Ferns)

18th Grasshopper Warbler. My first for this site (2nd for Tattenhoe area) recorded singing loudly from one of the fields at the E end of Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard/BuBC)
18th Lesser Whitethroat: Rattling along footpath. Calverton (BuBC)
17th Whitethroat: Heard. Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
17th Bar-tailed Godwit: winter plumaged adult. Also Common Sandpiper. Passenham Quarry (BuBC)
17th Swallow: lone bird on NW edge of Bury Field, Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
16th Cuckoo: heard in Gayhurst Quarry lakes area, from Lakes Lane, Newport Pagnell (Stuart Kean, reported by Martin Ferns)
15th Stoat: Running along the road towards Clifton Reynes (Julie Lane)
14th-16th: Light Orange Underwing day-flying moth: the sunny weekend encouraged several moths to come down from aspens to the muddy paths in Howe Park Wood (Janice Robertson)
14th Mandarin duck: Male on river Ouzel in Woolstone (Nick King)
14th Curlew: Flying across the river valley in Olney calling as it went (Julie Lane)
14th Goosander plus 11 young: Olney Mill (Julie Lane)
14th Common tern: River Ouse at Olney. It caught a decent sized fish! (Julie Lane)
14th Kestrel (a pair): They have taken up noisy residence in a Barn owl box near river in Olney (Julie Lane)
13th Otter (adult and pup?): Willen South Lake 10.05am (Phillip Burgess and Phill Crowe)
Otter and pup? (Phillip Burgess and Phill Crowe)
13th Yellow Wagtail: The Mill, Olney (BuBC)
12th Greenshank : Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve. Flew through calling going NE (BuBC)
12th White stork: seen flying over Bradwell lakes (BuBC)
12th Sedge Warbler: Floodplain forest nature reserve. Heard and seen (BuBC)
12th Bullfinch (a pair): Bancroft garden (Paul Lund)
11th Yellow wagtail: Calvert sailing lake, Calvert (BuBC)
10th Wood anemone: Good quantities seen in trees at Walnut Tree Estate along Groveway and Highgate Over. (Steve Cousins)
10th Mandarin duck (a pair): Caldecotte Lake (Angie Ollis)
Mandarin ducks (Angie Ollis)
10th Wheatear: Ravenstone. In field next to the road (BuBC)
9th Blackcap (2): Summer Leys. At least two singing around the reserve. (There are also meant to be Garganey there but we didn’t see them) (Julie Lane)
9th Brambling: Summer Leys. Stunning male in full breeding plumage (Julie Lane)
8th Marsh Harrier (female): Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve. Past over high.(BuBC)
8th Orange tip (male): Bancroft garden (Paul Lund)
8th Water Rail (2): Calvert BBOWT Lake, Calvert. Observed a pair mating at the hide end of the left ‘channel’ (BuBC)
6th Willow Warbler : Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve. Seen and heard by the aqueduct steps. Also one heard at Pilch field (BuBC)
3rd Otters (2): River Ouse, Olney. Watched them for about 15mins and then left them in peace (Julie Lane)
2nd Otters (2): Tombs Meadow, Stony Stratford. Feeding on fish by river Ouse (Greg Roach)
Otters (Greg Roach)
2nd Common Crossbill (3) : Rushmere Park. 1 of the 3 was a male, flew low N over the main carpark (John Richardson)
2nd Kittiwake (2): Willen Lake (BuBC)

2nd Brown Hare (5): in three separate fields to the south of Calverton ( Joe Clinch)

2nd Linnet: flock of 50 plus in trees to the south of Calverton (Joe Clinch)


30th Mandarin duck (male and female): Caldecotte (Helen Brandes)
28th Blackcap: Kent’s hill park, male Blackcap singing, (Steve Cousins)
25th Water Rail: Walton Lake. Heard in reedbed (BuBC)
25th Pintail (3) : Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve (BuBC)
24th Kestrel (a pair): taking up residence in an owl box down by the River Ouse near Olney. Hopefully passers by and the local jackdaws wont put them off. (Julie Lane)
23rd Toads: Coombs Community woodland pond has a large number of mating toads (Julian Lambley)
22nd Little Ringed Plover : Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve (BuBC)
21st Caspian Gull : Foxcote Res. (BuBC)
21st Pintail (7): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
21st Sand Martin : Willen Lake North, Willen Lakes. (BuBC)
20th Woodcock : Tattenhoe Park. Briefly seen flying low over scrub and into one of the field margins. The latest winter/spring record of Woodcock from the Tattenhoe area for me. (Harry Appleyard)
20th Avocet (9): Willen Lakes. (BuBC)
19th Otter spraint: fresh otter spraint, and the remains of older ones, on a small grassy hummock on the bank of the Mill Race at Stony Stratford. It smells like fresh grass/flowers and very fresh fish, I’ve heard otter spraint is supposed to smell like jasmine tea which is more-or-less what it’s like. Absolutely packed with fishbones, scales, notably perch scales and pieces of crayfish exoskeleton. (Tim Pearson)
Otter spraint and dissected components (Tim Pearson)
19th Siskin: A large flocks of about 30 birds in the trees just outside my house, Olney. A wonderful twittering noise (Julie Lane)
18th Weasel, mouse and Kestrel: Whilst walking along the banks of the Ouse near Olney I saw a female kestrel swoop down and land, then take off quickly with a mouse (or vole) in its talons followed immediately by a weasel leaping into the air after it shouting in anger. The kestrel had stolen his mouse and he wasn’t happy!! (Julie Lane)
17th Bittern:  Linford Lakes Nature Reserve. Seen from Warbler Hide. In reeds on bund. Please note that a permit is required for access to this site. (Martin Kincaid)
15th Little Owl (a pair): Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve (Julian Lambley)
Little Owl (Julian Lambley)
15th Cattle Egret: Linford Lakes – chased in by a gull (Kris Evershed)
Cattle Egret (Kris Evershed)
15th Comma on Daphne  Odora: home garden. Also Brimstone (m &f) (Joe Clinch)
Comma (Joe Clinch)
15th Oystercatcher (6): Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve. Very vocal and mobile (Caroline Harris)
14th Comma, Brimstone (3), Greenfinch, Goldfinch (2). Great tit: Lakes Lane, Newport Pagnell
Gayhurst Quarry lakes on the lake nearest the M1: Oystercatcher (2) on the island,  Shoveler (3m). Wigeon, Mallard. c. 20 Tufted Duck on the 1st lake, west of Kickles Lake. A lone Comormant flew over the lakes eastwards. 15 Chaffinch (male and female) feeding on the grass between the lake and the river Ouse, before flying off. (Martin Ferns)
14th Blackcap: singing early morning  at Tongwell (Alan Nelson)
13th Siberian Chiffchaff: Magna Park, Milton Keynes (BuBC)
12th Cattle egret: Linford Lakes being chased in by a gull (Kris Evershed)
11th Woodcock : Accidentally flushed from under hedge along footpath on northern edge of Oak Wood. Flew across meadow into the wood. Rushmere Park. (BuBC)

8th Goosander: pair below Wolverton Weir on River Ouse (Joe Clinch)
8th Whooper Swan: adult with 30 Mute Swans in field SW of Lincoln Lodge, Upper Tove Valley SP781452 (BuBC)
8th Comma: in the garden, my first butterfly of 2022 (Peter Barnes)
7th Brambling (m): on sunflower hearts feeder, home garden, Stony Stratford. A first for me in 41 years  (Joe Clinch)
5th Siskin (2): on my garden feeders, Simpson (Peter Barnes)
5th Curlew: On large island, central area. Called twice. Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)


27th Yellowhammer (3m, 3f): with a male chaffinch, on the ground in the farmyard, Mill Farm, Gayhurst (Martin Ferns)
27th Shoveler (6m, 3f), Pochard (2): along with Wigeon,Tufted Ducks, and Mallard in larger numbers, Gayhurst Quarry Lakes (Martin Ferns)
26th Goosander (1m, 2f), Great White Egret: Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve. (BuBC)
25th Pintail (pair): Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve (BuBC)
24th Little Egret, Kingfisher: by stream of Lodge Lake at H4 Dansteed Way end (Zoe Nolan)
22nd Oyster Catcher (2), Goosander (1m), Shoveler (6m, 2f), Lapwing (1), Reed Bunting: Stony Stratford NR (Joe Clinch)
22nd Lesser Celandine: Wolverton Mill (Joe Clinch)
21st Red Crested Pochard: a stunning bird seen from hide, tight into the island bank (Alan Nelson/BuBC)
17th Black Swan: Lodge Lake (Janet Warren)
15th 2 Caspian Gulls: Newton Leys. 2 roosting on the Balancing Lake, a full adult and a near adult (BuBC)
14th Pintail: Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve. On the lake on far side of Viaduct Hide.(BuBC)
13th Black Swan: Lodge Lake (and seen several times since). (Zoe Nolan)
Black Swan (Photo©Zoe Nolan)
10th Fieldfare (80?) and Redwing (20?): in mixed flock with a few starlings: on a field adjacent to the Lapwing reported below, Gayhurst. (Martin Ferns)
10th Lapwing (estimated 400+): on fields then wheeling round in 4 groups when disturbed, between Quarry Hall Farm and Mill Farm, Gayhurst (Martin Ferns
8th Grey Heron (many nesting pairs), Barn Owl in entrance of nest box Linford Lakes NR (Martin Kincaid)
8th Ruddy Shelduck (1); Brambling (1) with large Chaffinch flock. Linford Lakes NR (Martin Kincaid)
8th Bewick Swans: 4 over River Ouzel by the OU, Walton Hall (Steve Cousins)
8th Black Swan: on Caldecotte Lake North, near Chase Avenue (Cheryl Fellows)

Black Swan (Photo: Cheryl Fellows)
7th Otter; and Lesser Celandine coming into flower. Stony Stratford Nature Reserve (Martin Kincaid)
4th Pintail (ad m): Willen Lake North (BuBC)
4th Sparrowhawk (f): perched in a tree in the copse at the bottom of my garden. It flew off  just as I was lining up my camera. Simpson (Peter Barnes)
4th Merlin (f): Flew low over arable field, then perched up in a tree. Upper Tove valley (BuBC)
2nd Corn Bunting (5 ad): In mixed finch/bunting flock at pheasant crop. Seen from public footpath about 15m inside Bucks. Lower Tove Valley SP770467 (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
2nd Snipe (11), Goosander (2m, 2f), Great White Egrets (2), Treecreeper, plus Peregrine  on the usual chimney, and Little Owl in the usual tree: seen on the local RSPB group’s morning walk around Floodplain Forest NR (Peter Barnes)
1st Brimstone butterfly (male): Stantonbury (Kate Wyatt, reported by Sue Hetherington)
1st Brimstone butterfly: Male flying in Campbell Park water gardens (Martin Kincaid)
1st Goosander (pr), Snipe (3), Shoveler (8), Kestrel: Stony Stratford NR (Martin Kincaid)
1st Otter: large male seen from hide. Stony Stratford NR (Carla Boswell, Martin Kincaid)
1st Blackcap: Pair visiting garden feeder, Simpson (Rebecca Hiorns)


30th Goosander (1m, 2f), Shoveler (6m, 4f): In the morning sunshine. Stony Stratford NR (Joe Clinch)
30th Grey Wagtail: In horse paddock at the end of Tongwell Lane. (BuBC)
30th Pintail (m): Willen Lake North
28th Pintail: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
28th Siskin: Beautiful male on my seed feeder. First I have seen in my garden in Olney (Julie Lane)
27th/28th Red Kite: Soaring over Heelands (Marina Grainger)
27th Lapwing (?): Large flock (200+) seen 3 days running, but too distant for certain identification, on ground and in air, circling round. Quarry Hill Farm/Hill Farm, Gayhurst (Martin Ferns)
26th Black-Tailed Godwit: Initially though it was a curlew; getting closer, it was a Blackwit. Standing water,  Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
26th Pintail (m), Common Snipe, Great Egrets (2), Shoveler, Teal and Gadwall: Floodplain Forest NR (Julian Lambley)

Male Pintail seen from Viaduct Hide, FFNR (Photo © Julian Lambley)
24th Bittern: Linford Lakes NR (Andy Harding/BuBC)
23rd Marsh Tit: Seen from Woodland Hide, Linford Lakes NR (Peter Barnes)
23rd Snipe: seen from Otter Hide, Linford Lakes NR (Peter Barnes)
23rd Pintail (m): The first record I’ve had of this species, in Magna Park (BuBC)
22nd Bittern: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
22nd Woodcock: Stoke Goldington (BuBC)
21st Jack Snipe (possible): glimpsed briefly in shorelines vegetation at extreme N tip of the island. Also plenty of duck, esp. Teal (Chris Coppock/BuBC)
20th Water Rail, Snipe (6), Goosander (1f), Kingfisher, Little Owl (2, in the same ash tree hollow): Floodplain Forest NR (Joe Clinch, Jenny Mercer)
19th Goosander (3m, 3f), Shoveller (2) on gravel island, east end; Grey Heron in front of hide; Mute swans (2): Stony Stratford NR (Jenny Mercer)
17th Otter: on the banks of the Ouzel where it runs parallel to Caldecotte Lake South. ‘I’ve never seen one before despite being a regular walker around both Willen and Caldecotte lakes’. (Simon James Roberts)
17th Bittern: Showing very well in reeds to right of first owl box, as viewed from Warbler Hide. Took off around 08.25 and flew west. Linford Lakes NR (Martin Kincaid/BuBC)
17th Woodcock: A first for my visits to Salden Wood, briefly seen as it flew up from the woodland floor. Thanks to landowner Bob Simpson for granting me access to/BuBC) the site.  Salden Wood, Newton Longville (Harry Appleyard
16th Lesser Redpoll (3), Goldcrest (5), Goosander (5m,2f), Gadwall (18), Tufted Ducks (20), Pochard (6), Siskin (4): all seen on the MKNHS Sunday morning walk led by Colin Docketty, together with Cormorant, Great Crested Grebe, Wigeon and 2 Great Spotted Woodpeckers. Tongwell Lake (reported by Harry Appleyard). Full report can be found here.

Lesser Redpoll and Goldcrest (Photos©Harry Appleyard)
16th Common Buzzard: Great Linford Manor Park (Rebecca Hiorns)
Video link: Buzzard GLMP 16.01.22 RH
14th Blackcap: on feeder at dusk. Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
14th Pochard (m,f), Goldeneye (2m,1f ): Seen mixing with tufted ducks at south end of south lake, larger numbers of each nearer the pub, and in the middle of the lake. Willen Lake South (Peter Barnes/Martin Ferns)

Male Goldeneye with Tufted Duck (Photo©Peter Barnes)
14th Grey Wagtail (2): along the western edge of Willen Lake North (Peter Barnes/Martin Ferns)
Grey Wagtail (Photo©Peter Barnes)
13th Great Spotted Woodpecker drumming and Green Woodpecker yaffling in mature wooded parkland, Lower Weald Calverton (Joe Clinch)
13th Sweet Violet: in flower (probably a garden variety) under south-facing wall, Lower Weald, Calverton (Joe Clinch)
13th Meadow Pipit: small flock of c.6; also pair of Stonechats; amongst shrub- and tree-planted area immediately west of new Fairfields estate (Joe Clinch)
12th Goosander (7m, 2f): on the Ouse by Olney Mill. Video link below (Julie Lane)
12th Fieldfare (1): at the top of a tree along the Buckingham arm of the canal, Cosgrove (Peter Barnes, Martin Ferns)

Fieldfare (Photo©Peter Barnes)
12th Little Owl (2), Goosander (2m), Shoveler (m), Gadwall (2), Lapwing (53, based on photo count),  Peregrine (on the mast). Floodplain Forest NR (Peter Barnes, Martin Ferns)

Little Owls (Photo©Peter Barnes)
9th Black Redstart (ad male): Seen briefly near the Health Centre, much enjoyed by other birders during the day. Whitehouse, MK (BuBC)
9th Great Northern Diver (1st winter): At one point it took off and completed about 10 laps of the lake, gaining some height and looked like it might go. Maybe just exercising, as it came back down again. The flightviews were simply breathtaking. Caldecotte Lake (BuBC)
9th Cattle Egret: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
9th Pintail (7m, 3f): Showing well close to open hide. Linford Lakes NR (MArtin Kincaid/BuBC)
8th Redpoll: 2 on the seed feeder in my garden. Olney (Julie Lane)
7th Caspian Gull: 3rd winter bird on lake in front of pavilion. Quite distinctive from the many hundreds of other large gulls present this afternoon. Newton Leys (BuBC)
5th Marsh Harrier: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
5th Goldeneye: NE Corner with Tufted Ducks. Willen Lake South (BuBC)
4th Gulls: around 4pm I was sitting looking out the window and observed skeins and skeins of gulls in the sky, going west to east. This went on for about 30 minutes, at an estimated 100 per min, making a total of c. 3,000 birds. Old Farm Park (Julia Atkins)
4th Goldeneye (m): Drake associating with 20+ Tufted Ducks. Linford Lakes NR (Martin Kincaid/BuBC)
4th Marsh Harrier (f): Over bund, mobbed by carrion crows. Linford Lakes NR (Martin Kincaid/BuBC)
4th Great Northern Diver: catching crayfish, north end of south Caldecotte Lake (BuBC)
3rd Goosander (3m, 2f): Tongwell (Peter Barnes)
3rd Goosander (2m,1f), Little Grebe: Balancing Lakes, Wolverton Mill (Joe Clinch)
2nd Bittern: Reported to Peter Barnes by a reliable observer. Viewed in flight (twice) from the far hide. Linford Lakes NR
2nd Mistle Thrush: Seen on same tree most days feeding on berries. Newport Pagnell (BuBC)
2nd Goosander (pair): Tongwell Lake; plus 4 Song Thrush, singing along Tongwell Lane (BuBC)
1st Gorse and Primrose among 12 native or naturalised flowering plants observed during the Botanical Society of Briatin and Ireland (BSBI) new year plant hunt. Simpson Parish (Rebecca Hiorns)
1st Great Northern Diver: At the far south end of the southern lake, avoiding the rowers. Close to the western bank. Excellent views. Caldecotte Lake (Peter Barnes)
Great Northern Diver (Photo © Peter Barnes)
1st Sparrowhawk (f): on a fence, near Farm Hide; with 100+ Lapwing on the spit opposite the hide, between wheeling in and out again. Floodplain Forest NR (Martin Ferns)