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3rd Scaup: Willen Lake North (BuBC)
2nd Scarlet Elf Cap: Little Linford Wood (Julian Lambley)

Scarlet Elf Cap (photo © Julian Lambley)

1st Reed Bunting, Yellowhammer: Little Linford Wood (BuBC)



29th Oystercatcher, Redwing (25), Fieldfare (130): Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
28th Goosander (f): Balancing Lakes, Wolverton Mill ( Joe Clinch)
28th Bittern, Siskin (circa 30): Tongwell Lake (Alan Nelson)
27th Scaup: North-east corner of Willen Lake North (BuBC)
26th Cetti’s Warbler, Water Rail (heard), Snipe (3), Goldeneye (6): Willen Lake North (BuBC)
26th Siskin (30+): Tongwell Lake (Alan Nelson)
26th Little Grebe (9), Scaup: Willen Lake North (Alan Nelson)
26th Blackcap (3):On the canal between Wolverton and Old Wolverton (BuBC)
25th Red-crested Pochard: Willen Lake North (BuBC)
24th Red Fox, Chiffchaff (2), Lesser Redpoll (6): Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
23rd Common Crossbill: Flew over Oak Wood Rushmere Park (BuBC)
22nd Yellowhammer (3): Passenham Quarry (BuBC)
22nd Cetti’s Warbler, Little Grebe, Goldeneye (3m, 1f), Wigeon (114): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
20th Goosander (1m, 1f), Water Rail, Oystercatcher, Cetti’s Warbler, Siskin (1m,1f), Lesser Redpoll (4): Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
20th Common Scoter: On Blackhorse Lake from entrance track. Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
19th  Waxwing (75): Still feeding at Glebe Farm. Best viewed from Warren Way (BuBC)
18th Common Scoter: Seen from Heron Hide at Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
17th Cetti’s Warbler, Red-crested Pochard, Goldeneye, Snipe (30): Willen Lake North (BuBC)
17th Waxwing (75): seen at Winehouse Grove, Glebe Farm (BuBC)
17th Common Scoter (m): To the right of the Heronry Hide, Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
16th Grey Partridge: Little Linford Wood (BuBC)
16th Pintail (1m, 1f), Goosander (1m, 8f), Stonechat (1m, 1f): Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
16th Common Scoter (m): Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
15th Snipe (circa. 20): In front of the Willen Lake North Hide (Andrew Parker)

Snipe (Photo © Andrew Parker)

15th Common Scoter: Moving from car park end to in front of the Otter Hide, Linford Lakes NR Note, a permit is required to visit this complex (BuBC)
15th Pintail: Blackhorse Lake, Linford Lakes (BuBC)
14th Pipistrelle bats: After 5.00pm at Tongwell Lake (Alan Nelson)
13th Waxwing (69): Still at Glebe Farm opposite garage on A421 (BuBC)
12th Pintail (2m, 3f): Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
12th Cetti’s Warbler, Raven, Scaup (1m, 2f), Goldeneye (9), Red-crested Pochard, Snipe (22): Willen Lake North (snipe in front of the hide) (BuBC)
12th Waxwing (circa 60): Still present at Glebe Farm/A421 (BuBC)
11th Snipe (6): In front of the hide Willen Lake North (Bob Phillips)

Snipe ( Photo © Bob Phillips)

11th Waxwing (circa 50): Still present at Glebe Farm/A421 garage (Bob Phillips)

Waxwing (photo © Bob Phillips)

10th Waxwing (30+): Still present at Glebe Farm/A421 (Graham Lynham)
10th Song Thrush: Ikea Car Park (Graham Lynham)

Song Thrush (photo © Graham Lynham)

10th Goosander (1m, 2f): Willen Lake South (Ann Strutton)
9th Waxwing (60): Still showing well along the footpath at Grebe Farm estate (BuBC)
8th Waxwing (circa 30): Still present at Glebe Farm (Peter Barnes)
8th Stonechat, Meadow Pipit (3), Lapwing (circa. 200): Willen Road Excavations E of M1, S of H4/H3  (BuBC)
7th Scaup (m): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
7th Scaup (m): Willen Lake North (BuBC)
7th Waxwing (circa. 60): Kingston/Glebe Farm (Janice Robertson)

Waxwings(photo © Janice Robertson)

7th Ring-necked Parakeet: Flew over Wolverton (Adam Alston)
6th Black Swan:  Left bay near the wheel, Willen Lake South (BuBC)
5th Great White Egret, Siskins, Redpoll: Emberton Country Park (Alan Nelson)
5th Scaup (1m, 2f): Willen Lake North (BuBC)
5th Waxwing (32): Still at Kingston (BuBC)
4th Lesser Periwinkle, Winter Aconite: Stowe Gardens (Bob Phillips)

Winter Aconite and Lesser Periwinkle(photo© Bob Phillips)

4th Waxwing (56): At the BP garage on the A421, Kingston (BuBC)
4th Scaup (2f+1m): Willen Lake North ( BuBC)
3rd Bullfinch (1m), Nuthatch (3), Goldcrest (6), Coal Tit (2), Common Crossbill (10), Siskin (7), Lesser Redpoll (2): Buttermilk Wood ( Harry Appleyard)
2nd Weasel: Going from the river to the lake, Willen Lake South (Ann Strutton)
1st Goosander (f), Little Grebe (2): Caldecote South Lake ( Steve & Susie Cousins)
1st Oystercatcher, Raven, Greenfinch (3), Great Spotted Woodpecker: Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)


31st Green Sandpiper, Peregrine Falcon: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
30th Goosander (7), Great White Egret, Snipe (30): Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
30th Leucistic Jackdaw: Calverton Church (Julian Lambley)

Leucistic Jackdaw( photo© Julian Lambley)

29th Pintail (m), Great White Egret, Lapwing (circa 1000), Golden Plover (22): Grebe Lake (BuBC)
28th Skylark, Stonechat (1m,1f), Kestrel being mobbed by 10 crows: Bury Fields, Newport Pagnell (Martin Ferns)
28th Scaup (m): Willen Lake North (BuBC)
27th Lapwing (circa. 200): Flying East along Ouse valley towards Quarry Hill Farm, Gayhurst (Martin Ferns)
27th Fieldfare (185): Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
26th Woodcock (2):  Near Pochard Lake Great Brickhill (BuBC)
26th Goldeneye(10), Scaup, Snipe (4): Willen Lake North (BuBC)
26th Siskin (3), Kingfisher, Cetti’s Warbler: Willen Lake South (BuBC)
25th Raven, Stonechat: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
24th Lesser Black-backed Gull with unusual left wingtip all white: Floodplain Forest NR (Graham Lynham)

Lesser Black-backed Gull (photo©Graham Lynham)

23rd Redwing (250), Fieldfare (350): Passenham Quarry (BuBC)
22nd Otter: Seen swimming into the reeds to the left of the Otter Hide at Linford Lakes NR (Andrew Chambers)
22nd Reed Bunting, Yellowhammer: Little Linford Wood (BuBC)
21st Scaup: Willen Lake North (BuBC)
20th Fieldfare (20): Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
19th Little Egret (9), Mediterranean Gull: Mount Farm (BuBC)
19th Pintail: Stood on the ice at the back of the reservoir, Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
19th Goosander (7), Great White Egret, Snipe, Sparrowhawk, Kingfisher, Stonechat: Floodplain Forest NR (Joe Clinch)
18th Scaup (m): Ice free patch in front of the buildings on Willen Lake South (BuBC)
17th Canada Goose (271): Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
17th Song Thrush, Mediterranean Gull: Mount Farm Park (Harry Appleyard)
17th Goldcrest, Goosander: Caldecote Lake (Harry Appleyard)
16th Shoveler (5), Water Rail, Teal (21), Siskin (6): Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
15th Grey Heron (10): Heronry getting active, Furzton Lake (BuBC)
15th Mediterranean Gull, Little Egret (9): Mount Farm Park (BuBC)
14th Impressive Starling Murmuration: West Bank of Willen Lake North just north of the Peace Pagoda. Watched from 16.10hrs to 16.40hrs (Susan Weatherhead)
13th  Brown Hairstreak eggs on Blackthorn. MKNHS outing to RSPB Otmoor (Julian Lambley)
Brown Hairstreak Eggs(photo©Julian Lambley)

13th Fieldfare (6), Teal (12), Goosander (8), Shoveler (8), Snipe (30+): Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
13th Redpoll (2), Siskin (4): Tongwell Lake (Alan Nelson)
12th Jack Snipe (2): Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
11th Bullfinch (2), Goosander (2), Teal (4): Stony Stratford NR (BuBC)
10th Stonechat, Dunlin: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
9th Goosander (5) on River Ouse, Canada Geese (50+) on adjacent flooded field. Seen from North Bridge Newport Pagnel (Martin Ferns)
9th Great White Egret, Little Egret (2), Grey Heron: Banks of River Ouse, Mill Farm, Gayhurst Quarry area (Martin Ferns)
9th Wigeon (c50), Tufted Duck (c30): Gayhust Quarry Lakes (Martin Ferns)
9th Pintail (4m): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
9th Goosander (m): On River Ouse at Old Wolverton, Stony Stratford (BuBC)
9th Great White Egret (4): Linford Lakes NR (Bob Phillips)
8th Goosander (2m, 2f): Caldecotte Lake (Peter Barnes)
8th Siskin (30 approx.), Lesser Redpoll (2): Rushmere Park (BuBC)
7th Goldeneye (3), Wigeon (41), Great White Egret (1): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
7th Tawny Owl: Shenley Wood (calling) (BuBC)
6th Teal (26), Goosander (2m, 2f), Great White Egret (2): Linford Lake NR (BuBC)
5th Fieldfare (13), Goldeneye (3): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
5th Little Grebe (25), Tufted Duck (140), Goldeneye (14): Willen Lake North (BuBC)
4th Cetti’s Warbler, Goldeneye (5): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
2nd Lesser Redpoll (3): In birches near Warbler Hide, Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)
2nd Goosander (2m, 1f):On the flooded R Ouzel, just north of the flood control barrier (Peter Barnes)
2nd Goldeneye (3), Shoveler (10), Teal (12), Wigeon (34), Snipe (9): Willen Lakes (BuBC)
1st Lapwing (200), Goosander (4), Lesser Redpoll (3): Linford Lakes NR (BuBC)


December 2023

30th Mandarin Duck (f), Goldcrest: Emerson Valley Park (Bob Phillips)
Mandarin Duck (f), Goldcrest (photo©Bob Phillips)

30th Goosander (10), Goldcrest (2), Long-tailed tit (30), Siskin (6): Emberton Country Park (BuBC)
30th Lesser Redpoll (circa 200), Siskin (6), Mistle Thrush (2): Rammamere Heath (BuBC)
29th Redpoll (12), Goosander (2m, 2f): Tongwell Lake (Bob Phillips)
Redpoll, Goosander (m), Goosander(f) (photo©Bob Phillips)

28th Siskin (2), Great White Egret, Little Grebe: Stony Stratford NR (BuBC)
28th Goldeneye (3m, 4f): Willen Lake (BuBC)
27th Lesser Redpoll (2), Siskin (15): Rushmere Park (BuBC)
26th Green Sandpiper (2): Willen Lake North (BuBC)
26th Raven, Sparrowhawk: Great Brickhill (BuBC)
25th Redpoll (15): Tongwell Lake (Alan Nelson)
24th Treecreeper, Goldcrest, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Green Woodpecker, Siskin, Bullfinch: Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard)
23rd Little Egret: In stream at the centre of a large roundabout between IKEA and TKMax, Bletchley (Steven Cousins)
22nd Goldeneye, Snipe, Mediterranean Gull, Goosander, Little Grebe (25), Cetti’s Warbler, Black Swan: Willen Lake North (BuBC)
22nd Ring-necked Parakeet: Mount Farm (BuBC)
21st Goosander (2), Goldeneye (2), Wigeon (60): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
21st Fieldfare (circa 100):Old Wolverton, Stony Stratford (BuBC)
20th Great Spotted Woodpecker, Green Woodpecker (3), Goldcrest (2): Tattenhoe Milton Keynes (Harry Appleyard)
20th Mandarin Duck, Goldcrest, Siskin (6), Chiffchaff: Emerson Valley (Harry Appleyard)
20th Goosander (f), Siskin (10): Caldecotte Lake (BuBC)
19th Goosander (16), Chiffchaff: Floodplain Forest NR (BuBC)
17th Lapwing ( circa 150), Goosander (1 f), Snipe, Great White Egret, Redwings (circa 20): Floodplain Forest NR (Bob Phillips)
16th Starlings (circa 3000): Flew into the reeds to roost (BuBC)
15th Pintail , Goosander (2), Snipe (13): Floodplain Forest NR (Julian Lambley)
14th Goldeneye (6), Wigeon (34): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
12th White Wagtail, Pied Wagtail, Grey Wagtail: On the dam at Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)
10th Goldeneye (10): Foxcote Reservoir (BuBC)