What’s About – week of 13th December 2016


Pygmy Shrew recorded by Linford Lakes Mammal Group on 11th – plus field sign of 10 other species including badger, mink, otter and Muntjac deer.

Noctule bat over Tattenhoe – 8th (Harry Appleyard)


Female Scaup and Woodcock at Linford Lakes N.R. (11th)

Red Kite over Shenley Church End – 11th (Peter Hassett)

Red Crested Pochard – pair still at South Willen Lake (9th)

3 Stonechats on fence posts – Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve (7th)


Oyster mushrooms Pleurotus spp. on willow stump at Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve (7th)

Tremella mesenterica (Yellow Brain Fungus) – plentiful at Linford Lakes NR (11th)

(All sightings not otherwise attributed by Martin Kincaid)