What’s About – Week of 17th May 2016


Otter spraint  on the footings of Tyringham bridge (17th – Julie Lane)


1 Cuckoo at Oakhill Wood (14th) and 3 (2m, 1f) at Linford Lakes (15th)

2 Black Terns at South Willen (11-12th), 1 at Linford Lakes (11th)

4 pairs of Common Tern and 1 Hobby at Stony Stratford Nature Reserve (17th – MK)

Buzzard on nest at Elfield Park (13th – MK)

Little Owl calling at Woughton (15th – MK/HA)

Skylark singing at Stanton Low (16th – MK)

Pair of Red Kites circling over the river at Tyringham (17th – Julie Lane)

Huge numbers of Swallows and House Martins twittering over Emberton Park sailing lake (13th – Julie Lane)

Blue and Great Tits nesting in the dormouse boxes in Little Linford Wood are still sitting on eggs when in a normal year they would have hatched by now (Tony Wood)



Roesel’s bush-cricket nymph – North Bucks Way (14th – MK)

Slender Groundhopper – Pineham (Simon Bunker)


Small Copper butterfly – Stonepit Field (16th – MK)

Red Admirals arriving in number now.

Common Blue, Red Eyed and Large Red Damselflies at Linford Lakes (15th)

Painted Lady in Olney (16th – Julie Lane)


 Meadow Saxifrage in flower at Stony Stratford Reserve (17th)

Bee Orchids close to flowering at South Willen (17th)

Common Crow-foot flowering in ponds at Woughton on the Green (15th)

 N.B. MK = Martin Kincaid, HA = Harry Appleyard