2024 Photo Competition

MKNHS Photo Competition 2024

This year’s annual MKNHS Photo Competition took place in January 2024, with the results decided by popular vote at the Members meeting on 23rd January, in the Cruck Barn, New  Bradwell.

There were five categories; Birds;  Plants & Fungi; Insects; Other Animals; Astronomy, Landscapes, Minerals etc. After selection of the best two photos in each category, the overall winners were chosen by members from among these 10 photos across all categories. As usual, the standard was very high. Congratulations to Paul Lund, Justin Long and Susan Hayward for their exceptional photos.

The 3 winning entries are shown below.

1st prize and winner of the Shield: Brimstone Butterfly in Bancroft – Paul Lund
2nd prize: Robin’s head – Justin Long
3rd prize: Frog – Susan Hayward

1. Brimstone Butterfly in Bancroft – Paul Lund

Taken without High speed flash or IR lightbeams, just guess focus, point and shoot.

2nd prize: Robin’s Head – Justin Long

3rd prize: Frogs – Susan Hayward