BTO Ringing Scheme

BTOIMG_0486Whilst on holiday this Easter walking the south coast path I came across this kittiwake in trouble. Whilst I couldn’t really do anything to help the poor bird other than move it off the path away from marauding dogs, I noticed it was ringed and sent the details in to the BTO. A few days ago I received this information (see below) about the bird which was really interesting. Kittiwakes spend their winters out in the Atlantic often as far away as the Grand Banks so maybe this bird was on its way back to breed on Scilly and got into trouble. It was easy to go on the BTO’s website and complete the form and good to get the information back from them. At least they can use this information and the bird’s life was not entirely wasted.

Ringing Scheme: London Ring Number: ET70368 Species of bird: Kittiwake (Rissa tridactyla)

This bird was ringed by RSPB as age at least 3 years, sex unknown on 16-Jul-2010 time unknown at St Martins, Isles of Scilly, UK

OS Map reference SV9416 accuracy 0, co-ordinates 49deg 58min N 6deg 16min W accuracy 1.

It was found on 28-Mar-2015 time unknown at Branscombe, Sidmouth, Devon, UK

OS Map reference SY2088 accuracy 0, co-ordinates 50deg 41min N 3deg 8min W accuracy 0.

Finding condition: Sick or injured: fate unknown

Finding circumstances: Found Sick

Extra Information: Unable to fly


Some interesting facts discovered from BTO ringing data….

Oldest bird – Manx shearwater, 50 yrs 11 months

Furthest travelled – Arctic Tern from Wales to Australia 18,000 km

Strangest recovery – Osprey ring found in stomach of a crocodile in The Gambia!

Julie Lane