Winner. Hoverflies by Mark Strutton. 3 July 2016

Annual Photographic Competition 23 January 2018

Following the success of last year’s competition with a large turnout and many high quality prints submitted I hope we can do as well this year. To remind you of the rules:-

Prints only can be entered.

Maximum size of prints A4 (210x297mm)

Each member may enter a maximum of 2 prints per category. (That’s 8 prints in total). Prints must be unmounted.

The four categories are:-

  1. Birds
  2. All other animals, including mammals, fish, insects etc.
  3. Plants and fungi.
  4. Habitats, geological, astronomical.

Domestic animals and cultivated plants are not eligible.

People must not be a major subject of any photograph.

Pictures must be handed to Julie Lane, Linda Murphy or Jean Cooke by the end of the 16 January 2018 meeting.
You can see the winners of previous competitions in the gallery section of the website. You can see the winner of last years competition –
Hoverflies by Mark Strutton at the top of the page.

May the best photograph win! It could be yours!

Paul Lund