What’s about – week of June 30th


Sainfoin flowering in meadow outside Howe Park Wood (HA)

Wood Vetch plentiful in woodland ridge, Campbell Park (MK)

Pyramidal Orchids at Howe Park Wood, Lodge Lake, Elfield Park, Blue Lagoon (HA/MK)

Bee Orchids everywhere! Especially plentiful at Stonepit, Great Linford.




Small Skipper, Marbled White, Meadow Brown and Ringlet now on the wing throughout MK.

Purple Hairstreak, North Bucks Way (24th June – MK. Earliest ever record)

White Letter Hairstreak – New Bradwell (25th June – Adrian Cadman)

Chimney Sweeper moths at Shenley Wood (24th – MK)

Six belted clearwing moths came to pheromone lures at Howe Park Wood (27th June – Darren Seaman/MK)



Water Stick Insect Ranatra linearis in pond at Tattenhoe (25th – HA, who took the pic below)

Water Stick Insect, Ranatra linearis

Water Stick Insect, Ranatra linearis







ODONATA (all these records HA)

Emperor Dragonfly – Oakhill Wood

Common Darters – Howe Park Wood and Tattenhoe Park

Brown Hawker – Howe Park Wood

Black-tailed Skimmer – Hazeley Wood

Beautiful Demoiselle (?) – Hazeley Wood



Peregrine pair with one well grown chick at Stadium:MK (28th June – Mike Wallen)

Goosander with 2 young – Olney (28th – Mike Wallen)

Cuckoo still calling & 2 Hobbies – Linford Lakes Nature Reserve (24th – MK)

Several pairs of Common Tern nesting on Willen Island (27th – MK)

Siskin – Tattenhoe (HA)

Red Kite – Tattenhoe (HA)

MK = Martin Kincaid (HA)

HA = Harry Appleyard (HA)