What’s About – Week of 8th September

Flock of 12 Siskins and Tawny Owl at Hazeley Wood (5th – MK/Carol Watts) and Siskins at Tattenhoe (Harry Appleyard)
Meadow Pipit – Oakhill Wood (HA)
Tawny Owl – Howe Park Wood (HA)
Greenshank at Manor Farm, Old Wolverton (6th – Ashley Boleons)
Red Crested Pochard female at Linford Lakes Nature Reserve (5th )
Late Swifts still being reported!

Small Heaths – Kingsmead Wood and Tattenhoe Park
Red Admiral – St Giles Church orchard
Painted Lady – Tattenhoe Park

Hummingbird Hawkmoth in Paul Lund’s garden in Bancroft

Southern Hawkers – Howe Park Wood
Brown Hawkers – Howe Park Wood and Tattenhoe Park
Emperor Dragonflies – Tattenhoe Park
Common Blue Damselfies – Tattenhoe Park
Blue-tailed Damselfly – Tattenhoe Park
(All insect sightings Harry Appleyard except for Hummingbird Hawkmoth)

Weasel at Linford Lakes Nature Reserve (3rd, Martin Kincaid)
1 Short tailed vole and 1 Fox recorded on Hazeley Wood Mammal Survey (6th, Martin Kincaid/Carol Watts/Di Parsons)

50+ Common Lizards (adults and juveniles) at Stockgrove Country Park (MartinKincaid/Helen Wilson)
Grass Snakes at Stony Stratford Nature Reserve and Tattenhoe Park (Harry Appleyard).

Fly Agaric, Dung Roundhead and Common Earth-ball among the fungi at Rammamere Heath (5th)