What’s About – Week of 7th June


Pair of Cuckoos still very active at Linford Lakes

Lapwing chicks at Manor Farm, Old Wolverton (31st May)

Oystercatcher chicks at Stony Stratford Nature Reserve (2nd)

Red Kites, Tattenhoe (HA)

Great Tits, Blue Tits and House Sparrows with young around Tattenhoe (HA)

Coots with chicks, Tattenhoe Park (HA)



Noctule bat roost found at Linford Wood (2nd)

6 Badgers – Old Wolverton (5th)

Mink reported from North Willen (1st)

Muntjac, Tattenhoe Park (7th June HA)



Painted Ladies reported from New Bradwell (Tony Wood) and Howe Park Wood/Tattenhoe (Harry A) on 5th June.

Vanessa cardui

Painted Lady, Tattenhoe Park (5th June)








5 Small Blues – Stonepit Field (Julia Critchley, 5th)

Common Blue Butterflies throughout Tattenhoe (HA)

Orange Tip Butterflies, Tattenhoe Park (HA)


Ruby Tailed Wasp Chysis ignita – Stonepit Field (3rd)


Hundreds of nymphs of Roesel’s Bush-cricket – Linford Lakes (2nd)

Odonata (all HA)

Emperors, Broad-Bodied Chasers, Four-Spotted Chasers and Hairy Dragonflies in Tattenhoe Park

Azure, Common Blue, Blue-Tailed and Red-Eyed Damselflies, Tattenhoe Park

Immature Female White-Legged Damselfly, Tattenhoe Linear Park (6th June)

Platycnemis pennipes

White-Legged Damselfly, Tattenhoe Linear Park (6th June)









Pyramidal Orchids – Lodge Lake (3rd)

Greater Butterfly Orchid, Howe Park Wood (John and Margaret Wickham)

Platanthera chlorantha

Greater Butterfly Orchid, Howe Park Wood (7th June)










Herb Paris, Twayblade, Greater Butterfly Orchids and Common Spotted Orchids – Linford Wood (2nd)

Meadow Saxifrage – a fine display at Waterhall Park (3rd)

(HA = Harry Appleyard. Sightings otherwise unattributed reported by Martin Kincaid)