What’s About – Week of 5th July 2016


3 Ravens over Tattenhoe Park (4th July)

Red Kites over Howe Park Wood and Tattenhoe Park

Green Woodpeckers with young, Tattenhoe Linear Park

Linnets in Tattenhoe Park




Ringlets, Meadow Browns and Marbled Whites in large numbers around Tattenhoe

White Admirals by the North Bucks Way

4 White Letter Hairstreaks on elm by the North Bucks Way (First spotted by MK)

Summer brood Small Tortoiseshells in Tattenhoe Park

Aglais urticae

Small Tortoiseshell, Tattenhoe Park (28th June)









Emerald Damselflies around Howe Park Wood and Tattenhoe Park

Red-Eyed, Azure and Common Blue Damselflies in Tattenhoe Park

Black-Tailed Skimmers in Tattenhoe Park

Orthetrum cancellatum

Male Black-Tailed Skimmer, Tattenhoe Park (27th June)








Immature male Southern Hawker on the North Bucks Way (3rd July)

Aeshna cyanea

Immature Male Southern Hawker, North Bucks Way (3rd July)









All Sightings and photos by Harry Appleyard