What’s About – week of 18th August



Migrant Hawker dragonflies now in most local woodlands.

Small Copper butterfly across Milton Keynes

2 late White Admirals seen at Little Linford Wood by Tony Wood (12th August) Very late records suggesting a rare second brood.




2 Dormice, 1 Pygmy Shrew and 18+ Brown Long-eared bats in boxes at Little Linford Wood (16th)

3 Noctule Bats hunting over North Willen Lake (18th)

30-40 Daubenton’s Bats at Pineham (11th)



Osprey over Great Linford allotments (Dudley James – 15th)

Peregrine pair very active at Stadium:MK all week.

Maximum of 16 Green Sandpipers at Willen Lake (17th)

2 Little Owls, 1 Greenshank at Manor Farm, Old Wolverton (17th)

3 Juvenile Spotted Flycatchers, Linford Lakes Nature Reserve (Martin Kincaid – 18th)

Small flock of Siskins reported from LLNR on 16th.

(Information provided by Parks Trust Biodiversity Officer Martin Kincaid)

White Admiral photographed by Tony Wood

White Admiral photographed by Tony Wood