What’s About – week of 12th May 2016


Bank Voles in Howe Park Wood (HA)

Roe deer by the North Bucks Way (7th May – HA)

Roe Deer – Shenley Wood (6th)

Badger seen at Linford Lakes (5th – MK)



Garden Warblers singing in Howe Park Wood and Tattenhoe Park (HA)

Sylvia borin

Garden Warbler, Tattenhoe Park (5th May) (HA)








Reed Warblers around Furzton Lake, Tattenhoe Park and North Bucks Way (HA)

Swifts over Tattenhoe and Furzton (HA)

Pair of Spotted Flycatchers by brook in Furzton (4th May – HA)

Hobby over Tattenhoe Park (5th May – HA)

Cuckoo, 2 Barn Owls, 2 Hobbies – Linford Lakes (5th – MK)

8 Red Kites at Newton Longville (8th – MK)

Goosander with 9 young at Olney Mill

Turnstone at Manor Farm (5th)

Spotted Flycatchers at Shenley Wood and Linford Lakes



9 Grass Snakes found at Walton Lake (4th – MK/Ella Cooke)

2 Grass Snakes basking outside Near Hide, Linford Lakes (7th)

Adder skin found at Rammamere Heath (2nd – Helen Wilson)




Holly Blue and Large White butterflies around Furzton and Tattenhoe (HA)

Celastrina argiolus

Holly Blue, Howe Park Wood (6th May) HA








Green-Veined Whites and Orange Tips in most parts of Tattenhoe (HA)

Red Admirals in and around Howe Park Wood (HA)

Dingy Skipper and Small heath butterflies at Blue Lagoon (8th – MK)

4 Red Admirals on North Bucks Way (8th – MK)

Pair of Orange-Tips in copula – Blakelands  (15th May, Steve Brady)


Great Diving Beetles in ponds at Linford Lakes (5th – MK)


Red Mason bee, Ashy mining bee, Hairy Footed Flower Bee all nesting in walls at Manor Farm Court, Old Wolverton (6th – MK)



Large Red and Azure Damselflies emerging around Howe Park Wood ponds and Tattenhoe Park (HA)

Hairy Dragonflies around Tattenhoe Linear Park and Howe Park Wood ponds (HA)

Brachytron pratense female

Female Hairy Dragonfly, Tattenhoe Linear Park (6th May) HA








Four-Spotted Chaser in Tattenhoe Linear Park (6th May) (HA)


Black and Red Froghoppers in Tattenhoe Park (HA)



Water Crowfoot in ponds at Woughton on the Green.

Early Purple Orchids in most woodlands.

Herb Paris in flower in Linford Wood

Field Poppies out along grid roads


Sightings reported by HA = Harry Appleyard, MK = Martin Kincaid, or as named

*Sightings cover the past 10 days, unless indicated by individual dates*