Volunteers needed to spot insect’s ‘spittle’

Ever seen a blob of foam on a plant and wondered how it got there?

The frothy spittle, sometimes called cuckoo spit, is actually a telltale sign that an insect known as the spittlebug is feeding on a plant.

Scientists are calling for thousands of volunteers to help record sightings of spittle and spittlebugs across the UK.

The information will be used to map the distribution of the insect, in a pre-emptive strike against a deadly plant disease.

Important note from Natural England Field Unit:

You may have seen in the news today that people have been asked to survey cuckoo-spit and read the reasons why? There seems to be some confusion as already people are squishing spittle-bugs thinking they are invasive – THEY ARE NOT. They are a fabulous part of our native fauna ❤️

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