Video of Scottish kayaker saving a dolphin

Wildlife Extra have reported:

Chris Denehy, the owner of Clear Water Paddling, was alerted to a dolphin’s distress just off the Isle of Barra in the Scottish Western Isles, reports The Scotsman. The local postman had spotted it on his round in the secluded Northbay.

Denehy, with help from two companions, is seen via his helmet-mounted camera using his hands and paddle to free the panicked dolphin. When it finally makes it into open water the young dolphin is seen breaching, as if in leaping around in delight.

Denehy, who has been running kayak trips on the island for 14 years, said to The Scotsman: “The postman stopped me and said, ‘Can you go see if you can get the dolphin out?’ We were one of the kayak trips that we run.

“There were three juvenile dolphins. One of them was really trapped in the weeds. He was literally drowning because the weed was pulling him under.

“They are very small, we think they might be juveniles that were split from the pod. There is a resident pod in the sound of Barra.”

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