Trip to Howe Park Wood 05 May 2015

On 15May15, 20 members of the Society gathered on a blustery evening for the first outdoor event of our 2015 summer season. A walk around Howe Park Wood led by Gordon Redford.

Gordon decided to give the walk a botanic theme. We were split into three groups. Each group had a notepad and a clicker to record the number of different plant species identified. There was a competition to see which group identified the most plants.

Martin Kincaid had arranged for the group to visit the Milton Keynes Parks Trust impressive new Education and Visitor Centre at the end of the walk for tea and biscuits.

Roy has kindly provided a list of plants seen during the walk:

Acer campestre Field Maple
Ajuga reptans Bugle
Alopecurus pratensis Meadow Foxtail
Anemone nemorosa Wood Anemone
Angelica sylvestris Wild Angelica
Anthriscus sylvestris Cow Parsley
Arctium minus Lesser Burdock
Arum maculatum Lords-and-Ladies
Brachypodium sylvaticum False Brome
Cardamine pratensis Cockooflower
Carexpendula Pendulous Sedge
Carey, remota Remote Sedge
Car ex sylvatica Wood Sedge
Carpinus betula Hornbeam
Chamerion angustifolium Rosebay Willowherb
Circaea lutetiana Enchanter’s Nightshade
Cirsium arvense Creeping Thistle
Cirsium palustre Marsh Thistle
Clematis vitalba Traveller’s-joy
Cornus sanguinea Dogwood
Corylus avellana Hazle
Crataegus monogyna Hawthorn
Dactylis glomerata Cock’s-foot
Dactylorhiza fuchsii Common Spotted-orchid
Deschampsia cespitosa Tufted Hair-grass
Dryopteris dilatata Broad Buckler-fern
Dryopteris fllix-mas Male Fern
Epilobium hirsutum Great Willowherb
Ficaria verna Lesser Celandine
Filipendula ulmaria Meadowsweet
Fragaria vesca Wild Strawberry
Fraxinus excelsior Ash
Galium aparine Cleavers
Geranium robertianum Herb-Robert
Geum urbanum Wood Avens
Hedera helix Ivy
Heracleum sphondylium Hogweed
Hyancinthoides non-scripta Bluebell
Juncus effusus Soft Rush
Lapsana communis Nipplewort
Lonicera periclymenum Honeysuckle
Lysimachia nummularia Creeping-Jenny
Malus sylvestris Crab Apple
Mercurialis perennis Dog’s Mercury
Milium effusum Wood Millet
Orchis mascula Early Purple-orchid
Plantago major Greater Plantain
Poa annua Annual Meadow-grass
Poa nemoralis Wood Meadow-grass
Populus tremula Aspen
Potentilla anserina Silverweed
Primula vulgaris Primrose
Prunus spinosa Blackthorn
Quercus robur Pedunculate Oak
Ranunculus auricomus Goldilocks Buttercup
Ranunculus repens Creeping Buttercup
Ribes rubrum Red Currant
Rosa arvensis Field Rose
Rosa canina agg. Dog Rose(s)
Rubus fruticosus agg. Bramble(s)
Rubus idaeus Raspberry
Rumex sanguineus Wood Dock
Salix caprea Goat Willow
Sambucus nigra Elder
Senecio jacobaea Common Ragwort
Silene flos-cuculi Ragged-Robin
Stachys sylvatica Hedge Woundwort
Stellaria holostea Geater Stitchwort
Tamus communis Black Bryony
Taraxacum agg. Dandelion(s)
Urtica dioica Stinging Nettle
Viburnum opulus Guelder Rose
Vicia septum Bush Vetch
Viola riviniana Common Dog-violet
Fagus sylvatica* Beech
Rhamnus cathartica* Buckthorn
Symphoricarpos albus* Snowberry

*indicates an unconfirmed record

Click on any of the pictures for a larger image.

Pictures from top to bottom:
Start of the walk at the new Education and Visitors centre
Insect Hotel in the wall of the visitor centre
New pond dipping platform by the visitor centre
Map of Howe Park Wood
Bluebells and Greater Stitchwort
Dogs Mercury
Photos by Peter Hassett

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