Training opportunity – An Introduction to Invertebrate Recording for Beginners

Linford Lakes NR BioBlitz by David Easton. 24 June 2016

Linford Lakes NR BioBlitz by David Easton. 24 June 2016

Dear BIG Recorder

Invertebrates sit at the bottom of most food chains but most groups are seriously under recorded. Recent news has highlighted both the importance of invertebrates and the huge losses in numbers.

We urgently need more data to help our understanding and to do this more recorders are needed.

This is a new course designed to encourage people who are serious about wanting to record invertebrates but need help either to get started or to build their confidence.

The course will be held at Dancers End over four Sundays from 10am to lunchtime and will include both classroom and fieldwork.

The course will cover finding, collecting/photographing, identification of and submitting records of invertebrates.  It will introduce you to the following families:

  • True Bugs (Heteroptera)
  • Butterflies and moths (Lepidoptera)
  • Spiders and Harvestmen (Arachnida)
  • Beetles (Coleoptera)
  • Soldierflies (Mecoptera)
  • Bees and wasps (Hymenoptera)
  • Snails and slugs (Molluscsa)
  • and some Flies (Diptera) including Hoverflies, Soldierflies & allies.

The sessions will be held on Sunday 28th April, Sunday 5th May, Sunday 26th May and Sunday 2nd June.

Spaces are strictly limited, to book a place, please contact Sue Taylor

No charge but donations to BBOWT will be welcome.

Tutor Sue Taylor volunteer recorder for BBOWT and Butterfly Conservation.

Best wishes


Neil Fletcher
Environmental Support Officer (Part-time, Tues-Thurs)
Historic and Natural Environment Team
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