Peregrine Platform at Stadium MK ©Sue Hetherington 28 April 219

Peregrine Platform at Stadium MK

Location: Stadium MK
Date: during first half of MK Dons v Scunthorpe Sat 28/4/18
Message: Just a record shot but it may be of interest to anyone unaware of the existence of a pair of breeding peregrine falcons at Stadium MK.  They are using (for the first time) a platform provided for their use. As will be seen, it is high up, just before the transparent part of the roof, between aisles 10 and 11.  Shortly after the photo taken, an adult peregrine flew from the platform and perched at the opposite end of the stadium.  Andrew and I appeared to be the only people who noticed it.  Having never been to stadium MK before, I had to ask many stewards for information before I discovered the platform location.  One was particularly surprised and exclaimed “I’ve never been asked that before!!!”

Article and photograph kingly supplied by Sue Hetherington

29 April 2017
An update from Mike Wallen of the Buckinghamshire Bird Club

Great news here, the single egg has hatched today and there’s currently a little ball of white fluff in the middle of the platform with Mum looking proudly on.

14May 2018
An update from Mike Wallen of the Buckinghamshire Bird Club

Sad and tragic news that the single chick died yesterday, the female carried it away from the platform in the evening.

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Sue has also provided details of the Derbyshire Peregrine website: For anyone who would like to watch peregrines online, the Derby site is a really good one.  It can be found here Apart from detailed news about happenings at Derby, there is a page that lists all the known peregrine projects.