Monitoring inland colonies of Cormorants and Common Terns

Cormorant ©Peter Hassett, Willen 25 January 2018

Cormorant ©Peter Hassett, Willen 25 January 2018

Although Bucks is an inland county, County Recorder Andy Harding has alerted Buck Bird Club members to the fact that the National Seabird Survey organised by JNCC, covers Cormorants and Common Terns , and encourages members to provide as much information as possible. Andy says “this year in particular it would be helpful if you could make additional efforts to record all breeding or attempted breeding information for Cormorants and Common Terns and enter that information with your sightings of these species on the Club website.”

‘The Seabird Monitoring Programme (SMP) aims to ensure that sample data on breeding numbers and performance of seabirds are collected, both regionally and nationally, to enable their conservation status to be assessed. Reports as seabird numbers and breeding success in Britain and Ireland’

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