Brimstone nectaring on Sanfoin, Pitstone Quarry, 28 May 2017

MKNHS 2018 Photo Competition results

MKNHS Photo Competition 2018

The Society’s annual photos competition was held on Tuesday 23 January 2018.

Each member could enter a maximum of 2 prints in each of the following categories:-

1) Birds
2) All other animals, including mammals, fish, insects, etc.
3) Plants and fungi.
4) Habitats, geological, astronomical.

MKNHS Photo Competition 2018

Sixty photos were entered. Each member present at the meeting was asked to select their first and second choice in each of the four categories giving us a shortlist of 8 photos.

In the second round of voting, members were asked to select their first second and third choice.

The winning photos were:

First place – Brimstone nectaring on Sanfoin by Peter Hassett

Second place – Laccaria amethystina by Peter Hassett

MKNHS Photo Competition 2018

Third place – Wood White by Paul Lund

You can view the shortlisted photos in the photo gallery.