Guess the goose updated

photographed in Emberton Park by Julie Lane.

Hybrid goose

Above is a photo of a goose taken by Julie Lane on 4th May. I think it may be a cross between a Canada and a domestic goose as both are in the park but maybe its just a melanistic Canada goose. He/she was all alone so obviously not accepted as a partner by any other self respecting goose!

Ian Saunders has has emailed that in his opinion “Guess the Goose” in News – despite its slim build, I don’t think that Julie’s bird is a Canada hybrid, as all the ones I have ever seen have been dark, and look more like Canadas “gone off” than this mainly white bird (which would be albinistic, rather than melanistic).

Judging by its leg and bill colouration (which are both dark in Canadas), I would guess that it’s more likely simply an “ugly” domestic goose, or a hybrid between two (or more) domestic breeds.”

Ian invites other members to submit their opinions on the bird in Julie’s photo.

10May15 Julie’s response:
“In reply to Ian’s interesting and welcome contribution  I would just add that the reason I thought it might be a hybrid between Canadas and domestic geese is that historically those two hang around together in mixed flocks in the park and have done for many years. I thought that this might be the result of so much hanging around together!! He/she seems to be a slimline version of the domestic white geese (the ribbed affect on the neck is also a domestic goose attribute) with some dark feathers thrown in. I should have checked my terminology re the use of the word ‘melanistic’ which I was a bit worried about at the time, but when you think about it this goose could also be a very slim melanistic domestic goose or a albinistic canada goose!! Haha!!”