BMERC courses on How to Record (and How not to…) -20 and 29 Oct

Annually, and often at the Recorders Seminar, BMERC asks what kind of training you might be interested in which we can help with. One of the questions which keeps coming up in wider conversations is the subject of – “what is a good record, how do I make one” etc?. Clearly wider understanding is key to getting better quality information on all our wildlife. Skills and knowledge of this intriguing but slightly gnarly subject vary, so BMERC has come up with what they hope is a novel solution.

BMERC has hired Keiron Brown – some of you may be familiar with him from his work with the Field Studies Council (  or the Earthworm Society of Britain ( to create 2 short webinars to look at this subject. The materials will also later be made available later as YouTube content as a resource for everyone; the course content has been designed hopefully to suit all levels of interest.

The two courses are designed as a pair, only an hour each, deliberately in the autumn when we may be less active outside (apologies fungi recorders!). They are free to you all but you will need to sign up to get access to them; they are booked using on the Eventbrite platform and will run via Zoom on the day.

Bookings are now open, they are grouped into a ‘collection’  which can be located at

Or individually at


We are keen to get as many people to attend as possible so please do sign up. NB you will need to register for each course separately.

More information can be found in this BMERC leaflet