Annual results of the BTO Garden BirdWatch 2015

The 2015 annual results of the BTO Garden BirdWatch show an interesting story. Thanks to a wet spring, some of our common bird species appeared to have poor breeding season, leading to low average numbers during the second half of the year. Many of the seed-eating and insectivorous species were seen in very high numbers toward the end of the year, possibly due to a poor tree-seed crop and stormy weather. It was also another year with low winter migrant numbers, which could have been driven by relatively mild winters at both ends of the year. Explore the year in more detail by viewing the results for individual species using the drop-down menu below or scroll down to see our seasonal guide.

Click on this link to view the results. Click on the Species menu to select the results for a particular species: GBW Annual Results 2015 | BTO – British Trust for Ornithology