Website update – and an invitation

The MKNHS website is run by a small group of members. Rebecca Hiorns has had to drop out at the beginning of 2024 from her ‘webmaster’ role due to her work commitments, but we are lucky that Jagoda Zajac has stepped in as webmaster, joining Linda Murphy and Martin Ferns on the editorial team. In addition, Bob Phillips looks after the Recent Sightings page.

We are now working on redesigning the website to make it more attractive and improve its useability both on computer and mobile devices. This should be ready to switch to in the next few weeks.

We would still welcome any members with an interest in the website to join the team. No website experience is necessary – though it is welcome, of course.

Specific tasks which we are looking for help with are:

  1. Adding and classifying members photos for the Photo Gallery, so they can be easily searchable.
  2. Updating a new monthly calendar of MKNHS and other local events of interest to members
  3. preparing/editing the bi-annual Magpie Digest of website articles, for circulation to members without easy access to the website.

If you are interested, please get in touch with any of the editorial team at one of the weekly meetings, or by email to

Martin, Linda and Jagoda
1 March 2024