BSBI’s annual New Year Plant Hunt – how to take part

The New Year Plant Hunt takes place this year from 30th December to 2nd January. It is an annual event run by the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland when people – whether absolute beginners or experienced naturalists – across Britain and Ireland head out to see how many wild or naturalised plants (not garden plants) they can find in bloom in their local area at midwinter.-

Perhaps surprisingly, many plants are still flowering in midwinter, with nearly 500 different species recorded during last year’s Hunt. Many of these are widespread, common and easy to identify, but BSBI will provide help with identification for everyone, including total beginners.

It’s easy to take part. During the four days around New Year, 30th December – 2nd January, take a short, leisurely walk outdoors, noting wild flowers in bloom. Submit your finds via our online form and you’ll be contributing to vital climate research. There is a recording app you are encouraged to use, either on your mobile or on your computer

More information, including how to register, can be found here: