Members Evening 19 October: the COP26 and COP15 Summits – Mervyn Dobbin

The focus of the presentation was on the loss of biodiversity globally and in the UK and linked to Climate Change causes and effects.  Mervyn asked the question ‘What can we do?’ The Climate Change Summits will take place in Glasgow, COP26 31 October – 12 November and COP15 Kunming, China, from 25 April-8 May 2022.1 Both Summits include goals related to biodiversity, especially the Summit to be held in China next year which is billed as the ‘Biodiversity Summit’.

A recent UK government report on biodiversity ‘Biodiversity in the UK Bloom or Bust’ is available at:

Other reports mentioned during the talk and which might be of interest to members are the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report and the UN Global Assessment Report.  Summaries can be found at:

Mervyn has written a supportive and encouraging letter to Sir David Attenborough who is the ‘People’s Advocate’ for the COP26 Summit.  Should any member wish to write a similar letter to Sir David, his address is: Sir David Attenborough, People’s Advocate COP26, David Attenborough Productions Ltd, 5 Park Road, Richmond, Surrey TW10 6NS. Mervyn is also writing to his MP and Alok Sharma, President, COP26.

Mervyn gave an example of one unusual way to highlight the importance of the COP26 Summit: a pilgrimage.  Right now, groups of walkers (pilgrims) are making their way to Glasgow from cities and towns throughout Europe. On 12 September, one such group walking from London to Glasgow had an overnight stay in Milton Keynes.  As they were leaving on the next stage of their pilgrimage walk, the group gave a card to their hosts which stated:

‘…..and we make our way in kinship with the peoples and the creatures of the earth who are suffering and displaced by climate change and ecological breakdown.  We do so peacefully and lawfully, ready to engage and learn, because we care and we have hope.’

Members might be interested in keeping in touch with progress at the Summits in Glasgow in November and in China April-May 2022.

Mervyn Dobbin

1 COP – Conference of the Parties