Furzton Lake species glossary

The scientific names of all the species mentioned for Furzton Lake can be found in order of appearance in this species glossary.


Common name  Scientific name
Hawthorn Crataegus monogyna
Blackthorn Prunus spinosa
Bee Orchid Ophrys apifera
Common Spotted-orchid Dactylorhiza fuchsii
Ragged Robin Lychnis flos-cuculi
Meadow Vetchling Lathrys pratensis
Greater Spearwort Ranunculis lingua
Yellow Water-lilly Nuphar lutea
Marsh Marigold Caltha palustris
Smooth Tare Vicia tetrasperma
Hairy Tare Vicia hirsuta
Gipsywort Lycopus europaeus


Common name  Scientific name
 Grey Heron  Ardea cinerea
 Woodpigeon  Columba palumbus
 Mute Swan  Cygnus olor
 Canada Goose  Branta canadensis
Greylag Goose  Anser anser
 Mallard  Anas platyrhynchos
 Great Crested Grebe  Podiceps critatus
 Coot  Fulica atra
 Moorhen  Gallinula chloropus
 Lapwing ��Vanellus vanellus
 Cormorant  Phalacrocorax carbo
 Kingfisher  Alcedo atthis
 Swallow  Hirundo rustica
 House Martin ��Delichon urbica
 Reed Warbler ��Acrocephalus scirpaceus
 Sedge Warbler  Acrocephalus schoenobaenus
 Whitethroat  Sylvia communis
 Chaffinch ��Fringilla coelebs
 Robin  Erithacus rubecula
 Blackbird  Turdus merula
 Song Thrush  Turdos philomelos