Summer Programme 2024

The Summer events take place on Tuesdays, with occasional Saturdays or Sundays. The group will meet at the site, and move off at 7pm except for mothing nights and weekend walks; times for these are given in the description. Please arrive 15 minutes before the walks are due to start, so we can run through the risk assessment, and site description as appropriate.

Grid references are given in the description. You can locate a Grid reference on a map or by searching Grid reference finder in your browser or Play store or Apple I-store app. Post codes are given where they are close to the parking. What 3 words details are also given in the description and this app can also be found in Play Store or I-store

For any forthcoming Society activity, each member who is planning to participate should assess his/her own risk and that of their household having regard to his/her own health and circumstances. This requirement is in accordance with the Society’s Constitution that states ‘Members taking part in any meeting or activity do so at their own risk.’

A full Risk Assessment can be found here .

Summer Programme

The Summer programme includes both Tuesday evening visits to local wildlife sites and occasional weekend visits. Details of each event can be found using the Event Calendar.

Printable Programme

A printable pdf of the Summer programme (April - August).