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  • Sat

    National Tree Week 2019

    Celebrate National Tree Week 2019 by discovering your local park in Milton Keynes

    This week is National Tree Week, (Sat 23 Nov – Sun 1 Dec) the UK's largest annual tree celebration, marking the start of the winter tree planting season.

    To celebrate, The Parks Trust want to encourage residents of Milton Keynes to go out and discover their local parks as well as learn a little more about the work they do across the city to enhance the landscape.

    The Parks Trust are guardian to over 6,000 acres of greenspace, that makes up 25% of the city! The trees and woodland not only create a beautiful environment to live in they also help the city adapt to climate change.

    The trees within our city maintain the air quality and cooling of the city, they store carbon and can provide a source of renewable energy.

    On average, they plant around 40,000 trees and shrubs annually to help maintain the growth of the city’s landscape.

    Much of this planting is to replace trees and shrubs that have come to the end of their life, but they are also taking opportunities to increase the overall number of trees in the city.

    Did you know that The Parks Trust look after four woodlands located across the city? Howe Park Wood, Linford Wood, Hazeley Wood and Shenley Wood. To help you get outdoors and discover these amazing places right on your doorstep, they have created a couple of self-guided walks.

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