Multi taxa recording for invertebrates training course 17-19 June 2016

In association with a specialist recorder and our local Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) BMERC has developed a new course on invertebrates, to be run locally to Bucks and Herts. We have attached a flyer for your information: ‘Multi taxa recording for invertebrates – a new training course for professionals and keen amateurs’

We had long considered the thorny issue of invertebrate recording as there are so many possible techniques which all have their own nuances. How to decide which might be the best one(s), where and when to collect samples, and how to work with them to get the best chance of usable results. This course set over a long weekend is designed to demonstrate a wide range of techniques and equipment, and to focus on what surveyors might consider when arranging or carrying out recording; all in a reserve based on-site setting.

BBOWT have kindly agreed to host the event at their Dancersend Reserve, which lies hidden at the foot of the Chilterns Scarp about 2 miles west of Tring. The reserve itself is a fascinating mix of various woodland types, meadows, chalk grasslands, a small orchard an even some chalk flats. The indoor session will be housed on-site, in an old building which part of the Victorian waterworks. Access to the reserve for attendees literally requires just walking out the door. More information on the site can be found by clicking this link. the map at the base of the page allows you to zoom in and out and to convert to road maps for print purposes. The focus of the event will be adjacent to the southern blue “P” (car park) marked on the map, off bottom Road. Further details will be sent on booking.

There is a lot to fit in, some of which requires overnight trapping. To this end the course is set over a long weekend. A short session on the Friday night to introduce the site and your tutors and to provide some basic information on recording. The main session fills both Saturday and Sunday, using a mix of outdoor demonstrations and collection sessions and indoor talks.

The course is designed for professionals, already working in the field or wishing to, as well as fairly experienced amateurs.

Booking fees

· For all professionals and consultants, full course fee is £75 plus VAT.
· BMERC volunteer recorders, full course fee is £20.

There are a limited number of places available (15) bookings will be taken on a first come first served basis. We can invoice consultants and those representing companies direct if you wish, or take cheque payments on the day. We regret we cannot take online or card payments.

For bookings see attached form. For more information please contact or call 01296 382431