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MKNHS Photo Competition – Round 2 voting now open

Round 2 voting is open (members only) until 23rd February.
See below for how to vote in Round 2, followed by the remaining steps of the process and key dates.

How to vote – Round 2

Go to the Photo gallery page on the website and select Photo Competition 2021.

Visit the FINALISTS sub-page to view the photos selected by members’ votes in Round 1, or click on the link here: FINALISTS.

Please note that due to a tie in one category, there are 10 finalists rather than 8 this year.

Decide on the three photos which are your first, second and third choices and make a note of the numbers.

Send an email to  with the title ‘Votes
Include the following information:

Your name
The numbers of your top 3 photos e.g.
1st choice   (e.g. 6)
2nd choice   (e.g. 3)
3rd choice   (e.g. 1)

Send your email to

Round 2 votes must be received by end of 23 February 2021.


How Round 2 of the 2021 Photo competition will be run, and key dates:

  1. Members have one week to send in their votes for the top three photos. (Votes to be received by 23 February 2021)
  2. Votes are counted and the top 3 selected.
  3. Winners are announced at the MKNHS Zoom meeting on 02 March 2021 one week after the deadline for voting for round 2.
    Winning photos will be shown at this meeting and winners will be asked to say something about their photos.
  4. The finalists’ photos will be put on the website gallery page for the photo competition winners 2021.
  5. The winner will be presented with the Ron Arnold Shield to hold for the year (when conditions allow). Their name will be engraved on the shield and they will receive a miniature shield to keep.

Votes cast after the deadline for Round 2 will not be counted….