King’s Wood and Rushmere National Nature Reserve enlarged

Natural England has decided to enlarge the boundaries of the King’s Wood and Rushmere National Nature Reserve (NNR) for a second time. On 8th December 2020 they announced that they have increased the area of this NNR by a further 43 ha, from148 ha to 191 ha, some of which is in Buckinghamshire. The new areas that have been added include Bragenham Wood, Rammamere Heath and Shire Oak Heath.

King’s Wood became a NNR in 1993, with the name King’s Wood Heath & Reach. It was substantially enlarged and renamed in 2016 as King’s Wood and Rushmere NNR when large areas of Rushmere Country Park were included within it.

Many MKNHS members know Rushmere Country Park from the Society’s visits there or will have seen information about it on our website Wildlife Sites pages (number 15). The Country Park and the NNR straddle the borders of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

The NNR now includes ancient woodland, heathland, grassland and wetland. One of the distinctives of this site is native lily of the valley within the woods, but there are also purple emperor butterfly and barbastelle bats, and many other species characteristic of ancient woods and heathland. This King’s Wood is not to be confused with Kings Wood SSSI between Ampthill and Houghton Conquest, which is also close to the Greensand Ridge Walk. Nor is it to be confused with King’s Wood in Rockingham Forest Northamptonshire, and probably many other King’s Woods.

The King’s Wood and Rushmere NNR site is managed by several different owners: Central Bedfordshire Council, Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire, The Greensand Trust, and Tarmac.

There are only 229 National Nature Reserves in England. These are among the most important areas protected for nature conservation

The Greensand Trust set up an appeal last year to raise funds for management of their area of King’s Wood:

    20th anniversary appeal launched to preserve King’s Wood | The Greensand Trust

The Natural England Declaration and map of the site:

        King’s Wood National Nature Reserve: change to name and site area – GOV.UK (

The Government press release:

        King’s Wood and Rushmere National Nature Reserve gains 43 hectares – GOV.UK (


Mike LeRoy
11 December 2020