Help stop government proposals to remove protection for wildlife. Deadline 10 May 2108

Bluebells by Harry Appleyard, Howe Park Wood 10 April 2016

Bluebells by Harry Appleyard, Howe Park Wood 10 April 2016

Wildlife Trusts are urging people to support a campaign to maintain protection for Local Wildlife Sites:

From ancient woodlands and flower meadows to wildlife oases in our cities, there are thousands of quiet, often unnoticed places where wildlife thrives. They are known as Local Wildlife Sites and there are more than 42,000 in England. Together they make up 5% of England’s land area.

Local Wildlife Sites are recognised in national planning policy which protects them from being developed for housing, roads or industry.  Even with this protection, some are lost each year.

Now, the Government is proposing to take all reference to Local Wildlife Sites out of the National Planning Policy Framework.  This means removing protection for all Local Wildlife Sites.”

A consultation on the proposals is now open and closes on 10 May 2018.

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