Hedgehog shenanigans!!

Having got home late from the MKNHS plant sale/Amphibians evening I heard a strange snuffly grunting noise in my garden. On closer inspection this turned out to be a large hedgehog circling strangely around some ornamental grasses next to my back door. It ignored a tasty meaty snack I put out for him and continued to mess around seemingly having more important things on its mind. Eventually I went out again with a torch and a camera only to find that there were indeed two large hedgehogs in my garden in the process of …………. well the photo speaks for itself!!! I am delighted, as I try to so hard to make my garden wildlife friendly and even scraped a hole under my fence last year for hedgehogs to access the garden. It seems to have worked!! Maybe there will be some little hoglets trotting around my garden later in the year. Julie