Foxcote Reservoir – Permits & Gate Code

Due to continued problems with unauthorised access to the BBOWT reserve at Foxcote Reservoir and occasions in the last few weeks where both gates have been found unlocked and open, it has been decided to replace the combination locks and to introduce new access codes.  We do not believe that the problem is a result of permit holders forgetting to close the gate when they leave, but by unwanted visitors who have learned the codes by some means.

The lock will be replaced with a new code around midday on Wednesday 5th April.

As a reminder, all visitors to this reserve should be in possession of a valid permit issued by BBOWT HQ. This is not to restrict the number of visitors to the reserve – it is a condition of the lease and access agreement that BBOWT has with Anglian Water.

You can obtain a permit free of charge by contacting BBOWT HQ on 01865 775476.  Current permit holders will also need to contact the same number to obtain the new code (available from tomorrow, Tuesday 4th April 2017).  Please do not contact me for the new code.

We regret the inconvenience that this will cause some visitors but hope you understand the need for making the change.

If anyone does see any signs of unwelcome visitors at Foxcote, please contact myself or BBOWT HQ and we will inform local police; they have agreed to include both Foxcote Reservoir and Calvert Reserve on their regular patrols.

Good birding,


Volunteer Reserve Manager, Foxcote Reservoir