Wader Conservation World Watch

Wader Conservation World Watch 2019 poster

Wader Conservation World Watch 2019

Dear Friends and Sponsors.

Wader Quest emails are like busses, you don’t see one for ages then they all come at once.
The purpose of this email is to remind you all about Wader Conservation World Watch and to encourage as many of you as can, to join the event.
It is on the 2nd and 3rd of November, either or both days as you can spare, an hour or a full day, long list or even no species seen at all. All we ask is that you take part. Go and look for waders, tell us what you have seen and where and with whom you saw it. It is that simple.
The point is, the world’s waders are in need of a great deal of help, and by making a success of WCWW we will be raising awareness between us and that can only be a good thing.
Join WCWW6 and stand up to say ‘I Care!’
Please see the attached poster and feel free to print, copy, share and post wherever you think it may attract takers for our annual global awareness event.
Thank you all in advance.
Rick, Elis and the Wader Quest team.
PS the newsletter will be out soon and don’t forget the AGM on the 27th of October (poster also attached).
Rick Simpson: Chair.
Elis Simpson: Treasurer.
Wader Quest Board of Trustees.
Wader Quest – Registered Charity (England & Wales) 1183748