eDNA sampling for fish

On 22nd July 2018, we attended the Wicken Fen edition of Chris Packham’s 2018 BioBlitz. This was our first BioBlitz experience and also the first time we had worked with volunteers to collect water samples…

After the talk we headed out with a group of six volunteers to collect some samples from the fenland waterways known as ‘lodes’. The volunteers quickly got the hang of using the kits to filter the water and then added the preservative solution to the samples so that the DNA would be stabilised for transport to the lab. It took about 15 minutes to collect each sample.

Back in the lab, we extracted the DNA from the filters and ran our Fish eDNA Metabarcoding analysis to generate a species-by-sample table. This involves making millions of copies of the fish DNA in a process called PCR, and then sequencing it on a high-throughput DNA sequencer machine.

Click here to read the results: Wicken Fen BioBlitz – Nature Metrics