Buckinghamshire Recorders’ Seminar 11 May 2019

Dear all,

We are happy to confirm and circulate the details of BMERC seminar on the 11th May 2019.

In attachment (and below) you will find the programme for the day. We just want to remind you that this year we will be in a different venue, hopefully more spacious and comfortable for all.

We have already received bookings from some of you and thank you for those who have been supportive and very prompt in responding. Nevertheless, we have noticed that due to other events happing at the same time and for some of you to personal reasons, at the present moment the feedback is still quite low. We hope that this is due to some sort of “spring laziness” that has delayed you in sending us back the booking form.

BMERC seminar is a great opportunity for most of us to learn new things and to learn what is going on amongst the recording community and in the county.
For BMERC team is also a very enjoyable way to see you all together at the same time to celebrate your effort throughout the year and we hope you enjoy the opportunity to communicate and share your experience with the other recorders and conservation groups.

We have been running this event for many years now and we believe we all enjoy it (your feedback forms are usually very positive cheerful), however we need your support and interest to be able to keep this event running in the future and free of charge. If the low attendance persists we might not be able to justify it again.
We will need to have a ‘viable’ number of bookings by Thursday 11th April, so if you were thinking of sending your booking form and you haven’t this is the right time!

Please also feel free to send us general comments about the event and on how you feel that we can improve it. Every year we circulate feedback forms at the end of the seminar, but you can share you views with us at any time.

Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you on the 11th May.

All the best


Saturday 11th May 2019
The Oculus- The Gateway, Gatehouse Road Aylesbury Bucks HP19 8FF


  • 09:30 Chairman’s welcome – Mick Jones
  • 09:45 “Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Natural Environment Partnership (NEP) updates”- Nicola Thomas, NEP
  • 10:00 “Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Environmental Records Centre (BMERC) updates”
  • 11:00 TEA/COFFEE
  • 11:20 “Aquatic habitats and alien, invasive species” – Cat Robinson, Environment Agency)
  • 12:00 “Finding Clean Water in a Polluted Landscape”- Hannah Worker, River Thame Conservation Trust
  • 12:30 LUNCH BREAK
    Buffet Lunch in ‘The Street’ & Posters, Display session in ‘The Street’


  • 13:30 Chairman
  • 13:35 “Recording Updates”
  • 14:20 “What’s new in water quality? The ongoing contributions of citizen scientists”- Isabel Bishop, Earthwatch
  • 14:40 “River Leck, Natural Flood Management project”- Karen Fisher, Strategic Flood Management Team, Buckinghamshire County Council
  • 15:10 TEA/COFFEE
  • 15:30 “Great Crested Newt District Licensing Scheme- South Midlands’”- Sam Knowles, NatureSpace Partnership
  • 15:50 “‘Great Crested Newt Compensation Sites in the South Midlands: best practice habitat creation and management’” – Pascale Nicolet, Freshwater Habitats Trust
  • 16:10 “Rescuing Ratty- Water Voles in Buckinghamshire”- Julia Lofthouse, Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust
  • 16:40 Chairman’s summing up and close

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