Big lessons from a small island talk 22 February 2018

STEM LECTURE: Big lessons from a small island:

Skokholm is a small island off the coast of Wales with internationally important breeding populations of seabirds. The island houses the third largest colony of Manx Shearwaters in the world (15% of the global population) and holds 20% of Europe’s population of storm petrels. Rightly so, these species, and other nesting seabirds, have been the focus of conservation action on the island and Skokholm is a National Nature Reserve for this reason. However, the smaller landbirds of the island have often been overlooked, yet the island has a remarkable long-term historical record of such birds. This talk presents some of the findings of recent research into the landbirds of Skokholm and the lessons they hold for ecological theory and conservation more generally.

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