BBOWT Foxcote Reservoir – permit no longer required

Wigeon ©Peter Hassett, Foxcote Reservoir 19 January 2018

Wigeon ©Peter Hassett, Foxcote Reservoir 19 January 2018

This is simply to advise that as of tomorrow, you will no longer require a permit to visit BBOWT’s Foxcote Reservoir near Buckingham. The chain and padlock will be removed from the pedestrian gate.

This decision has been taken with the agreement of Anglian Water (who own the site) and it is hoped, will encourage more birders and BBOWT members to visit (in turn discouraging the unwanted visitors!)

Please be reminded that there is no access onto the dam wall although for those with an interest in invertebrates and flora, we have opened a short circular path around the meadow below the dam wall; at the moment, there is an excellent display of the scarce adder’s tongue fern (Ophioglossum vulgatum).

The reservoir is best viewed from the bird hide, reached by following the marked path along the hedge to your left, as you enter the pedestrian gate.

Good birding,

Bill Parker, volunteer warden, Foxcote Reservoir