4th World Shorebirds Day 1-7 September 2017

Gyorgy Szimuly has provided the following information about this year’s World Shorebirds Day which runs from 1-7 September 2017

Dear Friends,

The 4th World Shorebirds Day is around the corner and in a month hundreds of birdwatchers are going out for counting shorebirds. The Global Shorebird Counting is a popular program of World Shorebirds Day that will take part between 1-7 September 2017. Registration is already open and available at this link: https://goo.gl/9Q9ZSN

For committed and returning counters a loyalty program was announced last year. I encourage you to register through the form embedded in our blogpost and give yourself a chance to win one of the fantastic prizes. Please find the post at this link: https://goo.gl/hftjym

It would be fantastic to hit an all time high record in the registered sites in 2017. Results of the previous year’s counting will be published later (hopefully shortly).

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Looking forward to seeing you among the supporters of World Shorebirds Day.

Very best wishes, Szimi