Finalist: Dandelion clocks

Finalist: Dandelion clocks, May, Hillesden. Sue Hetherington

This was 7th May 2020 when the pandemic had indeed stopped our world. I didn’t like it one bit but paradoxically it gave me the opportunity to discover the unknown treasures on my doorstep. I walked here (Hillesden) from home (Gawcott). It’s a mile long, straight as an arrow, path from Hillesden church (“the cathedral in the fields”) to Kings Bridge on the Padbury Brook (where hope springs eternal of “otter spotting” one day, as yet sadly unfulfilled). The farmland has clearly been enriched for wildlife over recent years with tree and hedge planting and wildflower planting. There could surely never naturally be that many dandelions. But what a sight they were. I wanted to capture their sheer abundance so decided to lay down and get them at “dandelion clock height”. I liked the way it turned out where there was a focal point that draws the eye to where Kings Bridge must be down on the horizon. It was just a mobile phone snap. I always have my mobile with me and often take snaps just for my own record and memories. I was chuffed that this one turned out nicely and that it was liked enough by others to be shortlisted. If I can do it, I’d encourage others to have a go next time.

Sue Hetherington