Black Hairstreak season is nearly here

The Upper Thames branch of Butterfly Conservation have posted the following message:

Black Hairstreak season is nearly here, but please note that there is now NO ACCESS to the popular M40 COMPENSATION AREA. Instead, you might try some of the sites listed here but please do not stray onto private land or flatten hedgeside vegetation, potentially destroying the habitat of even rarer invertebrates than the Black Hairstreak. And please send in all records of all species seen, thanks.

Site Name Map Ref Last Seen

Asham Meads SSSI Wildlife Trust. SP593 139 18.6.14
Hell Coppice Hdge Btw Yorks Wood F/C SP609 102 5.7.12
Bernwood Meadows Wildlife Trust. SP611 106 9.7.15
Shabbingdon/ Oakley Wood F C SP614 112 23.6.15
Waterperry Wood North End F C SP608 098 18.6.15
Drunkards Corner Waterperry Wd F/C SP609 086 17.6.14
Yorks Wood. Fo C. SP613 105 4.6.11
Blackthorn Hill Rail Cutting. (road bridge)SP617 210 9.6.11
Bletchingdon nr Diamaond Farm. Roadside.SP511173 14.6.11
Bunkers Hill Triangle, Roadside. SP468 185 17.6.07
Calvert Jubilee .Wildlife Trust SP687 247 21.6.15
Finemere Wood. Wildlife Trust. SP719 215 21.6.14
Gavray Drive. Close to Bicester. SP599 221 17.6.14
Grove Wood. Disused Railway. SP697 158 8.6.11
Dorothy Bolton Meadow. Wildlife T SP634 200 17.6.15
Hewins Wood + Bridleway SP703 216 29.6.15
Hogshaw Road, Botolph Claydon to Granborough
SP755 238 17.6.15
Howe Park Wood M K Public Access. SP831 345 30.6.15
Kidlington St Mary’s Fields N R. SP497 150 12.6.07
Little Linford Wood.Wildlife Trust SP832 455 1974
Meadow Farm. Wildlife Trust. SP625 190 New Site
North Leigh Common, Public Access SP403 137 24.6.88
Oakhill Wood, M K North Bucks Way. SP815 359 23.6.08
Oak Tree Farm Bridge. Bridleway SP710 217 11.7.13
Otmoor R.S.P.B. Reserve SP571 128 29.6.15
Oxley Meads. Milton Keynes. SP818 348 23.6.14
Piddington Wood WT SP629 161 24.6.15
Piddington Rail Bridge, (road crossing). SP650 175 12.6.07
Prune Farm Cottages, Bridleway SP698 220 12.6.04
Rushbeds Wood (Wildlife Trust) SP664 154 22.6.14
Rushbeds Lapland Farm. Wildlife Trust. SP665 161 17.6.14
Sainthill Copse. (Small isolated colony) SP536 175 13.6.10
Slade Camp, Brasenose, Public Access SP558 051 20.6.14
Shenley Wood. Public access SP824 360 1960s
Steeple Claydon, Disused Rail now Footpath SP702 261 11.6.11
Sydlings Copse Wildlife Trust SP559 096 11.6.08
Tolbrook Corner. Roadside Site. SP518 181 2.6.11
Upper Greatmoor Track. Bridleway. SP700 222 16.6.10
Whitecross Green Wood. Wildlife Trust. SP605 143 24.6.15
Yardley Great Wood, F C SP843 531 10.6.08