Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire Tiger Moths survey

Change is afoot with our tiger moths. Your sightings can help towards better understanding of what is happening with the seven different species – and support conservation efforts in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire.

With identification tips and links to your own local environmental records centre, you’ll be able to submit your sightings. Verified records will be shared with the county recording groups and incorporated into local and national databases. From the information below, you’ll see that the adult moths (and even some of the caterpillars) tend to be rather colourful and quite distinctive.
If you know what to look for and keep a lookout between spring and autumn you stand a good chance of spotting more than one species – all of which will add to our knowledge. You’ll need to be able to identify them correctly – a vital part of being a wildlife recorder – so we’ve compiled some information to help you.

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