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Bucks Buzzing is now live!

The Bucks Buzzing campaign to promote pollinators in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes is up and running! You can view it here: www.bucksmknep.co.uk/bucks-buzzing/

The Bucks Buzzing<http://www.bucksmknep.co.uk/bucks-buzzing/> website allows you to:

*   Sign up, show your support and register for free wildflower seeds
*   See how you can make a difference in the A to Z of Buzzing<http://www.bucksmknep.co.uk/bucks-buzzing-a-to-z/>
*   Look at what other people and organisations are doing in Case Studies and Awards<http://www.bucksmknep.co.uk/buzzing-case-studies/>
*   Join our Sponsors and Supporters<http://www.bucksmknep.co.uk/bucks-supporters> page

Use this link to download the Bucks Buzzing campaign leaflet